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How to Add Footer in Excel? (Quick & Easy)

A footer in an Excel spreadsheet is not part of the main content, but it provides an option to add valuable content to the page, for example, date, page number, file name, etc. Moreover, adding that information in the footer section is better for consistent placement and automatic addition on all pages. Learn different ways to add footer in Excel with the quick and easy ways discussed below.

Part 1. How to Add Footer in Excel?

If you want to add a basic footer in Excel that stays only on the sheet you are adding, then this part is for you. It is the quickest and easiest method of adding footers in your Excel spreadsheets, and here are the steps you can follow:

  • Open the spreadsheet that you want to add the footer to from the spreadsheets at the bottom. Now click the insert tab on top and navigate to the text group. There you will see Header & Footer button that you need to click to add the footer.
Header & Footer button in excel
  • Now select any footer option from the left, right, or middle, and add any content you want inside the footer. Click anywhere else, and your footer will be added to the spreadsheet.

Part 2. How to Add Footer in Excel in All Sheets?

Using the previous method can be inefficient for users who want to add a footer to every sheet. It is because you must repeat the same steps several times, and there are chances of error. Moreover, depending on the number of sheets, that process can take a long time. So, we have a better solution for you that will add a footer in all sheets in one go with the following steps:

  • Open your Excel workbook and select all the sheets you want to add a footer by holding on “CTRL+Click”. Now click the Insert tab from the top menu. Navigate to the text group and look for the header & Footer buttons. Clicking on it will allow you to add the footer of your choice.
Header & Footer button in excel
  • Now scroll down to the bottom and click on the footer area. You need to edit it by typing the footer text. Then click any cell in the spreadsheet, and that footer will update to all the sheets that you selected previously.

Part 3. How to Add Footer in Excel Online?

Excel is available in Offline and Online versions, but the functionality is limited in the online version. For example, you cannot add a footer in the online version of Excel. The solution is adding footers in Google Sheets since you can do that online for free with the following steps.

  • Save your Online Excel spreadsheet to your computer by downloading its copy. Open Google Sheets, click “+” to create a new Google Sheet,  press “Ctrl+O” to select “Upload”. Browse and open that Excel file in Google Sheets. Now press Control + P to open the print menu.
Open print option in google sheets
  • Click on Header & Footer option, and from the options available, select one footer type. Now click on Edit custom fields to add any text or image footer in the desired section of the page.
Header and footer option in google sheets

Once you are done adding the footers of your choice, you can click next, and the footer will be saved on the sheet. Click print, and your Excel document with a footer will be downloaded to your computer.

Part 4. Top 5 Ways for Adding Custom Footer in Excel?

One of the best things about Excel is that it allows you to add custom footers. That custom footer can be a page number, file path, sheet name, picture, or cell value. Below are the detailed steps for adding a custom footer in Excel.

1. How to Add Page Number to Footer in Excel

If you want the footer to be a page number in your Excel spreadsheet, you can follow the following steps to add the page number automatically on every page when printed:

  • Open the spreadsheet and click the Header & Footer option present in the text group in the insert tab. Now click to add the footer and select the footer location.
  • Go to the design tab and look for the page number in Footer Elements. Click it then "&[Page]" will appear in the footer area.
Page number in excel

The actual page number will appear by clicking anywhere else in the spreadsheet, and now you can print the sheet.

2. How to Add File Path to Footer in Excel?

Adding the file path in the footer section can be helpful in different use cases. Adding it is very simple, with only a few steps:

  • Open the sheet and add the Footer from the insert tab by clicking Header & Footer in the text group section.
  • Double-click the footer to go to Footer Tab and click document info. There you can select multiple options. In this case, we will select the file path.
File path in excel for footer

Just that, and you have added the footer with the document file path in your Excel spreadsheet. Exporting that file as Excel or PDF or printing it physically will always contain the file path in the footer section.

3. How to Add Sheet Name to Footer in Excel?

If you want to add the sheet name in the footer section in Excel, the initial process will be the same as previous methods. However, when you finish adding the footer and export your Excel file, the resultant file will contain the sheet name in the footer section. Hence, tracking the sheet count or data will become easier, and here is how you can do it:

  • Open the sheet where you want to add the footer, click Insert, and then Header & Footer. You may need to select the footer location on the sheet from any available sides.
  • Click on the footer to select it, open the design tab from the top, and click the sheet name. It will add "&[Tab]" in the footer section that will convert into a sheet name as you click anywhere else.
Click sheet name in excel

4. How to Add Picture to Footer in Excel?

You may need to add a picture in the Excel footer for personalization. Still, it can also be an efficient choice if you want to show some valuable visuals regarding the data. Instead of adding images from the insert option, use the footer option so you don’t have to deal with placement issues when exporting your Excel document.

  • Open the sheet to add an image as a footer and click on the insert tab. There you need to click the Footer button and select the footer location. In the case of the image, the best footer location is the middle.
  • Now click the text in the footer and go to the design tab in the Footer tab on the top. Here you can click pictures, browse through images on your PC or select online images. Select an image and add it in Excel as a footer.
Add pictures in excel

5. How to Add Cell Value to Footer in Excel?

Sometimes you need to add the value of a specific cell to the footer. That can be helpful in many uses, like telling the crux value of the whole spreadsheet. So, follow the steps below to add a cell value to the Excel footer:

  • Open the Insert tab and click the Header & Footer tab to add the footer to your spreadsheet. You also need to select the location of your footer in this step.
  • Now click the footer text and type "&[A1]". A1, in this example, is the cell number whose value we want to be in the footer. You can choose any cell as per your requirement. Click anywhere else, and the footer will get that value.

Part 5. Bonus Tip: How to Add a Footer in PDF?

If you receive a PDF document and need to add a footer, the first thought will be converting it into an editable format. However, With UPDF, you don't need to convert since you can edit directly. UPDF is the PDF viewer, editor, and organizer tool that caters to all your PDF requirements. Using it for adding a footer in PDF will make the process extremely easy and quick with the steps below:

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

How to Add a Footer in PDF?
  • Click the UPDF icon to launch this tool and open the PDF document from the available options. Otherwise, you can search for your PDF document using the browse feature.
  • As you open the PDF document in UPDF, go to the left side menu and locate the Page Tools option. Click on that to go to tools, and from the top menu, select Header & Footer. Now locate the Add button on the bottom right side.
Page tools for UPDF on Windows
  • From the layout option, select the Footer style that you want to add. Next, type your footer content. Select the font style, size, language, and, lastly, the margins. Finish this step by clicking the Save button present below.
Change footer size and layout in UPDF

You can now save the changes made to this document by pressing Control + S buttons together. The original PDF file will be immediately updated after that.

Wrapping Up

When you add footer in Excel, you make your documents more attractive, professional, and stylish, Whatever footers you need, with the above-mentioned methods, you can do it easily. And if you want to add footers to PDF files, you can use UPDF to do it. UPDF is an intuitive PDF tool with editing, converting, annotating, and more features.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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