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How to Insert a Word Doc into Excel [Top 5 Ways]

Sometimes you need to embed the content into an Excel document from other file formats. Suppose you need to get your content from Word to an Excel file, you can learn to insert a Word doc into Excel. There are multiple ways to do that, and every method is efficient in its way.

Whether you need to insert text, tables, diagrams, or images from Word, this article covers all the efficient methods you can try. So, make your Excel files present everything perfectly by inserting content from Word with any of the methods discussed below.

Part 1. How to Embed Word into Excel?

One of the best features of Microsoft Office tools is embedding one document into another. That way, when you share the file with someone, they don’t have to access the original file to see its date. The embedding process creates an instance of one file into another, which can be viewed within that second file.

Additionally, it maintains data integrity in the original Word file even if the data is updated in the Excel file, which makes it exceptionally helpful and secure for corporate purposes. Here are different ways you can embed Word files in an Excel file.

1. Via Paste Special

Paste Special is a feature available in MS Excel that allows you to paste things into a spreadsheet while keeping their formatting. You can use it to embed the text from Word to the Excel file using the steps below:

  1. After copying the text from Word using Control + C, go to Excel and select Home Tab. From the clipboard/paste option, select paste special. There you need to select the formatted text option, and your text from Word will be embedded in Excel as it is.
embed word into excel  using paste special

2. Via Inserting Object

Another method that you can use here is by inserting an object. This method embeds the Word document into your Excel spreadsheet, so you don’t have to copy or paste anything. Remember that too many files embedded into one file will increase its size, and opening files will become slower. Regardless, here is how you can embed Word to Excel using Object after you have created and saved the Word file:

  • Open the Excel spreadsheet and go to the insert tab; now head to Text group and click on Object. There you need to select “Create from File."
insert word document into excel using Inserting Object
  • Now using the browse option, you can select that Word file from your PC, check or uncheck the "Display as icon" option, and proceed with pressing OK.

Now the Word file is embedded, and you can drag it into any location inside the spreadsheet.

3. Via Inserting Link

The next method you can try is using MS Word to create your text document and edit it however you want. With the help of UPDF, you can embed it into Excel by inserting its link. The process is very simple, and the best part is that it maintains the integrity of your data since you convert it into PDF. Moreover, your original Word document stays saved on your device for future revisions or usage. Why not download UPDF and try it?

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Inserting word into PDF using inserting link with UPDF

You might think you can do it without UPDF, but the process and experience differ. UPDF ensures that it provides an instant sharing and embedding experience without permission issues on the other person's end. It comes with several other benefits:

  • The other person can open this file anywhere if you give the hyperlink.
  • If you have to edit anything without changing its formatting, UPDF can help with it.
  • Using PDF inside Excel means nobody can change the information
  • Using PDF inside Excel means that your data is presented the way it is instead of new formatting and placement issues.

So, if you also want to enjoy all of these benefits, you can follow the steps below:

  • Create your Word document and edit your text with all your formatting requirements. When saving that document, use the "Save as PDF" option.
  • Launch UPDF by clicking the UPDF icon on your computer, click the “Open File” button to upload the PDF file, then, select “Share this file with others” at the right-side menu. Now click the "Create" button. The tool will take a few seconds to generate a link to share. Now copy it by selecting it and pressing Control + C, and you are done with UPDF.  
Share this file with others on UPDF to insert word document into excel
  • Open the Excel document and select the cell where you want to embed that Word file. Go to the insert tab, select "Link" and paste the link you copied in the address. Press OK, and you are done with the process.

Get UPDF downloaded and installed now to enjoy the seamless feature. And if you want to use it without any limitations, upgrade it with this exclusive discount.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 2. How to Convert a Word Table into Excel?

Sometimes you not only have the text data in your Word document but there is also a table you must embed into Excel files. For such requirements, you can use the conversion method. In this conversion method, the table gets pasted into Excel spreadsheets while maintaining its integrity, so you never face any data loss or formatting issues. Below are the step-by-step guides on converting Word document tables into Excel spreadsheet data using these 2 methods.

1. Via Copy and Paste

The simplest method of converting a Word Table into an Excel file is copy-paste. You simply copy the table from one file and paste it into another, and it is done. However, this process comes with some limitations as well. Before discussing its limitations, let's have a look at the steps first:

  • Go to MS Word document and create your table. You can populate it with whatever data that you want. Since you are using Word, you can also use the text formatting options, and your table will look very attractive. After creating the table, select it and copy using the right-click option or press Control + C.
  • Now open the Excel spreadsheet and click the cell that you want to be the top left cell of this table. Press Control + V or use the right-click method to paste your table. Excel will instantly paste the whole table while maintaining its data in it.
Press Control + V or use the right-click method to paste your table to Convert a Word Table into Excel

Even though this process seems very easy, some limitations are:

  • It is not the most effective solution for bigger tables
  • If you have multiple tables, the process will not be efficient
  • You lose formatting from Word when pasting in Excel, and it only pastes formatted as normal text
  • You can use the formatting from Word, but that is a tedious process if you have multiple tables.
  • The table data moves to the spreadsheet, but the row and column sizes do not adjust accordingly, so it is not aesthetically pleasing. You can edit the table afterward.

2. Via PDF Converter

If you have a Word table that you want to convert into Excel, then there is no need to create the table in Excel again manually. Instead, you can use the UPDF PDF converter for an easy experience. It is a smart tool that can convert different file formats to and from PDF files. So, when you use it to convert PDF with a table, it automatically converts the table into Excel for you. Additionally, using it is very simple with the steps below:

  • Create the table in a Word document, and when you want to save it, save it as a PDF document. You can use the Save As option and select PDF from the dropdown list. Otherwise, use Online MS Word for an easier experience.
  • Now go to UPDF and open that file by browsing or dragging it into UPDF. As it opens, you need to select the Export PDF option from the right side menu and select EXCEL inside it.
Export PDF to excel to embed word into excel
  • Confirm the output file details and click "Export", Now it will generate your Excel file within a few seconds.
  • Now locate and open the newly created Excel file with MS Excel, and you will see how UPDF has perfectly converted all the table values into this spreadsheet format.

In this example, we only showed a small table, but this procedure will flawlessly work with tables of any size, and it also works if your document has multiple tables with several columns and rows. This method to convert a Word Table into an Excel file will work while maintaining your data integrity.

Final Words

We hope you have learned to insert a Word doc into Excel spreadsheets. With the methods above, your life will become easy, and your spreadsheets will look attractive with perfectly formatted text.

 If you ever get stuck in a situation where a PDF file comes in the way of Word and Excel documents, the best solution for you will be using UPDF. It not only allows you to convert files from PDF into other formats easily, but you can also edit them as PDFs. All this is extremely easy; hence UPDF enhances your productivity. Download it now and boost your efficiency now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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