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Top 20 Task Tracker Excel Templates to Free Download

Everyone has different things that they have to prioritize in their routine. A project manager that would manage project timelines and employee assignments accordingly. Similarly, it is important for a student to manage class schedules, assignments, quizzes, etc. Hence, everyone needs to track their tasks to complete everything on time, and the task tracker Excel template options can help.

Since everyone has different requirements, designing the whole task tracker on an Excel spreadsheet will be inefficient. That's why there are templates available for different fields of life. The collection of these templates we discuss here will be helpful for people from every field of life, including students, teachers, employees, managers, and self-employed people.

Part 1. 20 Best Task Tracker Excel Template Free

Here are our top 20 picks from all the task-tracking Excel template options you can download, edit, and use for free.

1. Daily Task Tracker Template Excel

Daily Task Tracker Template Excel


The most basic yet helpful task tracker template you can find for Excel. It looks simple but contains smart elements like task progress for the day and comparison between tasks for 2 days and 2 weeks. Along with all these, you can manage different tasks according to their category and priority on the left side.

2. Monthly Project Tracking Excel Template

Monthly Project Tracking Excel Template


Essentially, it is not a monthly planner but a 4-week planner instead. Hence, it allows you to start using it any day of the month, which will be your week. It is a great tool for managers since they can monitor the duties of different employees throughout the 4 weeks.

3. Project Work Plan Template Excel

Project Work Plan Template Excel


The project work plan template is designed to help during the project planning phase. It contains different sections where you can define activities and outcomes. Moreover, bigger projects can be divided into multiple phases for easier progress tracking.

4. Student Class and Activities Template

Student Class and Activities Template


A perfect solution for students who struggle to keep track of their school activities and lecture timeline. This template allows students to track their weekly activities at 15-minute intervals. So, whether you need to submit an assignment or attend a lecture, you will know the exact time.

5. Project Timeline Template Excel

roject Timeline Template Excel


Yet another timeline for project progress tracking but this time, it focuses more on the timeframe than the milestones. This template has different sections; one has a day-based graph, while the other mentions activities, starting and ending dates for each.

6. Office Hours Tracker Template Excel

Office Hours Tracker Template Excel


With this daily schedule planner, you can track your office hours for the whole day. It also gives you 15-minute intervals to plan the day, making it a perfect choice for employees and students. This template comes with a week-at-glance section where you can keep track of everything coming up for the week.

7. Home Remodel Progress Tracking Template Excel

Home Remodel Progress Tracking Template Excel


The Home Remodel progress tracker template is a to-do list that involves tracking due dates, phases of the project, progress percentage, and any notes. So, if you are remodeling your home, this tracker will help you keep everything on the timeline.

8. Weekly College Schedule Template

Weekly College Schedule Template


Another task tracker template targets college students. Using this template, students can plan their whole week at college with a timeframe having 30-minute intervals. Moreover, it allows marking tasks with color codes to display their importance for you quickly.

9. Multiple Projects Tracking Excel Template

Multiple Projects Tracking Excel Template


Tracking multiple projects on multiple trackers can be troublesome for team leaders or project managers. So, this project tracker template allows managing different projects inside one spreadsheet. Remember that it contains information about projects on an upper level and does not include internal details.

10. Weekly Task Schedule Template Excel

Weekly Task Schedule Template Excel


A perfect task tracker for families, teams, and student groups working on the same project. It is a great weekly task tracker template since it contains the list of tasks, the names of people assigned for every task, and the task status. So, the team knows their productivity by the end of the day or a week.

11. 5-day Event Tasks Template Excel

5-day Event Tasks Template Excel


If you are hosting a 5-day event like a conference, training session, etc. Then this event tracker will be very helpful. It allows tracking location, date, and time for 5 days. Moreover, you can manage different tasks according to their timeframe with hourly intervals. So, the whole day gets evenly distributed for tasks.

12. Party Task Checklist Tracker Excel Template

Party Task Checklist Tracker Excel Template


For individuals hosting a party, this party task tracker checklist can help them manage the following:

  • Budget
  • Guests
  • Amenities
  • Activities
  • Timeline, etc.

Hence, you can manage everything about your grand party with this single template. Moreover, the budgeting part allows you to manage finances more efficiently.

13. Event Agenda Tracker Template

Event Agenda Tracker Template


Another event planner focuses on the event agenda. This tracker brings event category information, a checklist, a guest list, contacts, and this main idea. So you can plan your events more efficiently and ensure that nobody misses.

14. Wedding Tasks and Budget Tracking Template

Wedding Tasks and Budget Tracking Template


For couples planning their wedding, this wedding task planner offers good value. It can help them track the progress of everything, including decoration, apparel, guests, functions, activities, gifts, and most importantly, the expenses of their event.

15. Activity Cost Tracker Excel Template

Activity Cost Tracker Excel Template


If your task is to track the cost spent on anything, you can use this cost tracker for that activity. It summarizes the whole activity within a single glance with all the individual expenses and combines them.

16. Sales And Profit Tracker Excel Template

Sales And Profit Tracker Excel Template


Business individuals, entrepreneurs, and salesmen have to track their sales. The online sales tracker template provides a graphical and tabular representation of all their sales data and profit and loss information. The graph makes checking income per product very easy.

17. Gantt Chart Progress Template Excel

Gantt Chart Progress Template Excel


A Gantt chart effectively tracks project progress, timeline, individual tasks, milestones, budget, and goals. Try this template if you don’t find any Gantt chart tool helpful. With a familiar Excel interface, using it will be very easy.

18. Office Supplies Tracking Template

Office Supplies Tracking Template


If you come across managing all the office supplies, information about who took them, or who got allocated with which supply, then this template is for you. This template has columns for value, person, notes, item name, etc., so you can easily track all supplies. It is a good choice for resource managers since they often have to manage supplies.

19. Business Task Tracking Excel Template

Business Task Tracking Excel Template


The business task tracker template has 2 main sections. One contains the completion status information, and the other one contains descriptions. It is a good template since the business tasks are in the middle, making tracking easier.

20. Priority Task Checklist Template

Priority Task Checklist Template


Priority-based task checklist is a generic checklist template, but it has a color-coded priority column. Hence, it quickly gets your attention towards the important tasks. Additionally, you can monitor the completion status, percentage, and deadline for tasks.

Part 2. Bonus Tip: Best Task Tracker PDF Template Editor

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There are multiple benefits of using UPDF as your PDF editor, as it allows you to edit PDF files and add images to them. Moreover, you can use the commenting and annotating features to make your task tracker more intuitive. So, if you ever come across such a situation, here is all you need to do while using UPDF:

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Open PDF template on UPDF
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Comment in UPDF
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Now you can save it on your computer or upload it to UPDF Cloud for syncing across all your devices.

Final Words

Finding the right task tracker Excel template will not be less than a blessing since it can help you get all your tasks on track. We made sure to list some of the best templates above that you can download and use for free. So, anyone, including students, managers, teachers, etc., can find the template that fulfills their needs.

Sometimes you still fail to find an Excel template that matches your requirements. So, instead of designing your tracker from scratch, you can look for some PDF templates since UPDF makes editing very easy. It also allows you to print your template for manual tracking or export it to Excel for a better editing experience. What are you waiting for? The only way to know how good it is is to start trying it out.

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