Learn to Insert Checkbox in Excel: The Top 5 Ways

Learning how to insert checkboxes in Excel is simpler than many users might think. This article will explore a few easy methods to insert checkboxes in Excel. This will empower you to collect user input effortlessly. Start exploring with us and unlock the potential of this user-friendly and visually appealing feature.

Part 1. How to Insert Checkbox in Excel With Developer Tab?

With the power of the Developer Tab, you can customize and automate your Excel workbook the way you want. Users can seamlessly add checkboxes in an Excel workbook to streamline their workflow, track progress, or create dynamic to-do lists. To carry out this task, follow the steps below:

Step 1: On your device, open the desired spreadsheet with Excel. In case you do not see a “Developer” tab, you will first need to enable it. To do so, hit the “File” tab and then select “More” from the drop-down menu and head to “Options”.  This will open the “Excel Options” window.

Options in excel

Step 2: Then, from the left sidebar, click on the "Customize Ribbon" option and then select "Main Tabs" from the "Customize the Ribbon" section. Following this, tick a checkbox next to the Developer.

Enable the developer mode in excel

Step 3: After the “Developer” tab is enabled, click on it. Now, in the “Controls” group, press the “Insert” option to open a menu. Now, under the “Form Controls,” select the check box and click anywhere on your sheet where you want to add it. Crop it and adjust it to the required position.

how to insert checkbox in excel using Form control in excel

Part 2. How to Insert Checkbox in Excel Without Developer Tab?

As a default, Microsoft Excel does not provide a direct way to insert checkboxes without enabling the Developer tab. However, there are 4 alternative methods available that help you how to put a checkbox in Excel without the need for the Developer tab. Although these methods require some extra steps, they can still make your work more effective.

Way 1: How to Add Checkboxes in Excel Using Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, users can easily add checkboxes to their cells for interactive functionality. These checkboxes can be checked or unchecked, representing the values TRUE and FALSE. To learn how to insert checkboxes in Excel without the Developer tab using Google Sheets, head to the steps below:

Step 1: To utilize this way, you will have first to explore your Google Drive and then upload the Excel file there and make any changes you want. You can simply right-click on your Drive's space, select the "File Upload" option, and then choose your file and upload it.

Upload the excel file to Google Drive to add a checkbox in excel

Step 2: Continuing this, open the Excel sheet uploaded on Google Drive. Now, select any cell to add a check box. Then head to the "Insert" tab, and from the drop-down list, choose the "Checkbox" option. It will be inserted into your selected cell.

Checkboxes in Google Sheets

Step 3: In addition to the previous step, you can also add it by selecting the "Data" tab and choosing the "Data Validation" option. Now, press the "+Add Rule" button and customize the range based on needs. However, from the "Criteria" drop-down list, select "Checkbox" and press the "Done" button to apply the changes.

how to add checkboxes in excel using data validation rules

Way 2: How to Put a Checkbox in Excel Via WPS

Excel spreadsheets can work with different software programs. However, WPS Office is the best choice because it's easy to use and costs nothing. To understand how to insert a checkbox in Excel using WPS, follow these steps:

Step 1: Before moving forward, have WPS installed on your device. Then, open the required Excel with WPS software. After opening the file, navigate to the "Insert" tab at the top of the Window. Within the "Insert" tab, locate the "Forms" tool. You can find this tool on the right side of the menu.

Find form tools in wps to insert a checkbox in excel

Step 2: Select the row where you want to place the checkbox. Afterward, return to the "Forms" tool and click on it to open a drop-down menu containing different form-related options. Now, locate and choose the "Checkbox" option. By selecting this option, you will be given the option to insert a checkbox in the selected row of your Excel spreadsheet.

Tap checkbox in wps

Step 3: A checkbox symbol will appear once you have chosen the "Checkbox" option. Next, click on the specific cell within the selected row where you want the checkbox to be created.

Put a checkbox in excel via wps

Way 3: How to Insert a Checkbox in Excel With Checkbox Pictures

Adding checkbox pictures to an Excel sheet is a creative way to enhance functionality and visual appeal. Following a few simple steps mentioned below, you can easily insert checkbox images:

Step 1: Head to your device web browser and search for checkbox images. They can either be with a tick mark or a cross. Download or screenshot those images and save them on your device.

Download checkbox pictures.

Step 2: Following this, open the Excel app with your required file. Head to the "Insert" tab and choose the "Illustrations" option. From the menu, select "Pictures" and then locate the image you just downloaded and import it to your Excel file.

Choose insert pictures in excel

Step 3: You can now crop the image through the "Picture Format" tab and adjust it in the required cell. Using this way, you can also add multiple checkbox images to your Excel file.

Format checkbox pictures in excel

Way 4: How to Insert a Checkbox in Excel Via Inserting Symbol

This, by far, is the most productive way related to how to make checkboxes in Excel sheets to make them more professional. However, you insert various symbols into your workbooks to make them look creative. Start by following the instructions provided below:

Step 1: In the Excel app, with the desired file open, click the "Insert" tab. Now, you will see a "Symbol" option on the extreme right side. Click it and select the "Symbol" option from the menu.

Symbol option in excel

Step 2: Under the "Symbol" section, choose "Wingdings" as your "Font." Move the scroll bar at last, and you will see the symbols with tick and cross checkboxes. From both these, select the symbol based on needs and then tap the "Insert" button. Once added, you can drag the cell and set it at any position. You can also double-click on the added checkbox to edit it.

Insert checkbox symbol in excel

Part 3. How to Insert Checkbox in Excel Before Converted From PDF?

UPDF is an exceptional tool for handling and transforming PDF files into Excel format. With its reliability and versatility, UPDF stands out as a top choice. It provides many innovative features, enabling you to effortlessly edit PDF files while seamlessly converting them into Excel spreadsheets. With UPDF, you can effortlessly insert checkboxes into your PDF documents before converting them.

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How to Insert Checkbox in Excel Before Converted From PDF?

This gives you an efficient way to manage and organize large amounts of data. Moreover, UPDF's ability to edit images, crop them, add text, and perform conversions within seconds makes it a convenient choice for your PDF to Excel needs.

Step to Edit PDFs and Convert Them to Excel

Here are the detailed steps to help you add checkboxes to countless files in a convenient manner. These steps are very easy to follow and help you avoid clustering the data:

Step 1: Import the Required File

On your device, open UPDF. Now, press the "Open File" option and import the PDF file to add checkboxes and make other changes.

Open PDF file on UPDF TO Insert Checkbox in Excel Before Converted From PDF

Step 2: Explore Options and Insert the Image

Navigate to the left sidebar and select the "Edit PDF" button to expand the options in the top bar. Hit the “Image” tab and select any area on your file to insert the checkbox image. Choose the required image and press the “Open” button to add it successfully.

Edit PDF on UPDF to Insert Checkbox in Excel Before Converted From PDF

Step 3: Customize the Image to Best Fit It

Now, double-click the picture, and you will be able to rotate, extract, crop, replace, or delete it. Make necessary changes and drag the image to set it where needed.

Edit PDF image on UPDF Win

Step 4: Convert Your PDF to Excel File

After making all the changes, head to the right sidebar and hit the "Export PDF" button. From the list, choose "Excel (.xlsx)" format and customize the "Output Format" and "Page Range" options and press the "Export" button to convert and save your file.

Export PDF to Excel using UPDF on Windows


To conclude, the answer to how to insert a checkbox in an Excel query is very simple and effective. This enhances your spreadsheets and makes them more interactive. Using any of the 5 easy methods outlined in this article, users can quickly add checkboxes to their Excel sheets and improve the functionality of their data.  

Additionally, if you need to add checkbox images to PDF files, customize them, or convert files to Excel format, we recommend using UPDF. This tool allows you to easily edit PDF files, including adding checkbox images and customizing their appearance.

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