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A Comprehensive Review of SummarizeBot & Its Better Alternative

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have made it possible to consume lengthy and complicated content easily. Today, there are plenty of AI-based summarizers that can summarize key points of online articles and documents instantly. SummarizeBot is one such AI summarizer that intends to reduce the time to read content by summarizing any kind of information. Therefore, this article is going to conduct a comprehensive review of SummarizeBot, talking about its features, performance, rating, pros/cons, etc. In the end, the article also presents its better alternative, the UPDF. So, stick with this article to learn all about SummarizeBot.

Part 1. SummarizeBot – A Comprehensive Review

SummarizeBot is an AI and blockchain-powered summarizer bot that can summarize any information you provide. Whether you share a link, document, image, or audio, it can immediately analyze the content and summarize key points. Besides that, it can also extract relevant keywords and give you the option to vary the summary length.

To use SummarizeBot, you don't have to install any app. You can use SummarizeBot for free to get the summary by sharing the link, document, or audio directly through Facebook Messenger or Slack. Besides that, it also provides SummarizeBot API for businesses to integrate SummarizeBot in their applications and access its other AI data analysis features, like sentiment analysis, news aggregation, fake news detection, semantic search, intent analysis, etc.

SummarizeBot Pricing Plans

The SummarizeBot is free to use for getting summaries of articles/documents via sharing through Messenger or Slack. For its API, it provides free access for 14 days, involving 5,000 requests, 5 API calls per minute, 3 MB max file size, and email support.

After 14 days, users can subscribe to its "Standard" plan for $179/month, which involves 120,000 requests, 20 API calls per minute, 10 MB max file size, and technical and integration support. Besides that, businesses can even contact the sales team for custom plans.

Performance Analysis of SummarizeBot

Now that we know what SummarizeBot offers, it's important to test its performance with some projects. According to SummarizeBot, it can instantly provide a summary if we share the link to the article through Messenger or Slack. So, we shared one web article and asked it to summarize. However, we failed to get any response.

It is completely contrary to what SummarizeBot advertises on its website. So, we headed to the second test to check the SummarizeBot API. It offers a free demo of its API on its website, so we decided to test it out.

We started by asking it to summarize the same web article by sharing the link. We kept the summary size 20%, set the domain IT, and clicked the "Summarize" button. Within seconds, it provided us with the summary and also extracted the relevant keywords.

After reading the summary, we could clearly see some major loopholes. First, it was just doing a copy-paste of selective sentences from the article. Secondly, it failed to distinguish between headings and paragraphs, making the summary difficult to understand at some points. Still, SummarizeBot manages to give a quick summary of the article to get a basic understanding of what the content is all about.

However, the quality has no comparison to what we can get with UPDF AI article summaries. In fact, download UPDF and compare both tools' outputs yourself.

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Besides summarization, the SummarizeBot API demo also allowed us to test its news aggregation, article extraction, fake news detection, and similar other offerings. We tested a few of them, and they do the job nicely. Overall, SummarizeBot does not live up to the expectations of AI-based summarization.

User Reviews and Ratings

SummarizeBot holds a 3.5/5 star rating on Product Hunt. Looking at the user reviews about SummarizeBot, many seem to acknowledge its ability to extract relevant information from news articles and even find the latest news stories. However, in terms of the content summarized, users seem to be disappointed. They complain about less detailed and light summaries.


  • Summarize articles/documents/audio
  • Can vary summary size
  • Provide the latest news summaries on specific topics
  • No need for app installation
  • Extract main keywords


  • Unable to provide summaries by sharing content through Messenger
  • Poor summary quality
  • Less detailed and light summaries
  • Limited upload file size
  • Expensive API plan
  • No user-friendly app to access features through desktop or smartphone

Overall, SummarizeBot fails to cast a convincing impact as an AI summarizer due to the lack of a proper user interface to access its features. So, let's now discuss the better alternative, the UPDF AI.

Part 2. UPDF AI – The Ideal SummarizeBot Alternative to Summarize Text

UPDF AI is the modern and most advanced AI assistant that provides an instant way to summarize articles and documents accurately. Its ChatGPT-powered AI intelligence analyzes the provided text and then delivers a concise summary in seconds. Even if the document includes complex data charts, UPDF AI can still provide an authentic and high-quality summary.

The below points further reflect why UPDF AI is the ideal alternative to many AI summarizer such as Scisummary and SummarizeBot:

  1. Powerful AI Technology: Its AI summaries are backed by ChatGPT, leading to high-quality summaries.
  2. User-friendly Interface: It provides a dedicated app with a simple click-based, user-friendly interface.
  3. Summarize Any Text: It can process and summarize online articles, research papers, corporate documents, etc. Even if you have spreadsheets or documents in different file formats, it can convert them to PDF and provide authentic summaries.
  4. Customize Summary Outputs: It provides an AI chat box through which you can customize how you want the summary, such as concise/detailed, bullet/paragraph, word count, tone, etc.
  5. Multiple Languages: It supports many languages, including English, German, Italian, Chinese, etc.
  6. Translate/Explain Content: It also assists in translating/explaining the whole or selective part of the text.
  7. Chat with PDFs: Its chat box allows you to chat with PDFs and ask document-related questions instead of searching them in Google.

In short, UPDF incorporates all the features that an AI summarizer should showcase in today's AI-driven era. Therefore, UPDF outclasses SummarizeBot in terms of a user-friendly interface, highly accurate summaries, customization options, and a built-in AI chat box. Download and purchase UPDF now and start summarizing news articles and documents effectively.

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Bonus: UPDF AI is part of UPDF - a comprehensive PDF editor. Therefore, by downloading it, you can not only experience fast and accurate summarizing, but also can convert, edit, annotate, and do more on your PDFs.

Part 3. FAQs about Summarizing Articles

Q1. Is there a bot that summarizes articles?

Yes, there are plenty of bots that can summarize articles. SummarizeBot, TextTeaser, and TLDR This are just a few examples. Most of these tools leverage natural language processing and machine learning to provide summaries of articles.

Q2. What is the alternative to SummarizeBot?

There are many alternatives to SummarizeBot, but UPDF AI seems the perfect one. It provides the simplest interface powered by the latest AI technology to provide high-quality and accurate summaries of articles, research papers, and other documents. Moreover, you can use its AI chat box to customize the summaries further the way you want.

Q3. Is there an AI that can summarize books?

UPDF AI is one of the best AI tools to summarize books. No matter if the book contains 100+ pages, its AI intelligence can analyze the whole content and then provide a concise and quality summary. Furthermore, you can also use it to ask for further explanations or specific book-related questions.


When everything is getting fast-paced, people now also need fast ways to consume new articles, research papers, or other documents. That's why AI summarizer tools are in high demand. SummarizeBot is one such AI summarizer that can summarize text, documents, and even audio. In addition, SummarizeBot API offers more advanced AI data analysis capabilities. After doing a thorough review, we didn't find SummarizeBot a reliable article summarizer tool. In contrast, UPDF AI is a much better alternative and promises to deliver high-quality and customized summaries every time. So, simply download UPDF and get accurate summaries without any hassle.

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