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Maximize Your Academic Success with Top AI Thesis Generators

Crafting a clear and interesting thesis statement is crucial for setting the stage for your research. With advancements in technology, AI Thesis Generators have become invaluable tools for students and researchers alike. These tools simplify the process, saving time and ensuring precision. We will go over the top AI Thesis Generators available, including their features, pros, and cons. Read on to discover how these tools can enhance your thesis writing process and help you achieve academic excellence!

Part 1. Can AI Generate a Thesis?

Yes, AI can generate a thesis statement! AI tools have advanced significantly, allowing them to craft clear and concise thesis statements based on the input you provide. These tools analyze your topic, keywords, and desired tone to produce a well-structured thesis. Popular tools for generating thesis statements include Thesis Generator, Jasper AI, and Writesonic. Additionally, UPDF's AI assistant offers powerful capabilities for generating thesis statements within the app. Explore UPDF today and experience the ease of creating strong, compelling thesis statements for your academic work! Alternatively, you can also try the online AI assistant.

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Part 2. Top 5 AI Thesis/Thesis Statement Generators

Choosing the right AI tool can make a significant difference in crafting a compelling thesis statement. In this section, we'll explore the top five AI thesis and thesis statement generators, including Grammarly, UPDF, ToolBaz, Smodin, and Jenni AI. These tools will help streamline your thesis writing process.

Grammarly Thesis (Statement) Generator

Grammarly Thesis Generator is a powerful tool designed to help you create clear and effective thesis statements. It's integrated within the Grammarly platform, known for its excellent grammar and writing assistance features.

ai thesis generator Grammarly

How to Use Grammarly Thesis Generator:

  1. Open Grammarly and log in to your account.
  2. Add your target audience in the specified field.
  3. Add your topic or main idea for the thesis statement.
  4. Click the generate button to produce a thesis statement based on your inputs.


  • Quickly generates thesis statements, saving valuable time in the writing process.
  • Maintains a consistent tone and style across multiple statements.
  • Automatically corrects grammar and spelling errors, ensuring polished statements.


  • May not offer extensive customization options for complex thesis statements.
  • Requires a premium subscription for full access

Grammarly's thesis generator, with its robust writing assistance features, makes it a reliable choice for students and professionals seeking to craft well-structured thesis statements.

The AI Assistant within UPDF

UPDF's AI assistant is a comprehensive GPT-4 powered tool that excels in generating precise and well-structured thesis statements. It offers a user-friendly interface and advanced AI capabilities, ensuring that users can quickly create clear and coherent statements tailored to their specific needs. This makes it an invaluable resource for academic writing and research.

How to Use UPDF's AI Assistant:

  • Download and open the UPDF app.

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  • Create a blank PDF document.
ai thesis generator UPDF
  • Click the AI button on the bottom right and go to the Chat function.
ai thesis generator UPDF AI
  • Input prompts to assist your thesis statement creation, such as:

"Please generate a thesis statement for a paper on climate change impacts."

"Help me create a thesis statement for an essay on the benefits of renewable energy."

ai thesis generator UPDF AI
  • Once the output is complete, copy it and paste it into your document.

Alternatively, you can register and access AI online to generate a thesis. It requires no installation.

ai thesis generator UPDF AI


  • Produces unique, high-quality thesis and thesis statements
  • Also offers an online version, no installation is needed
  • Utilizes GPT-4 technology
  • Seamlessly integrates with the UPDF app, enabling access to additional free PDF tool features
  • Capable of creating diverse content
  • User-friendly interface

Explore UPDF's AI assistant today to experience the ease of generating compelling thesis statements. Whether you use the AI assistant within the UPDF app or AI online, you'll find the process straightforward and efficient.

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ToolBaz is an AI-powered content generator designed to produce high-quality written content quickly and efficiently. It offers a user-friendly interface and versatile use cases, making it suitable for a wide range of writing needs, from academic work to marketing materials. ToolBaz ensures clear and coherent outputs, though it may occasionally miss contextual nuances.

ai thesis generator ToolBaz

How to Use ToolBaz:

  1. Enter the topic of your thesis statement in the provided field.
  2. Choose your preferred AI model from the available options.
  3. Click the "Write" button to generate your thesis statement.


  • Suitable for various types of content, from academic writing to marketing materials.
  • Multiple AI models to choose from
  • Quick generation of thesis statements


  • Requires clear and detailed input for the best results.
  •  Access to all features and high-quality outputs might require a paid subscription.

ToolBaz is an excellent choice for anyone looking to quickly generate a thesis statement, offering a user-friendly experience and efficient output.


Smodin is an AI-powered writing tool that helps users generate high-quality thesis statements with ease. It provides a simple and intuitive interface, making it accessible for students and professionals alike. Smodin ensures the creation of precise and coherent thesis statements tailored to various academic needs.

ai thesis generator Smodin

How to Use Smodin:

  1. Choose a template from the available options to match the style of your thesis statement.
  2. Add in your topic or main idea for the thesis statement.
  3. Click the "Generate" button to produce your thesis statement.


  • Effective for a wide range of topics and academic levels.
  • Fast generation of thesis statements
  • Provides basic features without cost, making it accessible.


  • May offer limited options for highly specific or complex thesis statements.
  • May sometimes generate inconsistent or less polished outputs, especially for niche subjects.

Smodin provides a convenient solution for quickly generating thesis statements, making it a great choice for students and writers looking for an efficient and straightforward tool.

Jenni AI

Jenni AI is an advanced writing assistant designed to help users generate high-quality content, including thesis statements. With its intuitive interface and powerful AI capabilities, Jenni AI streamlines the writing process, making it ideal for academic and professional use.

ai thesis generator Jenni AI

How to Use Jenni AI:

  1. Create your free account to unlock a world of academic excellence. Your journey toward a compelling thesis statement begins here.
  2. Type in your research topic or a key question you aim to answer through your thesis. Jenni's intuitive interface makes this step a breeze.
  3. Based on your input, provides you with a set of preliminary thesis statement suggestions. These are tailored to reflect the essence of your research while adhering to academic standards.
  4. offers real-time feedback as you tweak and refine your thesis statement. This iterative process ensures clarity, coherence, and a strong alignment with your research objectives.


  • Delivers well-structured and coherent thesis statements.
  • Offers a good degree of customization to tailor outputs to specific needs.
  •  Effective for a wide range of academic and professional writing tasks.


  • Requires an account to access full features
  • Outputs rely on clear and detailed user input.

Jenni AI is a valuable tool for anyone looking to create a compelling thesis statement, offering a seamless and supportive experience from start to finish.

Part 3. What Other Capabilities Does UPDF Offer Beyond Thesis/Thesis Statement Generation?

Except for the AI assistant, by downloading UPDF, you can also get nearly a dozen other features to help you with reading and document management. This includes the following:

  • Convert PDFs: Quickly and accurately convert PDFs to and from various formats like Word, Excel, and more, maintaining the original layout and format integrity​​.
  • OCR PDFThe advanced OCR feature in UPDF can recognize text in scanned PDFs across 38 languages, making your documents editable and searchable​​.
  • Batch PDF: Insert a single PDF into multiple files collectively without quality loss​​.
  • Edit PDF: UPDF allows you to edit text and images in your PDFs as easily as you would in a Word document​​.
  • Organize PDF: Efficiently manage your PDF pages by extracting, splitting, rotating, reordering, or adding new pages​​.
  • Compress PDFs: Decrease the file size of your PDFs without compromising quality​​.
  • View PDF: Improve your PDF readability with multiple layouts, including single-page view, two-page view, scrolling, or two-page scrolling
  • Annotate PDFs: UPDF offers extensive annotation tools, including highlights, text boxes, attachments, and shapes, for an intuitive reading and editing experience​​.
  • Fill and Sign: Design and add electronic signatures to your PDFs​​.
  • UPDF Cloud: With the power of cloud computing, you can view your PDF from any device.
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Part 4. FAQs About AI Thesis Generator

Q1. How to create a thesis online?

To create a thesis online, use AI tools like Grammarly, UPDF, ToolBaz, Smodin, and Jenni AI. Input your topic, and the AI will generate a thesis statement. Refine the content as needed, leveraging the tools' suggestions for structure and clarity.

Q2. What is the Strong AI thesis?

The Strong AI thesis posits that artificial intelligence can genuinely understand, reason, and exhibit cognitive functions akin to human intelligence. It suggests that, given sufficient complexity, AI systems could possess consciousness and self-awareness, performing tasks requiring human-like comprehension and problem-solving abilities.

Q3. Is ChatGPT weak or strong AI?

ChatGPT is considered weak AI (or narrow AI). It excels at specific tasks like natural language processing and conversation but lacks general intelligence and self-awareness. It operates within predefined parameters and does not possess the cognitive abilities of strong AI.


AI Thesis Generators are revolutionizing the way we approach academic writing, offering efficiency and precision in crafting thesis statements. From Grammarly to Jenni AI, these tools cater to various needs and preferences. Among them, UPDF stands out with its seamless integration and user-friendly interface. Whether you're using UPDF's AI assistant within the app or UPDF AI online, you'll find the process of generating thesis statements straightforward and efficient. Explore UPDF today to elevate your academic writing experience and achieve excellence with ease. Embrace the future of thesis writing and let AI enhance your academic journey!

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