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Top 10 AI Apps for Android: A Guide to Our Top Picks

Since many AI apps are in the market, choosing between the never-ending options can sometimes be overwhelming. Don't worry; we've stacked up a list of some of the best AI apps for Android for you to check out. Relying on these, you cannot only streamline your workflow but also experience an AI-powered productivity boost.

Comparison Table of the 10 Best AI Apps for Android

Here's a list of some of the best artificial intelligence apps for Android, along with their features and price ranges.

AI App for AndroidAI App FeaturesPrice
UPDF AIA PDF-based AI app allowing you to translate, explain, summarize, edit, and chat with your document.AI Yearly: US$39 when purchasing AI together with UPDF Pro
ChatGPTAn AI-powered chatbot that mimics human-like conversation and helps carry out tasks.Paid version: US$20 monthly
ReplikaA chatbot designed to help navigate your emotions and be your support system.Monthly: US$14.99
Annually: US$49.99
Lensa AIA photo editing app that uses AI to generate special effects and avatars.Annually: US$35.99
WOMBO DreamA photo editing app that converts text into abstract images.Premium monthly: US$9.99
Premium yearly: US$89.99
Premium lifetime: US$99.99
Perplexity AIAI-powered, high-quality search enginePerplexity pro monthly: US$20
Perplexity Pro yearly: US$200
Socratic AIAn app designed to help high school and university students understand essential concepts.Monthly: starting at US$10
ELSAAn app which acts as your personalized English tutorMonthly: US$13.33
Annually: US$159.99
Bing AIA high-powered search engine that mimics human dialogueFree
YouperAn app designed to help users process their emotions and improve their moodMedication plan: US$24 per week
Therapy and behavior coaching plan: US$45 per week
Therapy, behavior coaching, and medication plan: US$55 per week.

Unveiling the Top 10 AI Apps for Android

Let's now have a look at the detailed description of each app!


UPDF is a PDF-based AI app for Android and is one of the best ones you'll come across. It features an intuitive interface with super-fast and secure functioning. What sets it apart from other AI apps is its multi-platform support. To your surprise, you can use only one account on all your devices. Simply click the button below to get it securely.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

ai app for android updf ai


It comes with endlessly helpful features, from the basic ones, like reading, editing, and annotating, to the end-level innovative ones, like a fast file manager and impressive AI features.

Owing to its AI features, UPDF can also translate your PDF document in seconds for you to read. It can explain or summarize your file and write content according to your prompt. The best part? If you get stuck at any point, the app has a section on tips and tricks to take your PDF game to the next level!

Free Version Benefits and Limitations:

The app offers a free trial to get insights into its features before purchasing any plan. However, the free trial will save your work with watermarks. Moreover, storage space is limited to 1GB with a limit of 10MB for a single file.


As for the premium versions of UPDF, there are two deals you can choose from: the Yearly and the Perpetual Plan. The yearly version is billed annually and priced at US$ 25.99, while the perpetual plan, a one-time payment for lifetime access, is priced at US$ 43.99. Both plans have the same features, except that the yearly version has a storage space of 10 GB per year, while the perpetual one only has 10 GB for the first year. What's more? It offers a 57% discount to the users who read this article. Upgrade now before the offer expires.

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT, the revolutionary AI-powered chatbot, is now accessible on Android, too. This amazing Android app is modeled to mimic human dialogue and hold a conversation with the user. The AI can respond to questions and carry out tasks like writing content, solving puzzles, and helping you with research.

ai app for android chatgpt


The software can compose articles and blog posts for your website, help you build an impressive resume or cover letter, etc. It can also create art and music and is designed to learn from its feedback. Some of the best ChatGPT Android apps are UPDF, Nova AI, and Chatonic.

Free Version Benefits and Limitations:

ChatGPT is free; however, the unpaid version has limitations. Most of its features are the same, except for access to GPT-4, the latest version of the Large Language Model, and the internet.


Besides the free plan, Open AI has also introduced ChatGPT Plus, which costs US$20 per month and has additional perks like faster responses, increased API usage limits, and access to GPT-4 and the internet.

3. Replika

Much like ChatGPT, Replika is an AI-powered chatbot for emotional purposes. The app lets you build up your personal AI character, which models itself according to your personality and interests.

ai app for android replika


Replika can be operated in 4 modes: Friend, romantic, mentor, and see how it goes (which is a mixture of all three). After making a companion based on your preferences, the AI will help coach you through your mental health, encourage you to share your feelings, and even remember important stuff about you, like your hobbies or birthdays. It can also store all your previous conversations to review and keep you company through AR and video calls.

Free version Benefits and Limitations:

The free run of the app only allows the friend version, so to access different relationship statuses and unlock more features, users need to sign up for Replika Pro.


The paid version allows voice calls, avatar customization, and rewards coins with each level-up. Users can subscribe to Replika Pro annually or monthly, which charges US$49.99 and US$14.99, respectively.

4. Lensa AI

If you've been using social media for the past few months, you've probably seen images of people reimagined as fictional beings, such as fairies or anime characters. That's all thanks to Lensa AI, an AI app for Android designed to edit photos and generate magical avatars.

ai app for android lensa ai


The photo editing app offers facial retouching, replacing or blurring out the background, image tuning, and special filters and effects to spice up your pictures. Its AI art generation feature, with its striking visuals, has quickly become a trend.

Free version Benefits and Limitations:

The app has a 7-day free trial service, after which users can choose between two payment options.


A single payment, which provides access to a limited amount of avatars, is priced at US$3.99 per 50 avatars. At the same time, you can also go for an annual subscription, which unlocks unlimited avatars at US$35.99.

5. WOMBO Dream

Next up on the list is another AI image generator app, which uses AI to turn text-based commands into abstract images in seconds. All you need to do is pick a prompt, choose an art style, and watch the results unfold.

ai app for android wombo


There are several perks to using this tool, including inbuilt prompts for you to choose from, such as 'sunset clips' and 'never-ending flowers,' and the option to type in your own. One of its biggest catches is its versatile art style options, including Ghibli, mystical, psychic, and more.

Free version Benefits and Limitations:

The app is free to use on any platform; however, users must sign up for its premium version to unlock all its features, like saving artwork as a video and getting extra art styles.


Premium monthly is priced at US$9.99, while the yearly version costs US$89.99. There's also a lifetime version, which costs US$99.99.

6. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is an AI-powered impressive Android app. It uses technologies such as machine language and NLP to generate accurate and well-researched answers to your queries.

ai app for android perplexity


The app is backed up by large language models, which allows it to generate human-like text, give comprehensive answers, and scour the internet and PDFs for up-to-date information about various topics.

Free version Benefits and Limitations:

The website is free, but the copilot is limited to five searches every four hours.


To unlock more comprehensive answers and higher copilot uses, users must sign up for Perplexity Pro, which offers monthly and annual versions. The monthly subscription costs US$20, while the annual one costs US$200 and offers a seven-day free trial.

7. Socratic AI

This best artificial intelligence app for Android is for you if you're a high school or university student! Socratic AI uses Google's AI to help connect students to relevant references and sources from the web to resolve their queries.

ai app for android socratic


The app helps students understand essential concepts through visual explanations and also allows them to use their camera to scan their assignments or questions to receive accurate answers from the internet.

Free Version Benefits and Limitations:

The app has a free and paid version, starting at $10 monthly. However, the two have no significant differences.


The paid version starts at US$10 per month.


ELSA AI is your very own personalized English tutor. It's designed to help users with their pronunciation and let them become fluent by keeping them focused and tracking their progress along the way.

ai app for android elsa


The app is well-versed in various accents, providing immediate feedback and ways to correct your mistakes. Besides teaching through lessons, ELSA lets users choose a scenario and hold a realistic conversation with them.

Free version Benefits and Limitations:

The app's free version allows two lessons on each planet, topic, and game type. In contrast, the paid version offers personalized tutoring plans and practice for interviews or daily conversations.


ELSA premium is billed at US$13.33 monthly and US$159.99 annually.

9. Bing AI

Microsoft's Bing AI is one of Android's best free AI apps for Android. This chatbot is focused on moving towards a more human-like dialogue.

ai app for android bing ai


Instead of just providing links like any other search engine, it gives more refined answers and can perform various tasks, such as planning a trip or making a resume. Since it's built on the GPT-4 model, it can comb through the haystack of information and provide more accurate answers. With the AI feature, you can converse with it like any other person.

Free version Benefits and Limitations:

The noteworthy thing about it? It's the best free AI app for Android, except users are limited to 300 questions per interaction.


It's an open-source platform.

10. Youper

The last app on the list is designed for users to manage their mental health. It is a chatbot app that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help users process their thoughts and feelings and reduce anxiety and depression.

ai app for android youper


The app has four main features: an AI Chatbot, Journal Logs, Mood Logs, and an Emotional Health Assessment. Its main aim is to help you identify what you're feeling and work towards improving your mood.

Free version Benefits and Limitations:

Although the app is listed as free, users must sign up for a subscription plan to gain access to the app.


Three different plans are available: the medication plan, which costs US$24 per week; the therapy and behavior coaching plan for US$45 per week; and a therapy, behavior coaching, and medication plan for US$55 per week.

FAQs on Best AI Apps for Android

1. Can I Use AI on Android?

Yes, you can use multiple AI apps on Android, from UPDF to Socratic AI and more. For more information, please refer to the list of apps above.

2. What's the Best AI App for Android?

If you're working with PDF documents, UPDF AI is the best option for you, while if you're searching for an art generator, you should choose Lensa AI. You can find more of our top picks in the list above.

3. Is There a Real Free AI App for Android?

Almost every AI app has a free version or trial offering limited features. You'll have to sign up for a subscription to access more resources. UPDF is the most cost-effective choice, which allows more storage and access to more features at just US$39 annually.


Wrapping up, we hope this guide on some of the best AI apps for Android was helpful. While all the mentioned apps have their quirks and benefits, UPDF AI certainly catches the eye. With an easily operable interface, multiple features, and affordable pricing, this service is the one to choose from. Download it today and check it out for yourself!

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