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Everything You Need to Know on How to Access and Use OpenAI Sora

OpenAI announced Sora on February 15, 2024, while giving a sneak peek into Sora's earth-shattering capabilities. Now, your imaginations are not limited to mere ideas but can be brought to life as high-quality realistic videos. Sora has taken the world of AI by storm igniting curiosity about how to use this remarkable AI model.

This guide will explore everything you need to know about accessing and using Sora. Plus, we will also introduce the best AI tool that can generate highly specific prompts for Sora. So, if you want to create some top-quality videos with Sora, download UPDF AI and enjoy up to 30 free prompts!

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Now, let's get started!

Part 1. Can I Use OpenAI Sora Now?

OpenAI Sora is set to revolutionize the content creation. But regardless of all the hype, OpenAI is yet to release this AI video generator to the public. This means that you cannot use Sora as of now. OpenAI is holding back from giving a specific date for releasing Sora. There is not a single indication of whether Sora will be released in the near future or not.

how to use openai sora

However, one thing we know for sure is that, for now, Sora is undergoing a testing phase. OpenAI has mentioned in their blog post that they are merely sharing their research on Sora early. This is to give the public some idea of what to expect for advancement in AGI.

But this does not mean Sora's access is entirely restricted. Keep reading to find out who can access Sora now.

Part 2. Who Can Access OpenAI Sora?

If you search for Sora on Google, you will find various similarly named AI tools. But, just so you know, none of those is the video generator AI model currently under discussion. OpenAI Sora is only accessible to a select group of people right now who are only testing the product.

For now, Sora is only accessible to:

Red Teamers

While announcing Sora, OpenAI also mentioned that they are making Sora available to Red Team members. These are the people with expertise in assessing any critical areas for possible risks associated with misuse of AI.

Creative Artists

OpenAI is also giving Sora access to some selective creative professionals. These include visual artists, filmmakers, and designers. The idea behind this is to explore the creative potential of a video generator like Sora and get feedback on possible areas of improvement from people outside of OpenAI.

For now, what you can do is stay tuned and stay informed about how to use this advanced AI model. So that once it's officially launched you are ready to dive in and leverage its creativity! Learn more about OpenAI Sora release date >

how to use openai sora creative artists

Part 3. Do We Know How to Use OpenAI Sora?

So, what do we know about using OpenAI Sora? Well, we can share some great ideas to get you started. It can be safely assumed that similar to DALL.E, once Sora is released, you can use it within the ChatGPT Plus and as an API for developers.

According to the research report shared by OpenAI, Sora is capable of accepting images and videos along with a written text prompt. So, while being a text-to-video generator you can use Sora in versatile ways to create realistic videos.

Here is how you can use OpenAI Sora.

1. Use Text Prompts

Sora uses its deep understanding of language to generate videos from a written prompt. So, you need to provide a text prompt highlighting the visual information for Sora to create a video.

2. Extend Generated Videos

You can also provide a video to Sora and extend it forward or backward in time. Sora can also fill in missing frames to improve the overall quality of the video.

3. Animate Static Images

Apart from text, you can use Sora to animate images as well. Similar to GPT 4 you can attach an image along with a prompt to tell Sora how to animate the image and it will do it for you.

4. Combine Diverse Videos

Apart from extending video inputs, you can use Sora to create seamless transitions between two different videos. Just attach two videos and give Sora a prompt about the type of transition you want.

how to use openai sora combine videos

5. Edit the Input Video

Another way to use Sora is for video-to-video editing tasks. Attach the video you want Sora to edit and give a prompt to change the visual detail or setting of the video.

6. Select Video Dimension

According to OpenAI, you can select the type of resolution, aspect ratio, and duration you want for the video. So, that's another way to use Sora for highly personalized video creation.

7. Generate High-Quality Images

Besides being a text-to-video model, Sora can be used as a text-to-image generator. Sora can generate high-resolution images of up to 2048x2048 resolution.

So, that's how to use OpenAI Sora for digital content creation. It is truly a video-generating powerhouse. On that note, here are some great tips for using Sora to its full potential.

Part 4. Tips for Using OpenAI Sora to Generate High-quality Video

Sora majorly utilizes written prompts to generate high-quality content. While you can use images and videos as input, you still need a detailed prompt for Sora to understand what you're looking for.

According to Open AI, Sora has an extensive understanding of languages and the surrounding physical world. So, as long as you're adding the right details in your prompt you can get a good quality video from Sora.

Here are some tips to write good prompts for Sora.

  • Write a Clear Objective: Before anything else, start by specifying what you want Sora to do. Are you looking to generate a video from text, animate an image, or edit a video?
  • Use Specific Details: Use specific words to describe what you want to achieve with Sora. Don't beat around the bush. Describe the atmosphere, weather, lights, etc.
  • Describe Your Characters: Tell Sora about the key traits of your characters. Is it a young man in his late 20s, is it an orange cat, a Land Rover, or an old wooden chair?
  • Add the Visual Details: While generating impactful videos, don't forget to describe the visual elements. It could be details about the lighting, time of the day, damp streets or sunny windows.
  • Explain the Actions: Describe the type and angle of movement or action you want to visualize in the video. It can be a cat running towards the camera, a woman shaking off snow from her hair, etc.
  • Use Correct Grammar: Another tip? Make sure to avoid any grammar mistakes or spelling errors as these can confuse the AI generators, resulting in inaccurately depicted elements.

These tips are really useful for getting accurately visualized videos with Sora. But if these are too much to remember, you can use a reliable AI tool to generate good prompts for Sora.

Part 5. UPDF AI - The Best Generative AI Tool

UPDF AI is a powerful AI tool that can generate highly detailed prompts for Sora. You only need to specify the purpose for generating a video with Sora. Is it to promote a product, visualize an animation of a static object, or depict a cinematic environment?

Whatever you need, UPDF AI will deliver a list of prompts, each targeting specific details. The best part? If you download it now, you can enjoy 100 free prompts right away!

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how to use openai sora updf ai

UPDF AI offers two different modes to cater to your diverse needs. With its Chat Mode, you can explore any topic or generate prompts, write professional emails, craft cover letters, or get legal advice. On the other hand, It's Ask Mode lets you upload a document and understand it better by asking related questions.

Here is how UPDF AI can help with your document management.

  • Summarize Lengthy Documents: UPDF AI delivers accurate summaries of complex data charts and hundreds of pages within seconds.
  • Translate Various Languages: Are you dealing with documents in a foreign language? No worries! UPDF AI can translate to and from any languages with high precision.
  • Explain Intricate Data: If complex information in your documents is giving you a headache, UPDF will explain and define key terms and charts within seconds.
  • Write Versatile Content: Say goodbye to writer's block with UPDF AI's advanced generative capabilities. You can brainstorm ideas and write any type of content you need.

Impressive, right? UPDF AI promises a productive handling of your documents. Plus, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Andorid. This makes it the ideal way to work with your documents on the go.

how to use openai sora updf offer


OpenAI Sora has opened the gateway to boundless creativity and automation in content creation. Although it has not been released to the public yet, OpenAI has elaborated on its advanced capabilities.

You can use Sora by using text prompts as well as with image and video inputs. What we know so far is that Sora can create realistic and imaginative videos from a written prompt, animate images, and edit, combine, and extend videos.

By using AI tools like UPDF AI, you can leverage the advanced capabilities of this creative powerhouse. UPDF AI not only helps you manage documents but also generates high-quality prompts for Sora. Download it now and gear up for Sora's creative potential before it is launched!

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