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How to Convert Image to PDF on iPhone with 5 Ways

If you own an iPhone, there are several ways to create PDF from images on iPhone. It becomes necessary to do the conversion so that you can print or edit the images. You may also want to turn them into PDF to allow you to save and access them in the future. To help you in the process, this article offers you some of the most effective ways on how to convert image to PDF on iPhone.

Way 1. How to Convert Image to PDF on iPhone with UPDF

There are two ways on how to convert image to PDF on iPhone using UPDF.

Option one: Converting one image on iPhone

Step one - Import your images into the UPDF.

Step two - Click the "…" next to the image you want to convert. You can also long-press the image to pick it.

Step three - Click on the "Convert to PDF" option.

You will have your image converted and saved with a .PDF extension. This shows that the file is portable and editable.

Option two: Converting several images to PDF on iPhone

Step one - Click the check box located on the top right and pick multiple images.

Step two - Select the images you need to convert. Click the "More" button located in the bottom menu.

Step three - Tap "Convert to PDF". All your chosen images will be turned into PDF.

Way 2. How to Create PDF from Images on iPhone with UPDF Scan

With UPDF, you have the chance to scan anything with your iPhone and turn to PDF. Below are the two ways to scan your images to PDF on iPhone.

Option one: Choose from the photo app

Click the "+" icon on the bottom right. Click "Scan".

Click the Photos app on the screen. Choose a single or several photos and click "Add" located on the top right to import to the app.

Click the icon showing the number of active scans to save the images. Crop, rotate, filter, scan, delete or add more images and scans. Finally, tap the "Download icon" to save the PDF file.

Option two: Take images

  • Click the + icon to open the import menu.
  • Click "Scan".
  • Aim, focus and take a snapshot of the file. You can take the images manually or automatically.
  • After you take the snapshot, you can now rotate, crop, delete or filter. For several scans in the line, reorder them.
  • Now click the "Download" icon located at the top right corner and add your PDF files to the app.

Way 3. How to Change Image to PDF on iPhone with the Printer Option

You can save an image as a PDF using the Photos app. There are steps on how to convert an image to PDF on iPhoneusing the print option. Note that using this method you have to print the images in your photo applications and use of zooming in gesture. Here are steps to follow:

  • Open your iPhone photo app.
  • Select the images to convert. Long press on image and click "Share".
  • To convert several images to PDF, tap the select option located on the top right corner of your screen. Pick all the images you want to convert and tap on "Share".

Click "Print" from the share menu.

On the Printer options, you can use the zoom in gesture. All your selected images will be converted to PDF.

Way 4. How to Convert Image to PDF on iPhone with the Books App

You can also convert iPhone image to PDFby sharing your images from your device Photos app to the Books app. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Photos app on your device.
  • Pick the images you want to convert. Long press the image and tap "Share".
  • Choose the Books app on the share menu options.
  • Your images will be converted to PDF automatically.

Way 5. How to Convert Image to PDF on iPhone with the Files App

It is also possible to convert image to PDF iPhone with files app. You can also share images saved with the file apps and convert them into PDF. If your image is saved in the file apps, you can long-press on the image. On the pop-up menu create PDF. If the images are on other apps, here are steps to follow.

  • Open the Photos app and select the images you want to convert.
  • Click "Share".
  • Tap "Save to files" and select the file you want to save the files.
  • Open the File app, long-press the image, and click "Create PDF".
  • For several images' conversions, tap the three-dot icon on the screen and press Create PDF.
  • On the app, you have your new PDF saved in the same location.


As you can see from the article there are several ways on how to change image to PDF on iPhone. The advancement of technology has led to the development of the different apps and software that makes the conversion easy and fast. The best option for you is to choose the most efficient method depending on your specific needs. UPDF stands to be the top among the many apps you can use in the conversion process. The app provides an interface that allows you to convert images into PDF easily and fast.  It is easy to use with its friendly interface. No matter the type of images you want to convert, UPDF does the job efficiently. It offers users high-level flexibility to filter, crop, rotate, or do any other edits to the converted PDFs.  You are also not limited on the number of images you can convert into PDF with UPDF.

Major UPDF features:

  • Intelligent PDF scanner
  • 100 percent secured with features like passcodes and Face ID
  • Sign and markup PDFs
  • An ultimate file manager
  • Document reader

With the above UPDF features, you can be sure to get the best PDFs from images fast and without a lot of hassles.