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How to Share Files on Windows 10/11?

Everyone needs to use the methods to share files on Windows 10/11 at some point. Some users even have to share files from their Windows PC frequently. So, knowing the most effective file-sharing methods on your Windows PC becomes necessary.

Luckily multiple methods allow you to share files, and here we will discuss the 5 most effective options you can use on Windows 10 and 11.

Part 1. How to Share Files on Windows 10/11 With Official Methods?

We will start discussing the methods with official options available on the Windows OS. There are different ways of sharing files without needing an external physical storage medium. Below are the details about the official methods for sharing files between Windows computers:

Way 1. Share Files on Windows 11/10 Via Network

If your Windows PC is connected to a local network and you want to share files only with the computers on that network, then you can use the Network file sharing feature on your computer. Using this method is extremely easy and highly preferable for workplaces and offices.

It is because those computers are already configured with the network, and you only need to use the share feature on your PC.

Step 1: Open File Explorer

Click on the "File Explorer" icon to open it, and if you cannot locate the File Explorer icon, search for it in Windows Search Menu. Once you open File Explorer, you can locate the file or folder you want to share by manually searching or searching for it.

Step 2: Share the file via the network

Once you find the folder or file you want to share, click it to select. You can select multiple files and share them at once with this method. "Right Click" to open options and click "Give Access to." Now you can click "Specific People." Now you can follow the on-screen instructions to select specific users. Alternatively, if the file is not confidential, click "Everyone," and the file will be shared with everyone on the network this way.

Share Files on Windows 11/10 Via Network

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Way 2. Share Files on Windows Via OneDrive

Microsoft Windows has a built-in application that provides cloud storage with your account. It is known as OneDrive, and it makes sharing files virtually with anyone very easy. In the previous method, connecting to the local network was essential, whereas OneDrive does not have such requirements. Here you only need internet connectivity on both computers, and you can easily share your files between the two devices.

Step 1: Copy the file and paste it into the OneDrive folder.

Locate the file you want to share from your computer using File Manager. You can open "File Manager" by clicking its taskbar or start menu icon or searching for it in the start menu. Once you find the file, click it and press "Control + C." Now click "OneDrive" from the left pane in the file manager and press "Control + V”. When that file appears in the OneDrive folder, right-click it and click “Share”.

Share file in OneDrive

Step 2: Share the file with OneDrive

It is optional to set the editing and viewing preferences for privacy reasons. Use the "More Settings" option if you want to change them. Click "Apply" after editing those settings. Now you can "copy the link" and send it to the recipient or enter their email address. OneDrive allows adding optional messages with the email method. Click "Send," and they will receive the file.

Click the send in OneDrive

Way 3. How to Share Files Over Bluetooth in Windows 10/11?

If you have two Windows computers present nearby and you don’t want to set up networking, then the easiest method for offline file transfer will be using Bluetooth. You can get good file transfer speeds depending on the Bluetooth hardware integrated into your computers.

Step 1: Set up a Bluetooth connection between your devices.

Click the "Windows" button and press the "Gear icon" above the power options. It will open settings. Go to "Devices," "Bluetooth”, and turn it on. Click the "+" button above it and select Bluetooth. Do the same on the other PC, and once the first PC locates the second one, click it to pair and authenticate using the code provided on the screen.

Turn on bluetooth in Windows

Step 2: Right-click and send to the Bluetooth device

Locate the file to share and "right-click" to open options. Hover the cursor over "Send To" then click Bluetooth device.

Select bluetooth to send to

Step 3: Select Bluetooth device and send

Select the device from the available options, click "Next," and accept the file on another computer. Wait until the process finishes, and your file will be shared.

Bluetooth file transfer

Part 2. How to Share Files on Windows 10/11 With Third-Party Tools?

Although the official file-sharing methods do the job, you may miss some important features. That’s where the third-party options make a better choice.

Way 1. Share PDF Files on Windows 10/11 Via UPDF

If you want to share PDF files between Windows computers, the best tool for this purpose will be UPDF. It is because it organizes your PDF files on the UPDF cloud. Moreover, you can access PDF files anytime and anywhere as UPDF have Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone version and you are allowed the sync all files on any device. Moreover, you can share your PDF files via link, QR Code, or email, and here are the steps you can follow.

Step 1: Open PDF file on UPDF

Download UPDF by tapping "Free Download" below. Click the "UPDF" desktop, taskbar, or start-menu icon. Otherwise, search for "UPDF" after clicking the Windows key. Clicking "Open File" will give you a browse window where you can select the PDF file and click “Open” to open it with UPDF.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Open file on Windows

Step 2: Share from the right pane

Click the "Share this file with others" button from the right pane and Create. Now you can copy a link or click the "QR" icon next to it and then click "Download" to download the QR code. Alternatively, click "Share with others”, insert the email, and enter the optional message. Click "Send," and your PDF will be shared with them.

Share this file with other on Windows

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Way 2. Share PDF Files on Windows Via Google Drive

Another good way of sharing PDF files on Windows computers is using Google Drive. Google Drive provides 15GB of free storage. This method can work with the Windows app, but you can also use the web app for an easier experience.

Step 1: Open Google Drive Website and upload the file

Go to the google drive and log in. Now click "NEW" button on top left, click "folder upload or file upload”. Locate and open the PDF file from your PC using the browse window. Wait until this file completes uploading.

Upload the file to Google Drive

Step 2: Open options and click share

Click the "3-dots" on the file and move the cursor to the "share" option. Now click the new “Share” button that just appeared.

Share file in Google Drive

Step 3: Set sharing preferences and click done

Set the access preferences and edit access from the "Gear icon" on the top right. Add people/groups to share. Otherwise, click "copy link" to copy it on your clipboard. Finally, click "Done”. Send that link to recipients to share with a link, and your file will be shared.

Part 3. FAQS About Sharing Files on Windows 10/11

Q1. How to share Mac files with Windows?

It is extremely simple if you have one Mac and one Windows PC and want to share file between Mac and Windows. In settings, you must set up file sharing on Mac in the General option. Click the "i" button afterward, choose options, and select SMB file sharing. Authenticate by providing a password and clicking "Done" twice.

Go to network settings and go to advanced and select WINS. There you need to enter the workgroup name and click OK. Now go to the Windows computer and enter your Mac's address, username, and password. That’s how you share Mac files with Windows users using the network. For an easier experience, try using iCloud or Google Drive.

Q2. How to access shared files on Windows 10?

Open file explorer and go to network. Double-click the computer on the network to see all the folders available. From here, you can copy and paste any folder or file present in it on your computer with ease.

Q3. How to access Windows file share from Mac?

Choose Go in the Finder app on your Mac and select Connect to Server, then click Browse. Locate the Windows PC on the server and double-click before you select Connect. Depending on the setup, you may need to authenticate with a username and password. Once the connection is successful, you can see and access the files shared by Windows PC on your Mac.

Final Words

When sharing files from your computer, you need quick sharing, reliability, and, most importantly, safety. That’s why it is important to carefully select share files Windows 10/11 methods so that they meet all your requirements. Whether you go for an official method or pick a third-party tool, always check how well that tool meets your requirements so that you get a great experience.

If you need to transfer PDF files, then your best choice will be UPDF. UPDF organizes your PDF files in cloud storage, making sharing easy. With options like link sharing, email sharing, and QR code sharing, you can enjoy an effortless experience. Get the app today and find the reviews of UPDF on this site.

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