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Top 5 PDF Software for Remote Learning in 2023

Virtual learning environments have revolutionized classroom instruction in recent years. These resources not only make it easier to put up engaging lessons, but they also encourage students to talk to one another and work together.

The tools available to you as an online instructor continue to improve rapidly as a result of developments in distance learning technology. Some tools simplify campus safety, communication, and the development of engaging lessons for both teachers and students.

There are several resources available to meet the requirements of every instructor, regardless of the subject area being taught. Among those tools is different PDF software for remote learning.

Part 1. What does remote learning mean?

When a student and teacher (or other information providers) are separated by distance, they are said to be engaging in remote learning. Technology such as online message boards, video conferencing, and quizzes are used to share knowledge.

Remote learning can happen either synchronously, when students communicate and work together in real time, or asynchronously, where they work at their own speed without guidance from an instructor.

In this context, "remote learning" refers to any number of educational methods, the vast majority of which take place online. A variety of platforms exist on the web for sharing course materials, holding discussions with students, and collecting homework.

Part 2. Why is remote learning important?

Live remote learning classes are great, no doubt about it. Meeting students and professors face facing allows for more genuine communication, which may lead to deeper learning and friendships.

It's not impossible, but I imagine it's simpler to make this type of relationship in person. Then, what is the point of online education? It turns out that there are some benefits to remote learning. Only a few explanations are listed below.


The flexibility of effective distance learning is its greatest strength. The time, location, and medium of instruction are all available options for today's students. It is possible to have real-time interaction with instructors using video conferencing.

However, a more flexible timetable may be preferable for students who need to fit their education around employment or other commitments. Options exist to meet the requirements of almost everybody.

Easy Access

Some kids, whether because of their location far from a school or because they have a disability, may not have easy access to classrooms and other learning resources.

Every student has the chance to learn and grow in the setting that works best for them thanks to remote learning programs.

Less Cost

Especially because of the scalability of digital learning, online learning is lowering the overall cost of higher education.

Online degrees are rapidly gaining popularity, and some institutions are now only offered online. These schools may save money on costly facilities and equipment by focusing solely on providing education to students.

Part 3. Best 5 PDF Software for Remote Learning

ProductCompatibilityPriceOutput FormatsTop Features
UPDFWin, Mac, iOS, and Android$29.99/year
Word, Excel, PPT, CSV, Image (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF), Text, RTF, HTM, XML, PDF/AView, edit, convert, annotate, create, protect, crop, split, organize PDF, share PDF via link
Foxit PDFWindows, macOS, iOS, Android, the web, and Linux$149.00 / YearWord, Excel, PPT, PDF, JPGView, Read, Edit, Convert, Create, annotate
PDF ExpertmacOS and iOS$79.99 / YearWord, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, TXTView, edit, create, convert, annotate, merge, split
Soda PDFOnline$84 / YearWord, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, TXT, TIFFView, merge, compress, edit, convert, sign
Nitro PDF ProWindows and Mac$103.99 One-timeWord, Excel, PowerPoint, or other Microsoft Office formatsCreate, edit, view, annotate, convert, sign, split, merge, compress


UPDF is a dependable PDF editor and is one of the greatest tools for students. It's a great tool for students to use to read, edit, convert, and annotate PDFs. It's simple to learn and work with because of its intuitive, customizable, and enjoyable user interface.

the greatest tool for students

With UPDF, you can use it to make changes to the PDF's text, photos, links, and other components. Basically, you get complete authority over any and all PDFs. It's also a PDF editor that doesn't get in the way of the editing process thanks to a streamlined, straightforward UI. UPDF's already attractive features set it out as a top pick.


  • Affordable and simple
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows
  • Many various PDF annotation tools
  • Convert up to 5 PDF files for free without limits
  • Hundreds of attractive stickers for annotation
  • Purchase one and get all platforms

2. Foxit PDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is a PDF editor with a genuinely worldwide reach, as it is available in more than 40 languages. Scan and optical character recognition, sophisticated text and object editing, PDF to other format conversions, PDF production, document management, and so on are just some of the more complex features available.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Good for beginners
  • Affordable with all PDF tools


  • Expensive

3. PDF Expert

In terms of PDF editors for Mac, PDF Expert is among the most well-known. It lets users add notes, make changes, scan, and OCR PDF files. The PDFs you store on your Mac may be safely encrypted with this program.


  • Advanced PDF tool
  • All PDF editing and converting features
  • Good for professionals


  • Only compatible with Apple devices.

4. Soda PDF

Since there is no Mac version of Soda PDF, you may already be familiar with the web-based service. But it was initially developed for Windows and works very well with heavy PC workloads that necessitate a variety of PDF tools, including an editor, a file converter, an OCR engine, an organizer, a form builder, an electronic signature generator, and more.


  • Completely online, no need to download it.
  • All editing features.
  • Easy-to-use and simple


  • Privacy issues because of online service

5. Nitro PDF Pro

When it comes to features, the Pro edition of the Nitro PDF editor is on par with UPDF, with a few key exceptions. The company does not provide a Mac version of its software, but it has acquired PDFpen and is now offering that product alongside Nitro.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • One-time purchase only
  • Basic PDF editing features


  • Only compatible with Mac and Windows

Part 4. Which is the Best PDF Tool for Remote Learning?

It's not simple to find reasonably priced PDF editors. In most cases, you won't be able to get the free ones. Using a well-regarded PDF editor is a must. As was indicated above, we already have access to a number of highly rated, low-cost PDF editors.

To sum up, it's clear that UPDF is the only reasonably priced option. These PDF editors came as near as we could get to popular and inexpensive software. The UPDF is the best option if you need a powerful PDF editor that won't break the bank. It's the only tool with consistently high reviews and slashing features.

robust pdf annotator

Part 5. Tips for Remote Learning

Here are 5 effective tips for remote learning:

Make a Plan, and Follow It

At the beginning of your homeschooling journey, your schedule will most likely be the most difficult obstacle you face.

The student, free from the tyranny of the school bell, may find any number of excuses to put off schoolwork in favor of, say, sleeping in or watching television.

A student may say, "If I can have 1 more hour on the Playstation, then I'll surely start work at 10 am," meaning that he or she will start working at 10 a.m. in exchange for an extra hour As soon as 10 o'clock rolls around, 11 o'clock comes around, and before you know it, the day is gone.

Establish a routine and keep to it. Scheduling not only helps us work faster and more effectively, but it also provides the much-needed routine and order to our life.

Having a plan in place gives you a structure for your day and helps you feel more at ease.

Engage in a Wide Range of Activities

That's why they say having a little bit of everything in your life is so exciting. Homeschooling thrives on this kind of variety. It's crucial to maintain variety and excitement so that homeschooling doesn't become a chore.

Studying at home allows one more independence. It is essential that all topics, not just the ones that are personally appealing, receive adequate attention. Distance learning during the pandemic and even after the pandemic has now become a norm for university remote learning.

Teachers will likely make sure their students have a variety of learning remotely experiences if they are involved in remote or distance learning, provided they maintain communication with a teacher or teachers who direct their work. Possible methods include distributing class materials and assignments using online sites like Google Classroom and SeeSaw.

Plan a Study Area

Setting up a quiet, well-organized study area at home is crucial for productive studying. You won't have to shell out a lot of cash, but you will need to get a few key items. The student will be able to make the most of their study time if they have access to adequate study materials.

So, the student won't have to get up every five minutes to look for a paperclip, a pen, or a dictionary. Having these resources at your disposal might help you save time and keep the momentum going.

What you require from a designated study area may vary depending on the details of your scenario, but it may include the following items at a minimum:

Commit to Teamwork

Isolation is a major drawback of homeschooling. Students gain experience with a variety of grouping strategies, from working independently to collaborating in small and large groups while working in a classroom setting. Learning in the classroom benefits greatly from students working together. Unfortunately, this is an area where homeschooling may be considerably less accommodating. But with ingenuity, you can make cooperation an option.

Learning management systems (LMSs) or virtual learning environments (VLEs) like Google Classroom, Moodle, SeeSaw, and Edmodo allow students in the same class to interact with one another and with the instructor.

Get Your Things Together

You'll be more productive with a quiet place to work and an organized routine, so stock up on everything you'll need. You won't only need the usual paper, scissors, glue, etc.; you'll also need to have all of your digital tools at the ready. This is something that is ideally prepared for in advance. This may be done by reviewing the topics you want to teach and compiling a list of the materials you'll need.


We reviewed the top 5 PDF tools for remote learning. Based on this review, we recommend you use UPDF because it is a highly affordable, secure, and reliable option. It is the best PDF tool for students and teachers to remote learning in 2022.