Exciting Facts about Google PDF Editor

The Google PDF Editor helps to view and convert the PDFs precisely. PDFs are often used for many applications and it is comfortable for sharing purpose. You can quickly compress the PDFs and send them wherever required in no time. It supports easy uploads and downloads with a structured view. Due to their easy usage, PDFs are commonly used in most business processing. You can quickly surf the content and navigate between the pages. Here, in this article, you will learn about the Google PDF Editor and the best alternative to this application. To work with PDFs, you require an efficient tool to add comfort to your needs. Connect with this article to enlighten with the reliable PDF editors that serve the purpose without regrets.

The Best Alternative to Google PDF Editor

The UPDF application is the perfect alternative to Google PDF Editor. The incredible features of this free PDF editor assist you in handling PDF files effortlessly. You can perform a wide range of activities on the PDFs by mere click actions. It has a beautiful and simple interface and you can work on it like a pro without any prior knowledge. This application gives you great results and you can use them whenever required. You can make a quick download from its official website and surf the PDFs easily with the help of this sophisticated program.

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Here are the key features of this tool UPDF Editor.

  • Edit the PDF content using the in-built tools.
  • Customize and edit the images on the PDFs without affecting their quality factors.
  • You can use this app to annotate your PDF documents.
  • This app is compatible with Windows and Mac systems.
  • Built with an encryption technique that protects your files from anonymous access.
  • It is a free premium PDF editor that you will regret to miss.

These are the impressive functionalities of UPDF. Connect with this app by visiting the official website. You could have come across numerous PDF editors in the digital market but challenging to find reliable ones. The UPDF Editor is highly recommended for its reliability and adds comfort while handling PDFs.

How to Edit PDF Using Google PDF Editor Alternative

In this section, enlighten with the optimal ways to edit PDFs using the sophisticated application UPDF. Make the correct clicks to implement the desired changes to your PDFs in no time. This app satisfies both beginners and professionals without regrets. Follow the below instructions for precise utilization of this tool.

Step 1: Download the app

Quickly step into the official website of UPDF Editor and download the correct version of the tool based on your PC's operating system. You can either opt for Windows or Mac version and download the respective version to avoid errors. Install the app and launch the tool by double-tapping the tool icon.

Step 2: Edit the content

If you want to make changes to the existing PDF content, then tap the "Edit" mode on the home screen and click on the content space to make the necessary changes. Just type the respective words at the right place on the PDF file and save the changes.

Step 3: Add texts

To add extra texts to the PDF file, hit the "T" icon at the Menu and drop it in the desired location on the file. Then, start typing the words to add texts to the file. There are options to customize the added texts by changing the font style, size, and colors. Add the desired texts to the right place on the document using this control.

Step 4: Customize the image

Further, you can modify the images on the PDFs using this tool. Select the picture and tap the editing elements like crop, cut, and rotate. This app helps to create a better look for the pictures on the PDFs without affecting the quality factors.

These are the efficient ways to edit PDFs using the UPDF app. You can use this program to make the best use of PDFs. Edit the content and share it quickly using this stunning application. In this UPDF application, the editing elements are visible for quick access and you do not have to waste your time in search of them. Quickly tap the desired elements and make necessary changes to the file.

Extra Facts about Google PDF Editor

The Google PDF Editor is not a separate tool but instead associated with Google Drive. You can upload the PDFs in Google Drive and view them in document format. This space is applicable merely for viewing the content in two formats PDFs and Documents type. Moreover, you can use any PDF editor plugin to improve its PDF operations. Use the Google space to upload the PDFs to any third-party readers for further processing. Apart from the document file type, there are options to convert the PDFs to spreadsheet file format. It has in-built OCR features to convert scanned images to texts.

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How to Use Google PDF Editor

To edit PDF in Google PDF Editor, you need to upload the PDF document and then open the PDF with Google Docs. This will make your PDF editable in Google Docs. Google drive uploads the PDFs in Google Docs by converting its file type. Likewise, you can view the PDFs in Google Drive too. This platform performs these two operations and if you want to make further edits on the PDFs then integrate with third-party applications to enhance its performance. It is compatible with most PDF Editors and you can integrate with this environment to extend its usability related to PDFs.


Therefore, you had an interactive session about Google PDF Editor. Use the perfect integrated PDF Editor plugins with the Google platform to enhance the PDF operation. Use UPDF Editor to customize the PDFs according to your requirement. It has a simple interface and a newbie can quickly connect with this tool hassle-free. Choose UPDF Editor to ensure optimal handling of the PDFs. Stay connected with this article to explore the comfortable methods to work with PDFs.