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Top 5 AI YouTube Script Writers (2024 Top Picks)

Making a YouTube video is not as easy as it seems. A good video needs a well-written script that takes a lot of planning and creativity. However, in today's fast-paced world it is not possible for everyone to write good YouTube scripts with ease. That's where using YouTube Script Writer tools can help you a lot. If you also find it hard for yourself to come up with a good script for your next YouTube video quickly then you must give these tools a try.

Part 1. 5 Best AI YouTube Video Script Writers

Here are our top 5 picks for tools you can use to write script for your next YouTube video. We will explore basics and features of these tools for writing YouTube Scripts and other functionalities they provide so you can pick the right one.

1. UPDF - The Best AI YouTube Script Writer on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

UPDF comes with its UPDF AI feature that can be very helpful for writing YouTube scripts. It is capable of writing, translating, summarizing, explaining, rewriting, and doing a lot more with text whether you want it for the YouTube video script or something else. You can use UPDF AI to get YouTube video script content by providing the topics you want to cover in that video and your requirements from that video and it will provide you with the whole script from the start to the end. You can download UPDF via the below button to check all features.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

The best thing about using this method is that you can use it anywhere, any time. It is because it is available on Windows, Macs, iOS devices, and Androids. So, whether you are at your desk or you are working on the go, UPDF will always be there to serve you with its dedicated application.

If you are collaborating with someone then you can generate your script with UPDF and create PDF with it. That way you can use the UPDF cloud sharing feature to share the video script effortlessly with them all while being on the same tool. UPDF offers you the option to share PDF documents by links or email. With UPDF cloud you can also access that saved PDF document on any device with your account.

Key Features:

Apart from writing content according to your requirements, UPDF can be used for several other purposes with its different features including:

  • UPDF AI for translating, rewriting, summarizing, explaining, etc.
  • PDF Editing
  • OCR
  • PDF conversion (2-ways)
  • PDF form fill and sign
  • Merge and split
  • PDF organization
  • Flatten PDF
  • Batch processing, etc.


  • Intelligently understands the context of your prompt
  • One tool to generate, edit, save, and share YouTube scripts
  • Quickest response with the most accurate information


  • Only works when you download the app.


UPDF Pro (Yearly Plan)$35.99
UPDF Pro (Perpetual Plan)$55.99
UPDF Pro + AI (Yearly Plan)$65.99
UPDF Pro (Perpetual) + AI (Yearly)$83.99
UPDF AI (Monthly)$9
UPDF AI (Yearly)$59.99

To understand the UPDF features, you can check the review of UPDF from HowtoGeek here, watch the video tutorial by watching the below YouTube video, or download UPDF via the below button.

2. TinyWow - The Best Free Online AI YouTube Script Writer

TinyWow is a free online AI tool built exclusively for YouTube scriptwriting. It is as an easy-to-use platform that streamlines the screenplay writing process for content creators. TinyWow's AI-powered skills develop compelling personalized scripts that engage with the target audience in mind. It specializes in creating dynamic openings with engaging stories and attractive endings ensuring that every component of your video screenplay is captivating.

To improve video discoverability the program also incorporates SEO-friendly components. TinyWow provides a simple and easy solution to write high-quality bespoke scripts bringing your YouTube material to new heights. It is ideal for newbies but also serves experts with its range of features.

Key Features:

TinyWow helps you very well for generating YouTube video script but it is capable of doing a lot more things with its other features like:

  • Content improver
  • Instagram post and story idea generator
  • Word Counter
  • Podcast scriptwriter
  • Content planner
  • Content paraphraser


  • Efficient and quick in YouTube script generation
  • YouTube script and many other types of script generation tools
  • Provides diverse scripts with AI processing the context


  • Creativity is limited with AI
  • No personalization options so output seems generic


Content MachineContact TinyWow for pricing

3. ChatGPT  - Free AI YouTube Video Script Writer

ChatGPT is an AI Chatbot that is designed to answer your questions and queries, but it can do a lot more. One of the more attractive things that you can do with it is generating scripts for your YouTube videos. You need to be efficient in prompts to get the best script written by this AI tool. The good part is that it provides amazing information and keeps the tone and style of the script according to the context of information involved in your videos.

So, you will often find it providing the most accurate synonyms for simpler words that will make your videos more compelling in overall YouTube competition. To use it with great efficiency, you must be good at prompt engineering otherwise you will get the most generic results. ChatGPT can personalize its results whether you want to update the whole script or only a specific part with simple prompts.

Key Features:

ChatGPT is now packed with many beneficial features but most of them are limited to the paid versions. The key features of ChatGPT include:

  • Browsing web for scraping information
  • Generating images according to prompts
  • Providing coding assistance
  • Rewriting content and removing mistakes
  • Project planning and management
  • Language translation and much more


  • Huge dataset makes it flexible with its ideas
  • ChatGPT can provide creative suggestions thanks to powerful backend
  • It almost instantly generates script to the video and allows customizing any parts with a simple prompt


  • You cannot trust the information provided unless you verify it
  • If you don't know prompt engineering, then it will provide generic outputs


ChatGPT 3.5$0
ChatGPT 4 (Plus)$20 per month

4. Syllaby

Syllaby specializes in creating high-quality and entertaining scripts that are suited to your specific demands you provide in the prompt/requirements. Syllaby evaluates essential characteristics of popular YouTube video with its powerful algorithm, guaranteeing that every script is optimized for audience engagement readability and SEO.

It is ideal for YouTubers that want to speed up their content creation while keeping a high level of quality. Syllaby simplifies scriptwriting allowing you to focus more on your creativity and less on the practicalities of screenplay formulation whether you're just a beginner or an old YouTube video script writer.

Key Features:

Syllaby is packed with a wide range of features including:

  • It can source data from multiple sources including Google and YouTube
  • Assists in content calendar management
  • Provides performance analytics


  • Proficient with multiple YouTube script industries
  • Cheaper and efficient than most YouTube Script generating services
  • Writes YouTube scripts according to topics trending among customer queries


  • Mainly a better option for YouTube Shorts or Reels.
  • Scripts need a lot of editing to give them a personalized touch.


Paid plans starting at$49 per month

5. Cohesive

Cohesive Script for YouTube Video streamlines the process of developing interesting YouTube video scripts ensuring that your material is appealing to your target audience. The template walks users through crucial features such as compelling introductions engaging body content and impacting conclusions. It also helps in the organization of calls to action and SEO optimization.

It is a suitable tool for both beginner and expert YouTubers as it automates the scriptwriting process. It helps by saving time and improving the quality of your YouTube videos.

Key Features:

Cohesive is packed with a lot of different features for requirements beyond YouTube script writing.

  • AI Voice generator integration
  • Real-time script editing without needing an editor tool
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Perfect for a versatile range of videos including reviews, tutorials, documentaries, etc.
  • Supports customizability to match your tone and style in every YouTube Script
  • Incorporates best SEO practices


  • Sometimes a script generated with it needs a lot of editing making it impractical
  • You often need to manually verify the factual data it provides




Using a YouTube Script Writer tool can make it extremely efficient for you to write scripts for your coming videos. Even if it does not provide the perfect script, you will have a structure that you can tweak according to your requirements and get the best from it. Among all the options we discussed we recommend you use UPDF since it offers the best features and pros that will help you with other use cases as well. Download UPDF to start writing script for your next YouTube video now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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