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Compare and Contrast: The Best Essay Rewriter Tools and Their Accuracy Levels

Essay writing is essential in academic studies, helping students improve their skills in conveying knowledge effectively. However, not all students can write quality essays or convey their ideas in a well-structured way. Besides that, it requires significant time and effort to rewrite essays manually. The alternative and the best solution to rewrite essays is to use an essay rewriter tool that can intelligently rewrite the essay for you within seconds. Therefore, this article explores a few best essay rewriter tools, including UPDF, QuillBot, AISEO, and similar others, and discusses their features and accuracy levels. So, let's get started!

When to Use an Essay Rewriter Tool?

Essay rewriter tools can intelligently read and analyze the provided content and then provide rewritten and optimized content. So, the rewrite essay tool is useful in multiple scenarios, such as:

  • Improve readability and flow
  • Enhance clarity
  • Save time and effort
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Improve quality
  • Split sentences
  • Present the idea differently
  • Rewrite quotes
  • Any many more.

In short, there are endless use cases of essay rewriting tools. Now let's look at some of the best essay rewrite tools and their performance accuracy.

5 Top-Notch Essay Rewriter Tools for Instant and Quality Essay Rewriting

Out of dozens of essay rewriter tools available today, we have shortlisted the five best tools below:


UPDF AI is the leading and most powerful essay rewriter tool, offering AI GPT-powered essay rewriting capabilities. UPDF AI is leveraging the latest advancements in AI and natural language processing to provide users with highly accurate essay rewriting.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Besides being an essay AI rewriter tool, UPDF AI also outclasses others with its AI chat-based assistant. The chat box allows users to provide specific instructions for rewriting an essay, such as keeping it concise, using simple English words, making it more formal, etc. This way, users can get more customized rewritten essays instead of generic paraphrases.

UPDF AI supports essay rewriting for both PDF and Word (.doc) formats. Users can directly open PDF essay files, while they can use the "Create" feature to upload the Word essay files. After rewriting, users can also directly edit their PDF essays using UPDF's built-in edit feature.

UPDF AI looks like the perfect essay AI rewriter tool anyone could need, but does it offer the same results it promises? To test UPDF AI accuracy, we input a sample essay about "Community Service" and asked it to rewrite it.

The results were truly exceptional. The rewritten essay was more than just a synonymous-based version. AI rewrote it intelligently, giving a sense of new authentic content. Afterward, we asked the chat box to make the essay concise.

The results again were as intended. It responded to the request proficiently and delivered a more concise version of the essay.


  • AI-powered essay rewriting
  • Supports uploading and analyzing PDFs directly
  • Customized essay rewriting with AI assistant chat box
  • Supports summarizing, translating, and explaining PDFs
  • Convenient to use, upload and rewrite instantly
  • Multiple language support
  • Directly edit PDF essay files after rewriting
  • Free trial and cost-friendly paid plans


  • No online version
  • Free plan can process only a 10MB file

In terms of accuracy level, we will give UPDF AI a score of 9/10 due to its exceptional results. Overall, UPDF AI is the most advanced essay rewriter tool and provides an authentic rewritten essay that looks like content crafted entirely from scratch.

2. QuillBot

QuillBot is another reputed essay rewriter tool, but it is web-based. It provides a simple click-based interface to paste and get rewritten essays right away. It supports multiple languages and allows users to choose the rewriting mode, such as standard, fluency, formal, creative, etc.

QuillBot is also known as an essay AI rewriter, as its paraphrasing is AI-powered. However, QuillBot's AI is just an advanced spinner, not powered by GPT. In addition, it also provides a manual "Synonyms" scale, which lets users adjust the percentage of synonyms to use while rewriting. To test the accuracy level of QuillBot, we pasted the same "Community Service" essay and let it rewrite.

QuillBot quickly provided the rewritten version, but it was incomplete. It only provides 125 rewriting words in its free plan, so it limited the essay rewriting to 125 words. However, if we look at the accuracy level under 125 words, then the results are impressive. It not just uses synonyms but also adds/changes words in sentences to give a unique touch to the essay.


  • Support multiple languages
  • Manual synonyms percentage scale
  • Provide different modes of rewriting
  • AI-powered paraphrasing


  • 125 words limit in the free plan
  • Costly paid plan
  • Minimal essay customization modes in the free plan
  • AI lacks the power of GPT

In terms of accuracy level, we will give QuillBot a score of 8/10. Overall, QuillBot is an effective web-based essay AI rewriter that requires users to have a premium plan to access complete functionality.


AISEO is a web-based rewrite essay tool that allows users to instantly paste the original essay and get a rewritten version. It allows users to choose a specific tone of voice, such as relatable and conversational, informed and credible, and engaging and storytelling. Moreover, it allows customizing the output essay, such as shorten, fluency, expand, formal, simplify, etc. However, this feature is not accessible in its free plan.

To test AISEO, we input the same "Community Service" essay. However, it showed us the error message that we can only convert 125 words in the free plan. So, we reduced the word count and asked it to rewrite the essay.

The quality of the rewritten essay was good. It was not just using synonymous but was also customizing the sentences further to bring more uniqueness. So, it does seem to do the job pretty well, but the 125 words limit and lack of feature access in the free plan hinder its effectiveness.


  • Rewrite in different voice tones
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple language support
  • Show rewritten content uniqueness


  • 125 words limit in the free plan
  • Essay customization features are available only in the free plan
  • AI GPT-3 based rewriting available only in paid plans
  • Costly paid plans

In terms of accuracy level, we will give AISEO a score of 7/10 Overall, AISEO is best suited for those users who want an online essay rewriter tool and are willing to pay for the service to get full essay rewriting.

4. Custom-Writing.org

Custom-Writing.org is another dedicated essay rewriter web-based tool. It provides more word count in its essay rewriter free plan compared to QuillBot and AISEO, as users are able to rewrite up to 6,500 characters. However, it is a basic-level rewrite essay tool, as users won't get any customization options. But it does provide the percentage level, which users can adjust to let the tool know to what extent words should be replaced.

The unique aspect of Custom-Writing.org is its manual rewriting of essays by experts. Users can place the order according to the essay word count and the delivery time and get the required rewritten essay crafted by skilled writers and editors. However, since our focus is autonomous essay rewriting, we tested its web-based rewriting capability with the same "Community Service" essay.

Although Custom-Writing.org did rewrite the essay, the quality was not good. It almost felt like just using synonyms and no extra effort.


  • Manually choose the percentage of words to replace.
  • Access to skilled writers/editors for manual essay rewriting


  • 6,500 characters limit in the free plan
  • Lack of rewriting customization features
  • Takes longer to rewrite
  • No paid plan for extra word count
  • Lack of AI-based rewriting
  • Expensive packages for manual essay rewriting

In terms of accuracy level, we will give Customer-Writing.org a score of 4/10, as it mostly uses synonymous without rearranging words. Overall, Custom-Writing.org is best for users who have a small essay to rewrite and don't need any further customization.

5. Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is a desktop-based essay rewriter tool that provides multiple ways to rewrite an essay. Users can rewrite the whole essay at once, rewrite specific paragraphs/sentences, or manually choose the synonyms. It also allows users to choose different rewriting quality elements, such as minimum synonym quality, phrase replacement quality, etc.

Chimp Rewriter comes with a free trial, with no word count limit during the essay rewriter free trial period. However, it does require some time to set up and learn how to use it. To test the tool, we pasted the "Community Service" essay and let it rewrite the whole essay at once.

The quality of the rewritten essay was not top-notch. It did minimal rewriting, and many parts remain untouched.


  • Automatic rewriting with support for manual changes
  • Support multiple languages
  • Support spell check, grammar check, etc.
  • a free trial period


  • Only compatible with Windows
  • Complicated initial setup
  • Inaccurate rewriting
  • Costly paid plans

In terms of accuracy level, we will give Chimp Rewriter a score of 4/10, as it fails to provide a comprehensive rewriting experience. Overall, Chimp Writer is best suited if users want to involve their manual input while rewriting the essay.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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Comparison Table Between Best Essay Rewriter Tools

 UPDF AIQuillBotAISEOCustom-Writing.orgChimp Rewriter
Rewriting Customization
AI-Powered Rewriting in Free Plan (Requires premium subscription)(Requires premium subscription)
Ease of Use
Rewriting Accuracy9/108/107/104/104/10
Free Plan Word Count LimitNo limit1251256500 charactersNo limit
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidWebWebWebWindows
Response TimeFastFastFastSlowFast
Pricing$9/month; Free trial offered$9.95/month$19/monthPlans based on the number of pages and delivery time$15/month

FAQs about Essay Rewriting

1. How to rewrite an essay manually in your own words?

Follow the below steps to rewrite an essay manually in your own words:

  1. Read and understand the original content.
  2. Note down the main points.
  3. Start writing the essay based on the main points.
  4. Compare the original and rewritten essay and make changes accordingly.
  5. Proofread to fix grammar, spelling, and other errors.

This way, you can rewrite an essay manually in your own words.

2. How does the Essay Rewriter Tool Work?

An essay rewriter tool analyzes the input text, identifies the patterns, and then rewrites the content with alternative words/phrases, all while maintaining the meaning.

3. Which is the best Essay Rewriter Tool?

To find the best essay rewriter tool, you must evaluate tools based on different factors such as accuracy level, features, ease of use, etc. Out of plenty of available tools, UPDF shines as one of the best and most advanced essay AI rewriter tools due to its intelligent AI-based rewriting.

4. Is essay rewriter legal?

Yes, essay rewriter tools are 100% legal to use. However, it is important that you follow the terms of service of the tool and ensure that the rewritten content does not plagiarize someone else's work or violate copyright laws.

Wrapping Up

Essay rewriting is a common need of students, no matter their academic level or study field. Although manual essay rewriting is one way to fulfill the rewriting need, essay rewriter tools make the job much easier and more efficient. Above, we have discussed in detail the best essay rewriter tools you can use. However, if we have to pick one of them, then UPDF seems the winner. Its AI-powered rewriting, enhanced customization support, and excellent preservations of meaning with utmost accuracy make it the best choice. So, try out UPDF today and rewrite your essay right away.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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