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Our Picks: Top 5 AI Lawyer Tools to Get Legal Advice

In a world where legal advice often comes with a hefty price tag, the introduction of AI tools has been a game-changer. Traditional law firms can be expensive, making access to justice a privilege. But with the help of legal AI tools, the barriers to justice have been shattered.

There are a few AI-powered lawyers, such as DoNotPay, that offer accessible legal guidance. In this blog post, we'll explore the top 5 AI lawyer tools that can make your life easier by providing affordable and efficient legal solutions. So, say goodbye to expensive price tags and hello to accessible legal guidance.

Let's dive in and make your life easier.

Top 5 AI Lawyers for Effective Legal Advice

Alright, folks! Let's dive deeper into the world of AI tools. While AI lawyer Do Not Pay has earned itself a name in the legal industry, various other tools also offer top-notch solutions to your legal matters.

Let's dive in and find out how these powerful tools can help you navigate legal matters more effectively.


If you are a lawyer looking to have full command over your legal documents or a consumer wanting expert legal advice, UPDF AI is your go-to solution.

This powerful AI assistance will not only summarize, translate, explain, and draft legal documents but also review contracts and agreements to help you navigate legal matters effectively. And all of that without breaking the bank! Download it now and get 30 free questions to ask AI.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

updf ai lawyer

By uploading documents to UPDF AI, you can condense lengthy documents, simplify legal jargon, and even translate contracts from foreign languages. You can also highlight important information, add comments, and share these files for feedback.

UPDF AI offers the following key benefits.

Highlights of UPDF AI

  • Summarize Legal Cases: UPDF AI makes it a breeze to condense intricate legal data to help you focus your energy on crafting persuasive arguments and winning strategies.
  • Ask for Legal Advice: Understand your contracts and agreements better by uploading them to UPDF AI. This robust AI lawyer will guide you on whether it is safe to sign or not.
  • Translate Contracts: If you are dealing with contracts written in a language you do not understand, UPDF AI will translate the PDF with its command into any languages.
  • Simplify Legal Jargon: Get direct explanations for legal terminologies and explain intricate paragraphs with UPDF AI's explain mode.
  • Draft Legal Documents: Need to draft a legal document in a short time? No worries! With UPDF AI's deep textual understanding, you can draft any legal document in a snap!

Other Features of UPDF

Apart from being an AI assistant, UPDF has more aces up its sleeve. Let's find out what these are:

  • An Efficient PDF Editor: UPDF lets you edit all elements of PDFs like text, images, links, headers, footers, backgrounds, and even watermarks in a cinch.
  • Annotate PDF for Collaboration: Add comments to your legal documents and highlight important information with UPDF's diverse range of markup tools: stamps, stickers, etc.
  • Convert PDF with Quality: UPDF lets you convert your documents to and from a variety of formats like Word, Excel, PPT, PNG, JPEG, etc., with retained formatting.
  • Edit Scanned PDFs with OCR: Want to handle those pesky scanned PDFs better? No problem! Convert scanned PDFs to editable documents with UPDF's robust OCR tool.
  • Protect PDF to Take Control: Get better control of your legal documents with UPDF's security features like password protection, redaction, and more.
  • Fill and Sign Any Form: Empower your data collection. Fill both interactive and non-interactive PDF forms with UPDF's form field recognition, digital sign, and eSigning capabilities.

In a world of legal jargon and costly legal advice, UPDF AI offers a seamless and pocket-friendly solution. Try and download UPDF today, and it might be the only legal AI tool you'll ever need!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2. AI Lawyer

Next in line is the AI Lawyer, the personal AI assistant for consumers and lawyers alike. Apart from being a web-based AI platform, it is also available for iOS and Android devices. This AI for lawyers offers a full suite of features for legal help. These include asking questions related to legal research, summarizing agreements, translating documents, converting images to text, and more.

ai lawyer ai lawyer

Now, let's find out what this tool has to offer.


  • It offers a diverse range of pre-made prompts for every kind of legal help.
  • You can translate contracts from different languages to understand them better.
  • You can personalize it to a variety of languages for ease of use.
  • It simplifies the legal jargon with plain explanations for better understanding.


  • No free version is available.
  • It does not provide information on handling user's privacy and data protection.

Free Version Limitations

You can use up to 4 prompts for free. After that, you must subscribe to a pricing plan to continue using it.


AI Lawyer offers the following pricing plans.

  • Just ask: $5.99/ week
  • Golden choice: $9.19/ month (24-hour free trial)
  • Big case: $39.99/ year

3. AI Lawyer LILA

LILA, short for Legal Immigration Artificial Intelligence Advice, is a free AI lawyer designed to streamline and automate certain aspects of the immigration application process. This makes legal services more accessible, cost-effective, and efficient. LILA offers an AI solution to find SOC code for a specific job description.

ai lawyer ai lawyer lila

Let's find out what are the pros and cons of using this tool.


  • It lets you find the SOC code with a single click.
  • It specializes in immigration law.
  • It acts as an explainable AI for transparent decision-making.
  • It provides a Decision Support System for collaborative use.


  • It offers limited options for legal advice on legal cases.
  • No option to understand, summarize, explain, or translate legal documents.

Free Version Limitations

This platform is entirely free to use. However, it is still in an early stage of development and offers only one AI-based legal solution: the SOC finder.


It is free to use.

4. ChatGPT

No list of AI tools for lawyers is complete without mentioning ChatGPT. Although not specific to the legal industry, this powerful platform can handle a lot of legal tasks in a snap. From drafting, analyzing, and summarizing legal documents to assisting with legal research and transcribing notes and videos, ChatGPT has your back!

ai lawyer  chatgpt

Let's dive into the pros and cons of using ChatGPT for AI legal services.


  • You can review case files and contracts within seconds with ChatGPT
  • You can carry out the legal research process by using relevant prompts.
  • It lets you draft quick responses to legal emails, demand letters, etc.
  • You can brainstorm ideas and discuss case files and agreements.


  • The output language is not ideal for real legal advice.
  • ChatGPT may miss the emotional aspect of legal issues.

Free Version Limitations

  • The free version cannot accurately read and understand lengthy information.
  • The information provided is outdated and unreliable.
  • You cannot upload files and images for analysis.


ChatGPT pro version GPT-4 costs $20 per Month.

5. AnyLawyer

Last but not least is the AnyLawyer, another AI for law firms designed to boost any lawyer's productivity. It works as a plug-in for Microsoft Word letting you directly interact with your legal documents. Plus, it is also available as an app for Android and iOS devices. With this robust tool, you can draft, explain, rephrase, and carry out legal research all under one roof.

ai lawyer  anylawyer


  • As a Microsoft Office plugin, it is easy to use and navigate.
  • It simplifies your workflow with direct interactions with legal documents.
  • It offers automated contract generation.
  • You can get suggestions for improvements for selected document fragments.


  • It tends to get stuck at loading when prompted to respond.
  • It does not offer any feature to summarize lengthy legal documents.

Free Version Limitations

It is available without any limitations for individual use. But for teams and company use, you need to get in touch with the AnyLawyer team to create custom AI and LLMs.


Anylawyer offers a usage-based pricing model that can be accessed by contacting them through their website.

How Can Lawyers Use AI in the Legal Industry?

Imagine you have a lot of legal documents to handle, like contracts and case files. In the midst of your work, you come across a unique legal issue that requires quick and precise analysis. That is where legal AI tools come in handy.

Instead of drowning in research, you can turn to an AI lawyer for fast data processing and insights. By doing so, you can streamline your workflow and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

As an example, we will use UPDF AI to showcase AI uses in the legal industry.

1. Better Document Management

AI-powered tools help lawyers organize and search through legal documents easily. With its natural language processing abilities, AI can understand complex legal language and extract important information. This reduces manual reviewing and indexing of documents, freeing up more time for valuable legal work.

2. Enhance Your Legal Research

AI-powered research platforms analyze legal texts using natural language processing and machine learning, providing tailored research results. This saves attorneys time and allows them to focus on analysis and strategy.

ai lawyer enhance legal research

3. Create Agreements Effectively

AI helps lawyers create and review legal agreements faster and more accurately with access to templates and prompts. This not only accelerates the drafting process but also ensures that legal documents comply with industry standards and regulations.

ai lawyer create agreements

4. Draft Emails to Clients

AI can automate the process of drafting emails using natural language generation. This allows lawyers to save precious time while still maintaining a personalized touch. By utilizing AI-powered tools, lawyers can streamline their workflow and focus on providing high-quality legal services to their clients.

ai lawyer draft emails

5. Summarize Legal Documents

AI excels at summarizing lengthy legal documents and distilling key information for quick comprehension. This accelerates document review processes, enabling lawyers to focus on critical aspects and make informed decisions swiftly.

ai lawyer summarize

For all of the above use cases, we relied on the magic of UPDF AI to get precise and in-depth responses. With its ability to provide detailed and accurate answers to all kinds of queries, UPDF AI can help you handle legal documents and offer expert legal advice with ease. Give UPDF a try today for seamless legal document handling and expert legal advice at your fingertips!

Are AI Good or Bad in the Legal Industry?

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the legal industry can be beneficial when used with proper training and guidance. While some argue that it is a positive development, others see potential risks and challenges.

Let's find out the possible risks and benefits of AI in the legal industry.

Benefits of AI in the Legal Industry

  • Enhanced Efficiency: AI accelerates labor-intensive tasks, such as legal research and document review, allowing lawyers to focus on more important aspects of their cases.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Automation of routine tasks reduces the need for extensive human resources, leading to cost savings for law firms and clients alike.
  • Accurate Legal Research: AI tools sift through extensive databases, providing lawyers with precise and up-to-date information and enhancing the accuracy of legal research.
  • Predictive Analytics: AI algorithms analyze past case data, offering predictive insights into potential case outcomes. This aids lawyers in developing more informed case strategies.
  • Improved Document Drafting: AI lawyer tools generate clear and legally sound contracts and documents, minimizing errors and ensuring compliance with legal standards.

Risks of Using AI in the Legal Industry

  • Ethical Concerns: The use of AI raises ethical questions, such as bias in algorithms and the responsibility for AI-generated legal advice. Law firms must establish ethical guidelines for AI use.
  • Data Security and Privacy: AI handling sensitive legal information raises cybersecurity concerns. Robust measures are essential to protect client privacy.
  • Training and Adaptation: Law firms need to invest in training programs to help their staff learn the skills to integrate and utilize AI tools within their workflows effectively.
  • Biased Legal Outcomes: AI systems can be biased due to their training data, which can result in unfair legal outcomes. Lawyers must assess and mitigate biases to avoid unfair outcomes.

In short, the use of AI in the legal industry can be beneficial but also risky. Striking a balance and addressing the challenges is vital to control the full potential of AI. Thus protecting the integrity of the legal profession.


The use of AI in the legal industry can unlock a world of possibilities. Lawyers can use AI to supercharge legal research, streamline their workflow, and gain valuable insights. Plus, AI lawyer tools offer a cost effective solution to get legal advice and pursue justice in legal matters.

While there are various tools with AI for lawyers, UPDF AI offers a seamless way to handle legal documents and enhance legal research. And to take it up a notch, UPDF also lets you edit, annotate, convert, compress, and store legal documents securely across any platform. So, don't settle for less! Download and Upgrade UPDF now for seamless document management and powerful AI assistance.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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