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What is Consensus AI – A Comprehensive Review & Its Better Alternative

For years, researchers, academic professionals, and students have had to spend manual time and effort finding the right previous research studies. However, AI advancements have brought them the solution in the shape of Consensus AI.

Consensus AI tool is an AI search engine for research. So, let's master all about Consensus AI and understand its features, limitations, and other aspects. Lastly, this guide will also present a powerful alternative to Consensus.AI which is powered by GPT-4, interested users can also click the button below to get a free trial. So, let's get started!

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Part 1. What Is Consensus AI?

Consensus AI is an AI-powered academic search engine. Just like you can search for anything on Google, Consensus AI provides a similar search experience for searching any research-related question and getting relevant scientific explanations along with previous research papers.

consensus ai

For example, you can search for "Can mindfulness help with sleep?" and Consensus.AI will provide relevant answers by analyzing research papers on this topic. It will provide an answer summary of your question, an AI-generated response by analyzing research papers, and a link to a few relevant research papers.

consensus ai

The key features of Consensus AI include:

  • It provides an AI search engine to get scientific answers to your questions.
  • It searches through over 200 million research papers, covering almost all the domains of academia and science.
  • It provides a "Consensus Meter", which presents an agreement/disagreement percentage score in terms of Yes, Possibly, and No against your question.
  • Its proprietary search filters ensure that you get the most relevant papers.
  • Its AI Copilot analyzes the top relevant research papers for the underlined topic and then presents the information in a reader-friendly way.
  • It provides the "Study Snapshot" of the relevant research papers, such as study population, sample size, methods, and outcomes.
  • It can filter search results by study design, sample size, methodology, and other parameters.
  • It highlights the research nature of the listed research papers, such as observation studies, animal trials, non-RCT trials, and much more.
  • It provides citations of research papers in multiple formats, including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and BibTeX.

In short, Consensus.AI offers a powerful web-based platform for researchers, doctors, students, science organizations, and similar others to get instant research-based responses.

Part 2. Is Consensus AI Free?

Consensus AI offers both free and paid plans. Below are the details of its pricing plans:

Free ($0/month)Premium ($11.99/seat/month)Teams ($12.99/seat/month)Enterprise (Custom Plans)
Unlimited searches Unlimited GPT-4 summariesDiscounts up to 200 seatsMassive discounts
Unlimited research quality indicators Unlimited access to Consensus meterManage accounts for your organizationIntegration with your research library
Unlimited AI-powered filters Unlimited access to Study SnapshotsCentralized billingManage thousands of users
Limited access to GPT-4 summaries, Consensus meter, Study snapshot, and CopilotUnlimited access to CopilotComing soon: API access Dedicated support
/Unlimited bookmarks and lists//
/More features and updates regularly added//

Simply put, you can use the Consensus AI tool for free. It allows you to make as many searches as you want. However, you won't get unlimited consensus meter scores, AI copilot access, and study snapshots.

In contrast, Consensus.AI paid plans are best if you or your team is working on research and want to extract deep insights from similar other research.

Part 3. Is Consensus AI Reliable?

The consensus AI tool is reliable in the sense that it makes it super-easy to get research-related material. You can get a scientific explanation of your queries or find authentic research papers to support your current research. However, there are also other factors to consider when evaluating the reliability, as follows:

1. Privacy Policy – Is It Safe?

Consensus AI collects plenty of user data, including name, contact information, gender, date of birth, business information, usage activity, third-party website data, and more. It can collect this set of information when you visit its website or through third-party websites.

Consensus.AI uses the information it collects for various purposes, such as offering a personalized experience, improving the site, and analyzing user behavior.

Although Consensus AI is collecting a lot of information, it is generally what most platforms collect today. Therefore, it looks safe to use the Consensus AI tool.

2. Practicability

Consensus AI is an easy-to-use AI research search engine. Users can simply type their questions and get research-based results. There are no delays or lags in the responses.

In terms of performance accuracy, Consensus AI results are relevant and accurate. Users are able to get a bunch of relevant research papers to consider and validate their points. However, there are a few concerns as well with Consensus AI performance, as follows:

  • It does not support follow-up questions on the same topic.
  • It fails to provide a consensus meter for unpopular questions.
  • It cannot cover all the questions you want to search, as it relies on the availability of relevant research papers.
  • It does not support translating or explaining research paper content.
  • Its capabilities are limited to the research sector only.

If these shortcomings are also concerning to you, then you can address them with the UPDF AI assistant. It is a powerful AI assistant that lets you ask questions on any research/non-research topic and continue follow-up questions like a human conversation. Secondly, it allows you to upload a research paper and get an instant summary, translation, or explanation of its content. You can even use its chat box to ask anything related to the research paper.

consensus ai updf ai web

So, to elevate your AI research search and analysis experience, get and use UPDF AI assistant standalone or alongside Consensus.AI.

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There is also an online version of UPDF's AI assistant. Users can directly access it without any installation.

3. Support and Documentation

Consensus AI has limited customer support service. You can only contact it through the email. There is no phone number or AI chatbot for customer support.

Regarding documentation, Consensus.AI offers basic documentation on how to use and write prompts for various scenarios. Furthermore, it provides example prompts that you can use to get a better understanding of how it works.

consensus ai support

Part 4. User Reviews and Ratings of Consensus AI

Since Consensus AI is a relatively new tool, its user reviews and ratings are limited on the web. The rating scores of Consensus AI found on two review sites are as follows:

  • Product Hunt: 5/5 (30 votes)
  • Ultimate Tools: 4.3/5 (430+ votes)

Furthermore, Consensus.AI has received supportive reviews from users. Some of the user reviews are as follows:

  • "Awesome search engine for science."
  • "Consensus is a lifesaver for lazy researchers like me."
  • "I would suggest filtering by date, as some old abstracts are not relevant any more."
  • "A great tool that allows users to search for answers from scientific papers."

Part 5. A Better Alternative to Consensus AI

Consensus AI is a resourceful AI research search engine tool and users like it. However, Consensus AI has some cons associated with it, such as:

  • If there are no research papers available on your topic, it won't be able to assist you properly.
  • You may not get the latest research papers, as it requires some time for research papers to be published and indexed.
  • It fails to offer proper details for complex or unpopular topics.
  • It does not support follow-up chats on the same question.
  • It cannot assist in reading, summarizing, translating, and explaining individual research papers.

To eradicate the above concerns, there is a better Consensus AI alternative known as UPDF AI assistant.

Part of the powerful UPDF toolkit, the UPDF AI assistant is an intelligent virtual assistant that offers a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Its Chat mode supports back-and-forth human-like conversations on almost any topic, whether it's research-based or general queries.
  • You can upload a PDF (research paper or report) and let it summarize, translate, or explain its content.
  • You can summarize or translate specific pages in a PDF with its Quick Prompt support.
  • It allows you to ask any question related to the PDF and continue follow-up questions.
  • It assists you in ideating, brainstorming, writing, proofreading, and rewriting content.
  • It is accessible through the web, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
consensus ai updf ai

In short, the UPDF AI assistant is like a virtual research assistant that can provide you with authentic responses and improve your productivity and creativity. The best part is that it comes integrated into UPDF, which is a complete PDF editor tool and lets you edit, annotate, organize, convert, and do much more with PDF files.

When we compare UPDF's AI assistant with Consensus AI, we can see the dominance of UPDF AI assistant over Consensus.AI. Some of those key factors are as follows:

1. Search for Any Topic

UPDF AI assistant can answer your queries on any topic, no matter whether the topic is unpopular or complex. In contrast, Consensus AI is more efficient for popular queries that have relevant research papers.

consensus ai updf ai search

2. PDF Summarization/Translation/Explanation

UPDF AI assistant supports summarizing, explaining, translating, and chatting with research papers or any PDF-based document. This leads to a better understanding. In contrast, Consensus AI does not have these capabilities.

consensus ai updf ai summarize
consensus ai updf ai summarize

3. Follow-up Discussion

UPDF AI assistant is like your virtual research partner with whom you can have follow-up discussions on any topic. For instance, you opened a research paper on UPDF and asked the AI assistant a question related to the research paper. After getting the answer, you can ask follow-up questions using the chat box.

consensus ai updf ai discussion

The best part is that its "Chat" mode allows you to ask questions beyond the scope of PDFs. On the other hand, Consensus AI's capability is limited to being a search engine that doesn't support follow-up discussions.

consensus ai updf ai discussion

4. Ideating/Brainstorming Topics

If you are planning to use AI to ideating or brainstorming on any technical/non-technical topic, UPDF AI assistant can help you with it. You can simply use the chat box to ask for assistance and get valuable opinions to consider. This type of support is missing in Consensus AI.

consensus ai brainstorming

To sum up, we can clearly conclude that UPDF AI assistant is a much more superior and advanced choice than Consensus AI. So, hit the download button below to install UPDF and leverage its AI assistant from today.

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Consensus AI is a great tool if you are looking for a scientific explanation of your questions or want to find previous research papers on your current research topic. Its Consensus Meter, AI Copilot, and Study Snapshot are handy features. However, the lack of follow-up questions, limited free version features, and the lack of analyzing selective research papers hinder its usability.

In contrast, the UPDF AI assistant is a much better Consensus AI alternative. Its powerful chat box and summarization/translation/explanation capabilities make it the best for searching and analyzing almost any document. So, why settle for less when you can enhance your research and productivity with UPDF? Try UPDF today and experience the difference!

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