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How to Translate PDF from French to English? (4 Effective Ways)

Language barriers can be a real challenge, especially when encountering important information or exciting content in a different language. Understanding the content fully is crucial, whether it's a helpful guide or an essential document.

That's where the need to translate PDFs from French to English comes to the rescue. For that, let's discuss below the best ways to translate your documents easily.

Part 1. Translate PDF Documents from French to English Via UPDF

The amazing UPDF tool is the best French-to-English PDF converter to make translating documents super easy. With the help of UPDF AI, eliminate language gaps and translate any PDFs based on your English language preferences. You can export the PDF to Word to translate the entire PDF or enter the chat mode directly for a specific part translation. Download it now and translate document handling like never before!

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Translate PDF Documents from French to English Via UPDF

However, this tool goes beyond simple translation. If you have essential scanned documents that need translation, UPDF's OCR technology can convert them into editable text first. Also, with UPDF, you can enjoy additional features like a dark mode for late-night work, password protection for your PDFs, and exporting PDFs to various formats. So, let's discuss the ways to translate your PDFs using this tool.

Method 1. Translate a Whole PDF Page from French to English

UPDF not only makes the translation process straightforward but also guarantees precision and effectiveness. Follow the steps below to easily translate your entire French PDF page for multilingual accessibility with UPDF.

  • Once you've imported the file, it will open on a new screen. Head to the bottom right in the upcoming window and access the "UPDF AI" icon.
  • Now, the UPDF AI dialogue box will appear with two modes; enter the "Ask PDF" mode. Click the "Get Started" button to start analyzing the PDF file.
  • In the "Ask Something Box," type in your prompt, such as "Translate the Page Number 1 from French into English."
  • Finally, tap on the "Send" icon to get the required output instantly.
translate from french to english

Method 2. Translate PDF from French to English in the Reader Mode

UPDF's reader mode not only improves how you read but also smoothly includes translation functions. It ensures a smooth and effective experience for reading in multiple languages. In the following section, you'll find steps to easily translate your PDF content while in reader mode.

  • You will be automatically in Reader mode after adding the file to the software.
  • Now, scroll through your PDF and choose the text you want to translate with a cursor that opens a pop-up menu to perform multiple actions.
  • Choose the "UPDF AI" drop-down menu and hover over the "Translate" feature.
translate pdf from french to english
  • This opens an extended menu with support for multiple languages, and opt for "English" among them to get the required translation.
  • You will get the translation results instantly. The best part is that you can click the comment icon to save the translation as a comment directly so that you can check it later or show it to your customer.
translate pdf from french to english

Method 3. Translate PDF Text from French to English

You can expect accurate and efficient results for the easy process of translating PDFs using this French-to-English PDF converter. Explore the given steps to learn efficiently using UPDF AI mode:

Step 1: Copy the French Text

Launch the UPDF application on your device and add your French PDF file by tapping the "Open File" button from the main screen. Afterward, click on the "Edit PDF" mode from the left panel of the UPDF’s interface and double-click on the text you want to translate. Then, copy them using the "CTRL+C" shortcut.

Copy text from PDF using UPDF to Translate PDF from French to English

Step 2: Translate French Text into English

After copying the French text, click on the "UPDF AI" from the bottom right corner of the screen and change the "Prompt" tool to "Translate" in the Chat tab. Then, select "English" as the target language and paste the French into the box. Press the "Enter" key after this, and you will have your French text converted into English.

Using UPDF AI translate feature to translate french to english

Method 4. Translate Scanned PDF from French to English

However, translating scanned French PDFs can be frustrating for you but don't worry because we have got the solution for you here. Use UPDF's OCR feature to convert those scanned files into editable text and then copy the text to translate it. Well, head to the steps guided below to translate scanned PDF French to English:

Instructions: Convert Scanned French Documents into Editable

Open the scanned French document in the UPDF toolkit and click on the "Recognize Text Using OCR" tool from the right sidebar. Specify the document type as "Searchable PDF" and customize the other settings such as Layout, Page Range, and Image Resolution.

translate scanned PDF French to English with help of UPDF OCR

Afterward, press the "Perform OCR" button and save your searchable and editable French document on your system. You will have to follow the same instructions guided in the previous method to translate the editable French document.

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Video Tutorial on How to Translate PDF to Any Language on Windows

Part 2. Translate PDF from French to English Online Via DeepL

DeepL is no doubt a renowned online tool that offers to translate PDF French to English online for free. Moreover, this tool is highly regarded for its accuracy and sophistication, surpassing other online tools. Many users have recommended DeepL for its exceptional translation capabilities. With DeepL, you can translate text into an amazing 31 languages, making it a versatile tool for multilingual needs.

Plus, you can translate PDF files from various sources, making it convenient and efficient for all your translation requirements. Now, let's navigate the steps to use DeepL and translate your PDFs with accuracy and reliability:

Step 1: Access the official website of DeepL Translator and log in to your document. You cannot translate the documents without creating or logging into DeepL. Then, tap the "Select from your computer" button and upload the French PDF document on the tool.

upload the french document in deepl

Step 2: DeepL algorithms will automatically detect the language of your document. Next, select the target language as "English" from the drop-down menu and press the "Translate into English" button to initiate the process.

click on the translate into english button in deepl

Part 3. Translate PDF Document from French to English Online Via DeftPDF

Thinking of using an ultimate AI language learning and document assistant!? Well, then, DeftPDF is your go-to option. When it comes to translating PDF documents from French to English online for free, you can stay relaxed as it supports over 130 languages. Whether your document is in editable PDF or even scanned format, DeftPDF has got you covered.

In addition, your files are safe with this tool as they automatically get deleted after 5 hours. Plus, you get the benefit of preserving the layout of any format for an efficient translation experience. Best of all, you can try the free translation tier for up to 3 pages, and if you need more, it just costs you $1 per page. Now, let's see how easy it is to use DeftPDF Document Translator:

Step 1: Open the DeftPDF official website on your web browser and access the "Translate" from the top toolbar of the website. Then, click on the "Upload File" button and add your French document to the tool.

import the french pdf in deftpdf

Step 2: Once the document is completely uploaded, specify the source and target language of the document, which is French and English. To give the command to DeftPDF to translate the document, press the "Translate" button.

hit the translate button in to translate french to english in deftpdf

Part 4. Translate PDF File from French to English Via ChatGPT

ChatGPT serves users as a reliable and flexible translation tool. Although it wasn't initially designed for translation, ChatGPT has quickly become a go-to option for language enthusiasts. Powered by AI and trained in many languages, it offers translation flexibility that crosses the traditional tools. With ChatGPT, you are allowed to customize translations to fit your exact needs.

Whether it's adjusting the tone or style or considering cultural and regional differences, ChatGPT can handle it. Unlike purpose-built translation tools, ChatGPT lets you get creative with your prompts and provides a unique translation experience. Now, find out how to use this tool to translate PDF files from French to English for free:

Step 1: Download UPDF by tapping the "Free Download" icon below. Open your French PDF in UPDF and copy the text by accessing the "Edit PDF" mode. Then, open Google Chrome or any other browser and access the ChatGPT website. Afterward, login into your account to proceed with the translation process.

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copy the french pdf text in pdf using updf

Step 2: Then, you will have to give ChatGPT the command to translate your text from French into English. The command for this process: Translate this text from French to English: Text. Afterward, press the "Enter" key from the keyboard of your device, and ChatGPT will give you the result within 2-5 seconds.

 give chapgpt to translate text

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Final Thoughts

Summing up, translating PDF from French to English doesn't have to be a daunting task anymore. With the usage of the tools and methods discussed in this article, you can easily cover the communication gap. You have also learned about four unique online tools. Now is the time to make your translation work smooth and hassle-free by following the steps.

These tools greatly benefit users, but it's important to note that they require an internet connection to function. However, there's one tool that stands out from the rest, and it's UPDF. This tool has a built-in translate feature allowing you to translate your PDFs directly using UPDF AI mode. Here is a website named 9To5Mac which has an objective review of UPDF. Kindly check it.

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