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Revolutionize Contract Drafting with the Best AI Contract Generator

Every company requires a legal document known as a "Contract" input with complex legal language. As the world seamlessly adapts to modern technology, the integration of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly common. One such area where artificial intelligence is gaining momentum is AI contract generators.

These sophisticated tools use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to draft contracts efficiently and according to specific requirements. In this article, we will explore the best AI contract writer that will help you improve the overall quality of your contract management system.

Part 1. What Can an AI Contract Generator Do for You?

AI contract generator is a tool that utilizes advanced technologies to automate the creation of legal contracts. These AI power systems are trained to draft, review, and manage legal contracts based on human-written algorithms. So, using an AI contract drafting tool simplifies the registration process and provides flexibility to accommodate regulatory requirements and specifications.

In simple words, this innovative technology offers a modern approach to creating or evaluating contracts to streamline business legislation. Thus, if you are interested in efficiently drafting legal contracts, you are in the right place.

Part 2. Empower Your Business with the Best AI Contract Generator Today

Have you ever wondered about generating a legal contract with an AI bot? UPDF AI can do this magic for you using instant prompts. You can generate legally sound contracts without hassle through a seamless contract creation process. The AI integration of this tool helps you craft legal agreements in different templates. Also, users can customize or regenerate the legal contracts using specific prompts.

Moreover, you can easily utilize the UPDF AI chatbot to instruct all important contract elements, including purpose, duration, terms and conditions, and other information. Users can even get assistance translating the legal contract into all languages to share with their global team or clients. All in all, this is the best AI contract generator to help you generate high-quality contracts with ease and confidence. Download it now and get 30 free questions for UPDF AI.

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AI Contract Generator

Benefits of Using UPDF AI for Contract Drafting

UPDF AI has earned enormous fame globally due to exceptional AI features and user-centric functionality. There are many perks of using UPDF AI for contract creation, along with other purposes. So, have a glance at some of the top benefits of this tool that make it a must-have thing in your device:

  1. Seamless Contract Generation: UPDF AI uses a smart algorithm to extract information from existing documents to generate contract drafts seamlessly. You can also automate the process of creating different contracts, such as service or sales contracts, non-disclosure agreements, property or employment contracts, etc.
  2. Instant Prompt Implementation: Having a robust AI chatbot like UPDF AI enables users to generate contracts and other content up to demand. You can add prompts to automate your tasks and witness how UPDF AI will generate an engaging contract. Apart from AI contract drafting, you can also instruct the bot to rewrite some sentences or sections.
  3. Contract Writing Translation: The AI-powered translation of UPDF AI is a reliable option to translate your legal contract into global languages. You can localize all your legal contracts or agreements according to the targeted person or company. Also, accurate translations can help law firms, attorneys, and government sectors understand the context well.
  4. Contract Summarization: If you don't have time to read a long legal contract, you can use the summarize feature to quickly take an overview of the contract. Also, the AI contract summarization helps to understand whether the drafted contract is up to the mark or not.
  5. Diverse Functionality: This well-designed tool is intended to facilitate worldwide users with impeccable features and AI integration. They can generate content instantly for different purposes and ask questions from a PDF. Also, users can export chat into multiple formats, such as Markdown or Text.

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Part 3. How to Use UPDF AI to Draft Legal Contracts?

UPDF AI ensures every person can use the functionality efficiently. It involves simple steps so that a non-technical user can understand the process of AI contract management. You can just give instructions to the bot and see how it reacts. Then, you can make changes using its other options or manual approach. So, this is how you can generate a legal contract draft using UPDF AI on your device:

Step 1. Launch the Tool and Access the UPDF AI Function

Begin by downloading and installing the UPDF toolkit on your device by pressing the "Free Download" button and logging in with your account. After that, navigate to the top bar and click the "File" tab to see its options. Move the cursor down to the "Create" option and choose "Blank Page" from the appeared list. Then, navigate to the bottom left corner and click the "UPDF AI" feature to access it.

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ai contract generator updf ai icon

Step 2. Add Prompts to Generate Legal Contract Drafts

Once you have accessed the Chat feature of UPDF AI, you can add prompts to generate results instantly. To create a legal contract draft, write a proper prompt with essential details that must be added to the contract. For instance, the following is a sample prompt to generate a rental agreement between a landlord and a tenant.

"Generate a detailed legal contract draft for the rental agreement considering these points and rules:

- The Landlord's name is Jason Roy, and his address is House number 30, Wellington Road, London.

- The tenant's name is Mark Wood, and his address is House number 14, Subway Road, Wales.

- Both parties have decided on a $300 rent amount per month and $600 as a security deposit.

- The agreement date is 31st May 2024, and the due date of the agreement will be December 2024.

- The rental property will be House number 31, Wellington Road, from June 2024 to December 2024.

- The payment method would be PayPal direct transaction.


- The tenant will be responsible for the cleanliness of the property and notify the Landlord for repairs or maintenance.

The tenant will not sublease the property without the consent of the Landlord.

- Tenant will give notice at least 30 days prior to the termination date of the agreement.

- Also add some other essential rules and terms as well."

UPDF generated this comprehensive rental agreement by using the prompt's details.

Step 3. Review, Copy, Regenerate, or Export the Contract

After generating the contract, you can copy the content by clicking the "Copy" icon given at the top right corner of the generated result. Along with that, hit the "Regenerate" icon to get another content choice. Then, you can click "Export" and then the "Export" button. After that, choose the format between .md or .txt and set the name. Lastly, hit the "Save" button to export your AI-generated contract.

ai contract generator result of updf ai contract generator

Part 4. How to Use AI to Review Your Contract

Interestingly, UPDF AI contract writer enables you to generate a contract and review it. It provides complete assistance to change the direction of your agreement by giving prompts. To review the contract, you can paste the content and ask the UPDF chatbot to review your content critically. Apart from that, the following are some other points that this tool AI helps you with:

  • Add Missing Information: During your process of applying prompts, the UPDF AI chatbot automatically reminds you to add the missing information. So, it would be handy to generate a perfect contract according to your needs and wants.
  • Revision Suggestions: If your contract content is not up to the standards, the tool suggests revising the prompt for better results. Also, the AI function critically analyzes your content and gives advice to make appropriate changes.
  • Review Translations: In any case, if you generate translations of your contract content, you can add a prompt to let UPDF AI review translated content for you. In short, it provides the simplest method to create a localized contract and review it for perfection.

To learn more about the innovative features of UPDF developed with advanced algorithms, you can check out the video attached below.

Part 5. Good Prompts for AI Legal Contract

Well, you have learned how to use this best AI contract generator. Now, this dedicated section provides a few examples of prompts to let you understand the mystery. Let's lead into some suggestions of good prompts to generate contract drafts for different purposes.

1. Employment Contract

This prompt is intended to create an employment contract draft with all essential details. You can see the generated results directly from the UPDF AI tool.

"Generate a detailed employment contract draft by following these details:

- The employer's name is Hardy, and the Employee's name is John.

- ⁠The Employee will be working as a Content Writer in the company.

- ⁠Employee will receive a monthly salary of $1000 and bonuses based on performance.

- The contract is signed on 14th June 2024.


- ⁠Employee will not disclose confidential information.

-⁠ Employee will follow company terms and conditions.

-⁠ ⁠Employee will give a notice at least 30 days before termination.

- Employees will have to follow local legal laws.

- Define some other important rules and terms that are essential for the company's stability."

ai contract generator employment contract prompt

2. Sales Contract

You can use this kind of command in the UPDF AI chatbot to generate a sales contract draft with details. It generates an impressive template of agreement, as shown in the image.

"Generate a detailed sales contract draft by considering these details:

- ⁠The sales contract date is 10th March 2024.

- The seller's name is Hardy, and residing at National Road, Dubai.

- The buyer's name is John, and he is located at Alpha Society.

-⁠ ⁠Buyer purchases 10 Coffer Makers from Seller for ⁠$200 each.

- Payment will be via PayPal, and products will be delivered within three days.

Other Details:

- ⁠Seller has given the buyer a seven-day inspection period.

- ⁠The contract will be governed according to the selling and buying laws.

- Add other important points, rules, and details to the contract. Also, add space for the signature of both parties."

ai contract generator sales contract prompt

3. Partnership Contract

If you are looking to generate a partnership contract between 2 parties, UPDF AI can even cover this aspect and many more. Simply follow the example of a prompt for this purpose given below:

"Generate an extensive legal contract draft for a partnership agreement, taking into account the following details:

- This Partnership Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into as of 21st January 2024 by and between Philips ("Partner 1") and Ben ("Partner 2") (collectively referred to as the "Partners").

- The Partners desire to form a partnership for the purpose of making a company of software house.

- The Partners intend to enter into this Agreement to govern their relationship and activities.

- "Partnership" shall mean the business entity formed by the Partners pursuant to this Agreement.

- Philips (Partner 1) shall contribute $20,000

- Ben (Partner 2) shall contribute $10,000

- Additional contributions may be required subject to mutual agreement of the Partners.

- Profits and losses of the Partnership shall be allocated as per the ownership percentage of both partners.

- The Partners shall manage the Partnership jointly, and the Major decisions shall require unanimous consent of both.

- During the term of this Agreement, Partners shall not engage in activities that compete with the Partnership's business.

- Any disputes arising under this Agreement shall be resolved through a neutral third party.

- This Agreement may be amended only by written consent of all Partners.

- This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State where this business has its principal place.

- Add some other details if necessary and leave space for the signatures of both partners at the very end.

ai contract generator vpartnership contract prompt

Part 6. FAQS on Using the Best AI Contracts Generator

1. Can I use AI to write contracts?

Of course, you can generate AI contracts specifically designed to help draft contracts more accurately and orderly. You can assume a lawyer in terms of a tool that will craft, evaluate, and manage the contract system without just prompting specific instructions.

2. Are AI-generated contracts Valid?

AI power systems are trained to work according to the data and information provided by humans. For this reason, AI-generated contracts work if they meet legal requirements. However, it is suggested that the accuracy and usability must be reviewed according to the party's intentions.

3. Which is the best AI to write contracts?

Amongst the various tools, UPDF AI stands out for its comprehensive features, which makes it the best choice for drafting AI contracts. This tool will help you evaluate and reduce errors to improve the quality of your AI-generated contract. In addition, you can take advantage of its user-friendly interface to create precise contracts for many legal professionals and businesses.

4. What are the advantages of using AI to draft contracts?

The benefits of using AI to generate contracts include:

1. Efficiency: Compared to manual processes, AI contracts are executed faster and offer fewer errors through advanced data analysis.

2. Compliance: AI will help you to ensure compliance with relevant rules and standards, reducing the risk of legal disputes in your draft contracts.

3. Cost Savings: Notably, AI for legal contracts can reduce overall costs and provide flexibility to design the contracts for your business.


All in all, legal contract drafting is a challenging task for everyone, as it is a complicated document. In that case, UPDF AI will help you create contracts most efficiently and creatively. This AI tool is designed specifically to automate the contracts, which saves you time and cost in handling business agreements. Moreover, we discussed its advantages and features you can use to review, draft, and manage the process of generating legal contracts.

Hence, UPDF AI is the best AI contract generator that you can use to streamline the process of legislation. We recommend you try this tool, which will help you minimize the risk and ensure compliance with regulatory functions. You can simply download UPDF by clicking on the "Free Download" button below.

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