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Scite AI for Discovery, UPDF for Deep Dives: A Research Power Pair

Struggling your way through a research paper mountain? Scite AI could be a game-changer for you. It's an AI-powered research assistant that helps find relevant studies and understand how papers relate to one another.

Is Scite AI the only option? We'll explore Scite's strengths, and also look at UPDF's AI assistant to see how they compare.

Read on to see how UPDF can streamline your research workflow.

Part 1: What Is Scite AI? What Does It Do?

Scite AI is an AI-powered research tool that answers research questions for you, and also offers a window into its thought process, helping you get better at analyzing research along the way.

Scite AI

It has a sophisticated filtering system, which lets you specify things like date range, topic, journal name, or publication type. This makes it easy to customize the types of results you get. You can also easily adjust the length of response you get from the Scite AI assistant.

The Smart Citations tool shows you where publications have been cited, allowing you to dive into what research papers say about one another.

Scite Assistant also features the benefits of a large language model, tailored specifically to researchers. It can help you create reference lists, and generate content such as blog posts.

For people trying to absorb a lot of research material at once, AI can be a big help.

If you'd like an alternative to Scite, UPDF is well worth a look. Its AI assistant makes short work of summarizing and translating all kinds of documents, not just research papers. It's also a full-featured PDF management tool that allows you to create, edit and read PDFs.

If you'd like to give UPDF a try, there's a download button just below. Alternatively, you can access its online AI without any installation here.

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Part 2: Is There a Free Version of Scite?

While there isn't a free version of Scite, they do have a 7-day free trial. This appears to offer access to all the standard features of Scite AI free for the trial period.

The website states that after your trial period, you'll be automatically enrolled on your chosen plan. You need to provide payment details for the trial, but you can cancel without cost during the seven days.

Scite currently offers two main paid plans, Individual, and Team.

The individual plan costs 6 USD per month allows unlimited chats with the Scite AI assistant, and stores unlimited chat history. It also gives access to additional tools such as:

  • Reference checks
  • Citation searches
  • Custom dashboards

Team plans are available at custom pricing, through their sales team. This offers a scale discount, reducing the per-person cost, which can be helpful for larger teams.

Students should check out their price page since they offer an academic discount. To get the discount you need to recommend Scite to your institution and send evidence to the sales team.

Part 3: Is Scite AI Worth It?

The best way to establish whether Scite is worth the cost for you is to take advantage of their free trial. We'd recommend that you sign up and then devote plenty of time to really putting the tool through its paces. That's the best way to learn whether any software suits your personal working style.

We'll give a quick rundown of the basics to get you started. This guide should help you make the most of that free trial, and cut down the learning curve.

Scenario: You're starting a new term paper

1.Perform a Literature Search: Use Scite to locate papers on the relevant topic.

  • Use Advanced Search to find papers through titles, abstracts, and other metadata.
  • Use Citation Statement Search to search inside papers and find other cited research.
  • Scite Assistant synthesizes information from papers and answers basic questions about the research.

2. Evaluate Existing Research: After gathering research, you need to understand and evaluate it.

  • Click on papers in Scite to access their Scite Reports. These let you see where and how a paper has been cited.

3. Write Your Paper: Assemble the gathered information and use Citation Search to support your argument.

This is a very basic overview. Luckily Scite also has a huge range of tutorials and guides on their website, so you'll be able to find support whatever task you're undertaking.

With that said, here's a quick rundown of the pros and cons, based on our own testing and on Scite AI reviews.


  • Increased Efficiency in Research: Scite automates time-consuming tasks like literature searches, which saves time you can then devote to tasks that need you at the helm.
  • Improved Research Quality: The Smart Citations tool helps you understand the landscape around research. Dive deeper into citations without having to read and absorb full papers.
  • Intuitive Interface: Whatever your technical ability, Scite is easy to navigate, and you should be able to quickly learn to use it and integrate it into your workflow.
  • Sophisticated Filtering: You can refine searches easily using the filtering system. Search for specific publications, topics, or date ranges. Scite gives the user a high level of control in searching for relevant studies.
  • Discoverability: Scite AI can analyze far more data than a team of researchers. It can uncover connections and relationships between studies. This, in turn, can open new avenues for your research.


  • Subscription Costs: Although the individual plan is relatively affordable, any paid tool is potentially a barrier for those on tight budgets.
  • Potential for Bias - Outsourcing elements of research to an AI tool always carries with it the risk of bias. If there's bias in the data used to train an AI model, then that bias could be transferred to your research.
  • Limited Data Sources: You're reliant on the range of studies included by Scite as data sources, so areas with limited data may not find the tool as useful.
  • Reliance on Algorithms: AI is powerful but not perfect. Human verification should always be employed to ensure accuracy.

Part 4: A Better Alternative to Scite AI

We've seen that Scite AI is invaluable for those who need to assimilate large amounts of research quickly. But what about Scite AI alternatives?

We have an article about AI research tools that discusses options for every step of the research process.

Today, though, we'll focus on UPDF's AI assistant, an excellent alternative to Scite and a useful companion tool.

Key Features of UPDF and Its AI Assistant

  • Synthesize Information: Let UPDF's AI assistant help you synthesize information from multiple research papers.
  • Summarize: Turn lengthy research papers into effective summaries in just a few clicks.
  • Extract: UPDF's AI assistant can extract key data from PDFs, making your workflow faster.
  • Translate: Fast, easy translation that's even capable of translating text from scanned images.
  • Annotate: Sticky notes, highlights and handwritten annotations help you engage with the text in ways that suit your brain.
  • Cloud Storage: UPDF's Cloud service allows easy access to your research materials wherever you are.

If you want to try UPDF and its AI assistant for yourself, make sure to check out our Education Pricing page for an awesome discount. Just 29.99 USD per year for a student or teacher plan without AI, or 98.99 USD per year for the same plan plus the unlimited AI plan.

Alternatively, interested users can download UPDF and try its AI assistant for free first, as it offers limited benefits in the free version. For those users who simply want an AI tool like Scite AI, they can try UPDF's online AI for free.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Summing Up

Scite AI is most helpful for early-stage research, it makes the process of looking for papers and performing initial analyses far easier than if you tried to do it manually.

UPDF's AI assistant is fantastic for researchers who need to deep-dive into sources. It extracts information, helps organize findings, and simplifies collaboration. The UPDF AI assistant is a full toolkit for researchers, it helps you understand research rather than just locating it.

Give UPDF a try today. Download for free now and watch your research workflow change for the better.

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