4 Useful Methods to Convert Word to PPT

PowerPoint is the most popular and convenient way of creating presentations and presenting the content in an orderly way. However, sometimes the presentation topic demands extracting content from the Word document to make a more resourceful presentation. Alternatively, you might want to present your whole Word document as a PPT file. So, instead of typing all the Word document content from scratch in PowerPoint, you can convert Word to PPT file format and easily get the job done. So, this article explores all the best ways you can use to convert DOCX to PPT format, including an exclusive converter, UPDF. Let's jump right to it!

Part 1. Best Way to Convert Word to PPT using PDF Format

The best and highly recommended way of converting Word to PPT format while preserving the layout, font, and other elements is using the PDF format. In this approach, you can first convert Word to PDF and then PDF to PPT. This way, you can conveniently convert the Word document to PowerPoint PPT with all document details intact. Seems challenging to do? This is where UPDF comes into action.

UPDF is a powerful PDF editing and conversion tool known for its easy-to-use and rich functionalities. UPDF provides a powerful and super-fast way of converting multiple PDFs into PPT or any other format, such as Word, Excel, image, text, etc. It even allows converting selective PDF pages into the targeted format. Moreover, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, making it suitable for instant conversion.

Follow the below steps to convert Word to PPT using PDF format with UPDF:

  • Download and launch UPDF on your computer. You can click the download button below to download it directly.

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  • Start with converting the Word document to PDF. To do that, drag the Word file to the UPDF main interface. Or you can click the "File > Create > PDF from Powerpoint(.pptx)".
  • The converted PDF will open automatically in UPDF. Click the "Export PDF" option from the right sidebar.
  • Select "PowerPoint (.pptx)" as the file format to export.
  • In the pop-up windows, customize the settings as you want and click the "Export" button.
convert to ppt with UPDF

That's it! So, a few simple clicks with UPDF lets you easily and precisely convert Word to PPT file format. Besides conversion, UPDF also offers tons of other PDF editing and customization features. Therefore, some of the other key features of UPDF are as follows:

  • It can present PDF directly as a presentation with its "slideshow" feature.
  • It allows the editing of text, images, and other content in the PDF.
  • It allows annotating PDFs, such as highlighting, underlining, commenting, adding text boxes, etc.
  • It can secure a PDF with passwords, watermarks, and digital signatures.
  • Its OCR feature can convert scanned PDFs to an editable format.

In short, UPDF is one comprehensive and feature-rich PDF editing and conversion tool. Why not download and try it out and see how great it is.

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Part 2. Convert Word to PPT using Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint also allows you to convert DOC to PPT directly while creating the presentation. Follow the below steps to convert Word to PPT using Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Launch the PowerPoint app on your computer and open an existing or new presentation to insert a Word file in it.
  • Click the "Insert" tab from the toolbar and click the "Object" option.
  • Select "Create from File" and click "Browse" to locate and open the Word document.
create from file
  • Once the Word document shows up on the slide, you can adjust its dimensions as you want.

This way, you can convert Word to PPT directly from PowerPoint.

Part 3. Convert Word to PPT using Microsoft Word

Besides PowerPoint, you can also use Microsoft Word to create a PPT file. For that, you have to do some formatting in your Word document using the "Heading" style, as it will help to create separate slides for each main heading. For example, "Heading 1" will show as the slide title, while "Heading 2" will show as the slide content. Follow the below steps to convert Word to PPT using Microsoft Word:

  • Open the Word document you want to convert.
  • Highlight the content you want to use as a slide title. From the "Home" tab, select "Heading 1" under the "Styles" section. Similarly, highlight the content you want to use as slide content, then select "Heading 2" for it.
convert word to ppt using MS word
  • Continue the above step until you have set all slides' titles and contents. Once done, save the file.
  • Open PowerPoint and open a new presentation. Under the "Home" tab, click New Slide > Slide from Outline.
slide from outline
  • Select the customized Word file you just created. Once the file opens in PowerPoint, you will see each slide presenting each heading and content.

This way, you can convert Word to PPT in a more organized way.

Part 4. Convert Word to PPT Online

Other than the above desktop-based methods, you can also do the conversion using online tools. If you just Google "convert Word to PPT", you will come up with many options. Most of them provide a simple click-based interface to upload, convert, and download the file. Below are the general steps on how to convert Word to PPT online:

  • Choose one of the online Word to PPT conversion services of your choice.
  • Click the "Choose Files" button to upload the Word file.
  • Click the "Convert" button to begin the conversion from Word to PPT.
  • Once the conversion is completed, click the "Download" button to download the converted PPT file to your computer.

This way, you can use any of the online services to convert the Word to PowerPoint file. However, you must remember that there is a max file size and daily usage limit for such free online services. You also need a good internet connection to upload and download files. Besides that, online conversion also increases the risk of online theft.

Wrapping Up

Microsoft Word is undoubtedly the leading documentation tool, while Microsoft PowerPoint is a leading presentation tool. But sometimes, there is a need to bridge the gap between the two. Therefore, this article has addressed one such aspect, i.e., converting Word to PPT, and presented multiple ways you can use to convert Word to PPT. However, if you want to choose one method, then UPDF seems the best. Its intuitive interface, quick conversion, and the ability to retain all the content layout and elements make it the best tool to do the conversion efficiently. Download UPDF to convert Word to PPT effortlessly.

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