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Top 7 Workplace Ways to Improve Document Productivity With UPDF

PDF has made its name as the universal file format because it shows cross-platform compatibility and excellent file security. Employees using PDFs for sharing content save valuable time because they don't have to worry about file formatting. Moreover, due to the small size of PDFs, they quickly get shared. Employees who are efficient in the workplace are more likely to gain respect from the company, and the chances of their promotion are high.

Unquestionably, PDF is one of the major reasons behind employees' success, but changes in such files cannot be made easily without a powerful PDF editor. This article will introduce the best tool to resolve PDF-related problems, which will help you improve document productivity.

7 Ways to Increase Document Productivity with PDFs

Everyone likes to excel in life, especially in the workplace. Some work hard to get to the top, while others work smart. If you are also searching for ways to increase document productivity, you are at the right place. The top 7 ways to improve document productivity with PDFs are provided in this section.

1. Easy Modifications in Text

Modifying text in Word or PowerPoint is hectic because the file's formatting changes when you add some extra text. In contrast, PDF shows no such drawback because it preserves file formatting. Due to this attribute of PDF, you can improve the efficiency of your work. However, most of the major operating systems have no built-in tool that can help in editing the text of a PDF.

The only innovative solution is UPDF because it allows you to make as many document changes as you want. You don't have to create new agreements from scratch because changes can easily be made in preexisting files.

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How Do I Modify Text in PDF?

To increase work productivity, follow the steps underneath to change the text in PDF using this intuitive tool:

  • Open the PDF file on UPDF and access the "Edit PDF" icon at the left tool panel. Take the cursor on the text which you want to modify.
  • A purple boundary will appear around the text when you select the text. By double-clicking, a toolbar will appear around the text from where you can edit or modify text style, font, size, color, and more.

2. Fast Fill and Sign

Forms are mostly used in offices to collect employee information, conduct survey, and maintain records. The forms circulated between one office to another always have a PDF format because this file format doesn't catch the malware. Such PDF forms are easily editable, so you don't have to take their printout to fill them out with UPDF.

Moreover, signing a PDF form is also possible because it supports electronic signatures. Thus, PDF is the best format that can improve the productivity of your document by allowing you to fill the forms without altering the form formats. With a tool like UPDF, you can fill a PDF form in seconds and add electronic and handwritten signatures.

How Can I Fill and Sign PDFs Faster?

The following instructions are provided to fill the PDF forms and add a signature to them by using UPDF:

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Fill out PDF Forms

  • Launch UPDF and press the "Open File" button. Select the form you want to fill out and press the "Open" button.
  • When the form gets opened, it will automatically become fillable.
  • Select the box which you want to fill in and start entering data. You can also mark the checkbox with a signal click.

Sign the PDF

  • Click the "Comment" icon in the left panel and take your mouse to the "Signature" tool.
  • Afterward, tap the "Create Signature" button and choose the method to add a sign.
  • Draw your sign and press the "Create" button. Place it on the PDF and press "Ctrl/Command + S" to save changes.

3. Merge Files Swiftly

Handling too many documents is troublesome because there are chances that you may skip the essential files. Moreover, sending multiple files one by one doesn't boost productivity. Instead, it makes things more complicated for you. It is better to merge all the files in a single secure document format.

The reliable format to make things better is PDF because there are no chances of data loss, and it also takes less sharing time. To merge multiple files of the same or different formats in a single PDF file, you can use UPDF. This will be beneficial for storing all the essential office documents like duty reports, cheques, bills, and other things in a single place.

How Do I Merge Files Together?

You can merge images and PDF documents in a single PDF file by following the given instructions:

  • After launching UPDF, select the "Batch" button and press the "Combine" tab.
  • Now, click the "Add Files" button and choose the documents you want to add or choose the "Add Folders" option from the drop-down menu to add a complete folder.
  • Once the file is opened, tap the "+Add Files" option and press the "Add Files" option to add more documents if you want.
  • Finally, click the "Apply" button at the bottom right corner and save the merged file at the desired computer location.

4. Improve Collaboration for Better Productivity

To improve work efficiency, you should have your documents in a format that is easy to share and support multiple platforms. PDF is the one that shows cross-platform compatibility, meaning you can work on this format on any operating system. Moreover, viewing PDFs is easier than other document formats like HTML or XML.

You can take the help of UPDF to stand out in your workplace because it works amazingly as a PDF annotator. With the help of this tool, you can send the completed project to the client via a single link. Apart from this, UPDF is also planning to release a cloud storage service that will help you store extra data.

How to Annotate and Share PDF Files using UPDF

To learn how to annotate and share PDF files using UPDF, carefully read the below stated steps:

Annotate PDFs

  • After opening the PDF file on UPDF, select the "Comment" tool to enable the annotate feature.
  • Click the "Text Box" icon in the navigation toolbar and choose the text's style, font, and size.
  • After that, select the part of the PDF where you want to add the comment.
  • Similarly, you can use other annotation features like text markups, shapes, or stickers.

Share a PDF via a Link

  • To share the annotated file, select the "Share this file with others" icon.
  • Select the expiry time of the link by clicking the "Expiration Time" drop-down menu and then press the "Create" button.
  • Once the tool generates a link for you, copy it and share it.

5. Provide High Security with Passwords

Certain workplace data are highly sensitive because it contains confidential information about the company and employees. You cannot put your company's privacy at stack by relying on such document formats, which are easy to hack. It is wise to use PDFs to protect important documents because passwords can be easily added to them.

If you want to add a password to your PDFs, try UPDF. Two types of passwords can be added using this tool. One is an Open Document Password which restricts the person from opening the file, while the other is a Permission Password which restricts the printing and editing of the document. Both these passwords work as a helping hand to improve efficiency and productivity.

How to Add a Password to the Document using UPDF?

As discussed above, you can add two types of passwords to the PDF to increase its security. To learn how you can perform it, follow the given steps:

Open Password

  • Launch UPDF, and by drag and drop method, add the file to it.
  • Move the mouse to the "Protect Using Password" tool and choose the "Open Document" option.
  • A new window will pop up where you have to add the password.
  • You can also set the encryption level by accessing the "More Options" option.
  • Afterward, press the "Apply" button to add an open document password.

Permissions Password

  • If you want to add a permission password, access the "Permissions" section and set the password.
  • After that, tap on the "More Options" option and adjust the "Printing allowed," "Changes Allowed," and "Encryption Level" features.
  • Hit the "Apply" button and then the "Save" option to save the document on your device.

6. PDFs Can Be Easily Converted to Other Formats

Consider you have all your employees' data in a PDF file, and your employer is demanding the data in an Excel file. You don't have to stress over it because PDF is not a rigid format that cannot be changed to other file formats. You can easily change it into Word, HTML, or JPEG. However, file formats like JPG or GIF cannot be easily changed to popular Office file formats.

To increase the efficiency of your work, try to use UPDF, that easily changes the PDF files to other formats. It is the perfect converter that allows you to convert files in major Office file formats. Moreover, you can change the document to an image and Rich Text File format. If you want to archive your documents, you can also change the PDF file to PDF/A using UPDF.

How Can I Convert PDF Files to Other Formats?

Instructions for converting PDF files to other formats using UPDF, which will help you increase efficiency in the workplace, are given below:

  • Add the PDF file to the UPDF tool and click the "Export PDF" icon at the left toolbar of the tool.
  • Choose the preferred format from the list of multiple formats that appeared.
  • You will see a small "Export" window on your screen; access the "Page Range" drop-down menu to select even or odd pages. If you want to convert the whole PDF, choose the "All Pages" option.
  • Now, tap the "Export" button and save the file to the desired destination.  

7. Permit Batch Process

In offices, you have to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, like converting documents to other formats, combining employee data in a single file, and inserting a single document into several files. To improve document productivity, you have to make your working speed superfast to complete the work in a limited time. However, a human being is not a machine that can do all such things in a blink.

Wondering about how to boost productivity in the workplace with PDFs? Stop stressing out because PDF files are easy to convert, combine, and insert because of their small size. An advanced tool like UPDF can be used to combine and convert multiple documents with just a few clicks. Apart from these functions, it can also insert a single document into multiple files without disturbing its formatting.

How Do I Perform Batch Processes using UPDF?

Without any professional help, you can perform the Batch process by following the underneath instructions:

Batch Convert: Select the "Batch" feature from the UPDF's interface and proceed with the "Convert" tab. Now, press the "Add Files" button and choose the files you want to add or add a complete folder with the "Add Folder" option. After adding all the files, go to the "Output Format" option and select the file required file format. You can also adjust the "Layout Setting" option and tap the "Apply" button to complete the conversion process.

Batch Combine: To combine multiple files, click the "Combine" tool, and from the drop-down menu of "Add Files," choose the "Add Files" or "Add Folder" option. Select the files or folder and press the "Apply" button to combine all the files in a single PDF file.

Batch Insert: To insert a single file in multiple documents, access the "Insert" feature and choose the desired option from the "Add Files" drop-down menu. Now add the documents in which you want to add the questioned file. Afterward, press the "Insert File" option and choose the respective file. Set the location where you want to add that file and press the "Apply" button.


In this article, we have tried our best to answer how to increase document productivity in the workplace. In short, UPDF is the best choice to deal with PDFs, which is the universal file format used in most workplaces. Through this cost-effective tool, you can combine all the company data in a single file and add the password to it so no third party can access it.

Moreover, it also helps you strengthen your collaboration with your client. Without any delay, you can manage multiple documents very professionally. Thus, start using UPDF now to stand out in your workplace.

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