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Motivation vs. Discipline: Which is the Better Metric for Productivity?

Discipline and motivation are the two sides of a single coin and are said to be critical components of achieving high success in life. If you are motivated and self-disciplined, you can do amazing things quickly. Furthermore, if we compare motivation vs. discipline, two schools of thought exist in this world that continuously debate which is more critical for success.

In this article, we have outlined the difference between discipline and motivation for better clarity. Moreover, we have highlighted a productivity tool, UPDF, that motivates you and makes your work more disciplined.

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Part 1. The Definition of Motivation vs. Discipline

Many people confuse motivation and discipline because they do not know their real definitions. If, by any chance, you are among those people, there is no need to worry as you will get to know the real meaning of both as we proceed into this article. Why not start with learning the basic definitions?

motivation vs discipline

1. Definition of Motivation

In general terms, motivation is the collection of psychological forces that compels you to achieve something. The force developed in the person to do some work can occur due to intrinsic or extrinsic factors. Mostly extrinsic factors push you to participate in activities with external rewards like getting a promotion or fame.

In contrast, intrinsic factors force you to engage in activities that make you happy, like playing games or doing morning walks. No matter what type of motivation arises in you, it simply helps you live an active and prosperous life. However, motivation doesn't last long, and to sustain it, you must continuously revisit your goals or aims that genuinely matter to you.

2. Definition of Discipline

Discipline can be explained in terms of controlled actions and behaviors. When you perform an action in a well-ordered manner, you are said to be a disciplined person. In addition, discipline basically involves setting clear boundaries, resisting distractions, and focusing on priorities. By incorporating discipline in your life, you can quickly progress in any field and overcome obstacles that come in the way of progress.

Developing discipline is not an easy task because you have to take good control of your emotions and old habits. Moreover, you must avoid distractions and confront uncomfortable situations very gently to strengthen this habit. However, once it gets developed, it never changes, even when you feel low.

Part 2. The Differences Between Discipline and Motivation

Motivation and discipline are complementary concepts that work together to help you achieve targets. You cannot say that discipline is better than motivation or vice versa by just overviewing the general meaning of both. To learn the in-depth difference between motivation and discipline, have a look below:

Poses the ability to control action and behavior to achieve a particular goal in life.It is said to be an inner desire that forces human behavior to act positively in life.
Consistent focus and effort are basically needed to sustain it in life.Only stays maintained by continuously revisiting the goals.
It helps you maintain your momentum of achieving goals even when you feel low.Assist you in getting a spark that pushes you towards a positive act.
Challenging to develop but difficult to change once acquired.It arises from external or internal factors but easily fluctuates over time.
Highly focused on habit-forming routines and daily behaviors.It mainly focuses on purposes, values, and aspirations.
Vital and consistent in nature.Inspiring but shortly implemented.

Part 3. Motivation vs. Discipline: Which One is Better for Productivity?

Many of you might have searched for the motivation vs. discipline quote to understand both terms better. Some people consider motivation a vital force to live a prosperous life, while others consider disciplining a compulsory habit to achieve goals. The conflict between these two cannot be quickly demolished until and unless we dig out the ground realities.

No doubt that motivation ignites the initial spark in you to start working on those things that are important to you. However, the duration of this psychological force is very less. You never know when and how motivation will disappear from your life. That is when discipline rescues you because it is a habit that never changes easily, even if you leave it for longer periods of life.

Discipline keeps you on track because it helps you resist those barriers that distract you from your desired goals. Moreover, a disciplined person knows how and when to complete a particular task efficiently. Besides that, discipline keeps the quality of your work consistent as you perform it in an orderly manner.

After learning the difference between self-discipline vs. motivation, you might be considering discipline a much better way to live a positive life. When implementing discipline in your life, there is no need to put yourself in deep thought. Try UPDF to pursue daily tasks in the most organized way.

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This powerful tool allows you to develop discipline in your daily work by trying out unique features that increase the productivity of your work. Using these features, you can quickly develop the habit of performing all your work efficiently and effectively. Read the underneath provided features of UPDF to learn how it boosts your workflow:

1. Efficiently Organize Files

Start organizing your documents if you want to become disciplined. UPDF will help you in this regard by offering organized features that allow you quickly add, rotate, delete, and crop pages of your PDFs. You can even rearrange or reorder any page of your document so that it may look more professional. Besides that, this tool also allows you to split PDF pages in multiple ways.

motivation vs discipline quote organize pdf

2. Effortlessly Convert Files

Using free online tools, much time is wasted while converting PDF to other file formats. It is wise to use the convert feature of UPDF, which allows you to convert PDF to popular office file formats and helps you turn PDF into PNG, JPEG, GIF, and other image formats. Besides these formats, this tool can also convert your document to Text, RTF, HTML, and XML.

difference between discipline and motivation convert pdf

3. Amazingly Perform Batch Process

The basic rule to become productive is to perform tasks efficiently in less time. To follow this rule, go for the batch process of UPDF, which converts multiple PDFs into a specific format in a single go. In addition, it is possible to insert a single file into multiple documents with just a single click. Furthermore, this tool helps you merge multiple images into a single PDF to organize them.

self discipline vs motivation batch process

4. Offer Unique Page Tools

UPDF also makes your work professional by offering versatile page tool features. Using this unique feature, you can change the background of your documents with a breeze. Additionally, it also allows you to add watermarks to the PDF files to make them personalized. Above all, a header and footer can also be added to the PDFs to locate a specific page in a prolonged document quickly.

motivation vs discipline


Motivation vs. discipline is the most common search among people who are confused about what to focus on to improve productivity. Undoubtedly, motivation helps you achieve those goals which seem to be challenging to accomplish. However, motivation doesn't last forever, and you must work hard to sustain it long-term.

Discipline is the only thing that remains consistent and keeps you on track with progress. To bring much-needed improvement to your professional life, start using UPDF. It is the most powerful tool to perform any task efficiently and effectively; thus, giving the "Discipline is better than motivation" quote much-needed support.

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