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Idealize Employee Productivity Using 10 Authentic Ways in 2024

Employees play a driving role in the growth of any company because they have responsibilities to fulfill, tailor-made to achieving the company's goals and objectives. However, with the provided workload and other management tasks, most employees often face a drop in performance with reduced efficiency and lower confidence. Simultaneously, while being less productive, the employee becomes a barrier to the company's already streamlined workflow.

Thus, it is extremely important to enhance employee productivity, and this guide will provide an in-detailed solution with the 10 best tips. You will also learn about the UPDF productivity tool and its benefits.

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Part 1: What is Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is an assessment of the employee efficiency, performance, and value generated in a specific time. Consequently, this helps the company determine how dedicated and focused an employee is when dealing with assigned projects and whether the quality of work isn't compromised.

employee productivity

Hence, companies can make performance reports using dedicated employee productivity tools. Upon using these tools, an employer can find areas of improvement among employees that are lacking in some part, and ultimately those areas are then sorted.

Part 2: Why It Is Important to Improve Employee Productivity

A company's outputs heavily depend on its employee's working skills and efficiency. Therefore, improving workers' productivity is beneficial for both company and its employees because of the following reasons:

  • Employees who are more productive can complete assigned projects and tasks in the given time. This means the cost incurred on overtime resources ultimately reduces for the company.
  • Indeed, employees will always complete their work quickly with excellent quality whenever they are efficient and productive. This way, they can focus more on their personal life as well.
  • With improved employee productivity, workload management becomes easier to deal with. Hence, preventing problematic issues like stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Increased staff productivity enables the company to increase efficiency and reduce the time it takes to market its product. This ultimately provides them with a competitive edge over other players.

Part 3: What are the Main Factors that Affect Employee Productivity

We all understand how essential and valuable employee productivity is for an organization as a whole. But what factors affect an employee's efficiency in the first place? Let's find some of the reasons:

measuring employee productivity
  • Lack of Communication: When there is a communication barrier between an employee and employer, you can expect a decline in work quality because there may be misunderstandings and misconceptions.
  • Negative Atmosphere: No one loves working in a toxic yet selfish environment where people are there to bite you rather than support you. Sadly, this political phenomenon is present in most organizations.
  • Poor Workload Management: Most companies have to complete their pipeline projects in the given duration. Meanwhile, in doing so, they often ignore the workload being exerted on their employees.
  • Fewer Resources: New startups usually have low resources of tools and equipment to support and enhance their employees' working standards.

Part 4: How do You Measure Employee Productivity?

Companies can effectively diagnose their A-to-Z employee working standards by measuring workers' productivity, which helps them improve or improvise their management accordingly. The goal is to strengthen their workforce abilities, so employees can start putting 100% effort into the provided job role.

You can measure employee productivity based on the quality of the work, the time taken to complete the project, and whether the work was delivered on time. The other parameters include assessing the employee's discipline and attitude and determining their dedication toward the job. Analyzing how regular an employee is, this is also a possibility.

Part 5: Useful Tips to Improve Employee Productivity

When an employee is productive, the company is also automatically productive yet efficient. But when an employee is unproductive, the company won't like to be the same. Thus, the company would ensure ways to improve their employees' productivity. For this. see the 10 best tips discussed in this part:

1. Teamwork Collaboration

Unity is the key to success; therefore, results would be better when the entire team is on a single page. Hence, the management needs to develop a healthy yet supportive environment where their employees don't feel like a competition arena and therefore help out each other.

Ultimately, when the team collaborates, the company will rapidly progress in a fast-paced scenario because of increased worker productivity.

2. Set Defined Goals

Make a specialized goal for every employee based on their assigned task. Under this goal, divide the project requirements into specific chunks or milestones, and let the employee complete those milestones step-by-step.

This way, the employee will work efficiently without getting confused or troubled. Simultaneously, with improved employee productivity, they will dedicate full effort to the work; therefore, work quality will be good.

3. Make Use of Tools and Technology

To increase employee productivity, providing them with the necessary tools and technologies to improve work quality and overall efficiency is essential. This way, the working processes are streamlined in an effective way that also helps employees complete the assigned tasks on time. Not only can employees take benefit, but the company itself grows with effectiveness brought into their organization with modern innovation.

A productivity planner tool is a great way to improve and enhance employee productivity standards. After all, the planner allows you to create daily, weekly, or monthly schedules divided into specified tasks in an organized way. Meanwhile, following these plans would make things easier for an employee in terms of dealing with and completing project tasks, which also promotes work efficiency.

When you're looking to design and create a good productivity planner, you need a trusted productivity tool for this purpose. Undoubtedly, UPDF is the choice you won't regret having in terms of boosting staff productivity. After all, UPDF provides employees with the leverage to edit, manage, and convert official PDF files without causing modifications to document layout.

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Top Demanding Features of UPDF Productivity Tool

staff productivity updf ocr
  • Convert PDF Files: There is also a possibility to convert PDFs into different editable formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, HTML, RTF, and more. You can convert multiple files at the same time with batch processing. This is helpful for employees who are required to extract data from PDFs and then use it for other business document tasks.
increase employee productivity convert pdf
  • Edit PDF: Employees are often required to update the company's official PDF documents into modern styles. UPDF is excellent assistance in this regard, thanks to its facility for editing text's font and size, as well as the option to customize and edit images in PDF with respect to size and other content.
workers productivity edit pdf
  • Annotate PDF: Customize your PDF with UPDF markup tools that allow you to add comments by highlighting, underlining, or making sticky notes. The option also enables the employees to add stamps, stickers, or official signatures to the documents.
employee efficiency annotate pdf

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4. Work from Home Option

Emergencies can come anytime and anywhere, so companies should always be open to work-from-home settings. Thus, the employees who have problems commuting to the office due to emergencies must be granted work from home facility.

In this way, an employee can deal with their related matters without worries and can continue working for the company simply with a flexible work hours facility. This scenario only improves remote workforce productivity, which is ideal for modern working standards.

5. Provide Feedback

Feedback is a great way to let your employees know their mistakes and inefficiencies to help them improve further. After all, when they know the areas they are lacking behind, they will try to overcome those deficiencies, which will automatically help them in professional development.

Thus, to increase worker productivity, feedback is essential. Importantly, the feedback must be given in a friendly way such that an employee doesn't feel insulted or unvalued.

6. Comfortable Environment

Working continuously can put your employees at risk of extreme stress and depression. Henceforth, creating a relaxing environment that incorporates resting facilities, sports refreshments, and other breaks is crucial. In this way, the staff productivity would enhance in an ideal scenario, as the employees would feel fresh and mentally active after certain break intervals. Automatically, the quality of work would improve as well.

7. Appreciate Good Work

A slight appreciation is a great confidence booster that can bring wonders. Thus, an employer or the management staff needs to continue appreciating the employee's good work to enhance their productivity. This will not only make the employee happy and satisfied but also increase their confidence to do further tasks with utmost dedication.

Moreover, a company can also organize incentives or bonuses based on performance. Hence, this will urge an employee to remain productive and efficient to earn the reward.

8. Training and Workshops

To promote staff productivity, companies should organize specialized training and workshops for their employees targeted toward improving their skillset, knowledge, and awareness in accordance with the brand's objectives. Moreover, it will help the employees in their professional development and career growth. This will also enhance employee productivity as they will find ways to improve.

9. Minimize Distractions

Distractions are one of the reasons your employees cannot perform at the level that you want from them. These distractions usually include lighting, sitting problems, hydration, air quality, temperature, and noise. Meanwhile, as an employee, you need an entirely comfortable environment that doesn't affect your overall focus and dedication toward the task assigned. Thus, it's an employer's responsibility to ensure engaging environments for all its employees.

10. Optimize Emailing and Meeting

Employees waste a lot of time on their email and unimportant meetings, due to which their productivity decreases a lot. You have to set some rules that basic information will be shared through emails instead of lengthy emails.

Secondly, set a time duration in which you will send the emails to the employees, and they have to check them only in that time. The reason behind doing this is if you send them emails the whole day, they will waste time reading them, distracting their focus from work.

Part 6: FAQs on Improving Worker Productivity

1. What is the most important Factor in employee productivity?

Using a productivity tool can ideally help improve employee productivity. For this purpose, you have to design a productivity planner that lists all your daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists. Meanwhile, UPDF is the best solution to design and create a fully customizable planner.

2. What are the 3 key elements that determine the productivity of a worker?

Although several elements determine a worker's productivity, the 3 key elements include motivation toward the job, skills and knowledge, and efficiency in completing assigned tasks.

3. What drives employee productivity?

Employee productivity is driven by a range of factors that may include the company's support, training, and professional assistance. In addition, utilizing a productivity tool like UPDF can drive work-life productivity.

4. What are the three Cs of employee productivity?

The three Cs in employee productivity include:

  • Connection
  • Clarity
  • Capability

In connection, it is determined how well employees are connected with the employer. In clarity, it is determined how clear employees are on provided job tasks and roles. Meanwhile, in capability, it's determined how capable employees are to tackle the project while maintaining quality and efficiency.

5. How to increase remote workforce productivity?

To increase remote workforce productivity, it's essential that employees are provided with flexible working schedules. Also, they are provided with all tools and resources that are important but absent in remote settings.

6. How to monitor employee productivity?

Using employee monitoring tools, you can easily monitor your employee's desktop screen during job hours. This way, you can determine whether an employee is working or sitting idle or browsing unnecessary websites and applications. Performance reports could be made, and that's how you measure productivity.


Employees are an important part of every organization considering their role in the company's output that generates valuable revenue. However, in most cases, employee productivity is badly affected because of poor workload management, a negative environment, and more.

To solve such issues, you have already found the 10 best productivity tips in this guide. Meanwhile, you can also use the UPDF PDF Editor, a perfect productivity-enhancing tool with benefits beyond limits.

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