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4 Quick and Easy Ways to Extract Text from Images

When dealing with scanned PDFs or images, organizations and even individuals often need to extract text from them. This is mainly achieved with text extractors. These platforms seamlessly extract text from images using automated technologies, converting it into editable formats in Word or Text files. So, if you are looking for different ways to convert images to text for editing or other purposes, we have covered you!

Dive into this comprehensive guide to explore the key basics of text extraction from images via different methods.

Part 1: How to Convert Image to Text – A Convenient Method

Unlike other guides that keep the good for the last, we are here to save you time by listing the most convenient method at the top!

Though the market is loaded with a plethora of text editors, the best one remains UPDF due to its ease of use and all-in-one capabilities. UPDF comes equipped with inclusive features that help extract text from images and scanned PDFs owing to the innovative OCR technology. This technology supports 38 languages for accurate text recognition.

extract text from image ocr

Besides extracting text, you can also modify, delete, and change font parameters or text locations on your images or PDFs. So, if you haven't got UPDF yet, download the free trial now to get insights into the features and explore its convenience. Let's now explore the detailed guide on pulling text from images with UPDF!

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extract text from image edit icon

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Convert Image to Editable Text with UPDF

Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  • Open UPDF on your Windows or Mac computer, drag and drop the image/s to the UPDF from which you want to extract text. If you are dragging multiple images to UPDF, then it will ask whether to combine them or not. Choose Yes or No according to your preperence.
extract text from image updf combine image
  • Once uploaded, open your file and hit the Recognize Text Using OCR option on the right toolbar.
  • Switch to Searchable PDF, tweak the setting per your requirements - you have to choose the document language here, and hit Perform OCR to convert the image into an editable format.
extract text from image updf ocr
  • Save the file and open it.
  • Go to the Comment or Reader mode and select text to extract. You can copy & paste the text to anywhere on the PDF, change font, font size, font color, and modify the text. For further editing, you can explore the inclusive features in the Editing mode that enable modifying text, images, and even links.
extract text from image updf edit

Note that UPDF is far more than just an image extractor. It's an all-in-one solution for your PDF and images-related concerns. If you want to know more about this, hop onto Part 3.

Part 2: Alternative Methods to Pull Text from Images

Though the above method is the most convenient, if you want to explore other ways, we have listed them below. Hop on below to have a look!

1. Google Drive

To your surprise, Google Drive also features a hidden OCR tool. Here is how you use it to convert images to text:

  • Upload your image to the Google Drive.
  • Once uploaded, right-click on the image you want to extract text from and select Open with > Google Docs.
extract text from image google drive
  • Wait for a few minutes until the conversion ends. You will get Google Docs with the original file version on top and the editable text below.
extract text from image google drive


Google Drive might help you perform the extraction, but it doesn't preserve formatting, leaving you with a rough structured text with no line breaks in between.  

Google Drive might help you perform the extraction, but it doesn't preserve formatting, leaving you with a rough structured text with no line breaks in between.  

2. Brandfolder

Next on the list is an online text extractor, i.e., Brandfolder. With it, you can eliminate the need to download any software; just hop onto the website and upload your document to perform extraction. Here is the detailed how-to guide for it:

  • Upload your file from local storage, Google Drive, or other supported uploading methods.
extract text from image brandfolder
  • Wait for a moment until the extraction ends. Once done, copy the extracted text to your clipboard and paste it wherever you want.


Branfolder might seem a convenient solution until and unless you are connected to the internet and don't get stuck with the website not loading issues. Other limitations of this method include a disrupted typography format and a limit of 5 image conversions only.

3. imagetotext.info

Lastly, we have another online text extractor, i.e., Image to Text Converter! With it, you can perform seamless image-to-text conversions in two to three clicks, but it has limitations. Let's first discuss the how-to guide!

  • Hop onto the official website and upload, drag and drop, or paste your image. You can also paste links or upload images from Google Drive.
extract text from image imagetotext.info
  • Once uploaded, hit submit and wait until the extraction process completes.
  • You can copy text to your clipboard and paste it wherever you want or download it in the .txt file.


The limitations of this method revolve around a lack of formatting preservation and limited support for output formats, as you can only download in the .txt format.

Each of these methods has its own pros and cons, but if you want a text editor that preserves format during extraction, doesn't cause any error, and supports a plethora of formats for editable output files, then UPDF will be your best bet! So, ditch all the cone-featuring ways and download UPDF now!

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Part 3: What Makes UPDF More Than an Image Extractor?

Here comes the most interesting section! UPDF features and expertise aren't limited to text extraction; you can do much more with it. Here is a glimpse into its exclusive features:

PDF Editing

UPDF enables editing text, images, and links. You can remove previous text, add new, or edit font color, font size, and alignment. Image and link editing further add to the flexibility of the editing process.

extract text from image updf edit

PDF Annotation

Whether you are a teacher with a bundle of PDF-based assignments to review or someone else needing annotation, UPDF will be your best bet. It allows adding text boxes, comments, stickers, strike-through text, underlines, or highlighting as needed.

extract text from image updf annotate

PDF Conversion

UPDF enables conversion to and from PDF in 14 formats, including image, Word, Excel, etc. With the innovative OCR technology, you can also convert scanned PDFs or images into editable formats.

extract text from image updf convert


AI integration is what sets UPDF apart from other editors. It allows summarizing, translating, and explaining the content featured in the PDF. You can also ask your PDF multiple questions to better understand its featured content or switch to the UPDF chatbot to ask whatever you want, whether it's related to the opened PDF or not.

extract text from image updf ai

Batch PDF

Superace has developed UPDF to keep the user's ease in mind. This is evident from the Batch PDF feature. Besides performing each step manually, rely on this feature to complete everything simultaneously. With it, you can easily batch convert, combine, insert, print, and encrypt PDFs.

extract text from image batch

In short, this amazing software comes with various innovative and AI-supported features. If you want to dive deeper into more features, we suggest downloading a free trial. Later, you can upgrade to UPDF Pro to unlock more of its premium features, making your life much easier!

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Part 4: FAQs About Extracting Text from Images

Let's now explore answers to a few of the most asked questions relevant to pulling text from images!

Q1. How do I Extract Text from a Handwritten Image?

You can opt for multiple ways, but we suggest using the UPDF. Simply upload your image, convert it into editable format by OCR conversion, save your file, re-open it in Reader mode, select the text, and extract it.

Q2. How do I Copy Text from a Screenshot?

You can copy text from a screenshot with UPDF. Owing to the advanced OCR technology enables converting screenshots into editable file formats that enable not only copying but also editing.

Wrapping It Up

There are multiple reasons why you might need to extract words from images. You can rely on UPDF, Google Drive, Brandolder, or imagetotext.info. However, if we had to choose one out of all these, we would surely go with the UPDF. It's because UPDF is not just a text extractor; it's an all-in-one solution for a plethora of features it supports.

Wait, what? You haven't downloaded UPDF yet? Go, download your free trial now, experience the ease yourself, and then wait no longer to grab your UPDF Pro license, as it's worth it!

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