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5 Preview Apps for Windows: Fast and Powerful

Is the Preview app have a Windows version? The Free Mac Preview app is a great way to view, edit and manage PDF documents in an organized way with minimal effort. Meanwhile, with the rising number of Windows users, the need for a PDF preview app on Windows is also gradually increasing. Meanwhile, if you're also looking for a Preview app for Windows 11/10/8/7, this article lists 5 popular applications.

Part 1: Top 5 Preview Apps for Windows 11/10/8/7

Is the Preview App Available on Windows?

Generally, there isn't any dedicated Preview app for the Windows operating system. However, the good news is that there are many alternatives to use as a Preview app on Windows. Here you will find the list of the best 5 Preview apps for Windows:


preview app for windows updf

Known as the best PDF editing software, UPDF allows users to edit, manage, and view PDF documents without risking document privacy. What's more, with UPDF, users can turn images into PDF files and many other documents in different formats. It also supports converting scanned documents to searchable text documents with the OCR feature. Download it now to experience comfortable PDF viewing experience!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Apparently, when you use UPDF, you don't have to worry about the changing layout or text of your original file because UPDF works with industrial-grade mechanisms. With UPDF, you can also add password protection to your sensitive or confidential files.

Moreover, while reading a PDF document in UPDF, you can switch to dark mode or have a slideshow display. Meanwhile, you can view your PDF in different modes or even save your PDFs in PDF A format without hassles.

Key Features

  • Edit PDF Document: With UPDF, you can easily edit the text by changing font color or size. You can also edit images and links or apply watermarks to your PDF. Backgrounds can also be added within PDFs to improve their outlook.
  • OCR PDF Files: By using OCR technology, UPDF can scan and turn your paper documents into readable and searchable PDFs. This makes it easier to handle different important documents in digital form.
  • Annotate PDF: You can also annotate your PDF by adding underlines, strikeout text, or text boxes. The possibility also includes adding comments or even electronic signatures to the documents.
  • PDF Conversion: If you're looking to convert your PDF into a different format, you can do it by PDF conversion in UPDF. This way, you can turn your PDF file into Word, Text, RTF, Image, and more.

Want to test the above-mentioned features of UPDF? Download it now!

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2. Foxit PDF Editor

Take your PDF editing and management to the next level with Foxit PDF Editor, which is also a Preview for Windows app. With this PDF software, users can view and annotate their PDF files on the go while also adding necessary bookmarks. Meanwhile, this software provides support in 12 languages, which makes it easier for people of different nationalities.

preview for windows foxit

Key Features

  • You can quickly check the editing history of a PDF file, which makes it easier to determine and track changes made.
  • With the availability of OCR scanning, users can make their scanned documents readable and searchable.
  • Creating blank PDFs from scratch is also an option while using Foxit PDF Editor. Hence, you can make PDFs from text, images, and scanned files.

3. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro is another PDF editing and reading tool, apart from being a Preview app for Windows. Subsequently, you cannot only search within your PDF while reading but also change document layout or smoothly scroll pages. Meanwhile, there is an option to annotate your text by underlining, highlights, comments, and more.

 pdf reader pro preview for windows

Key Features

  • You can convert your PDF into different file formats. Also, you can export your JPG, PNG, GIF, or other files into a single PDF.
  • The presence of batch processing allows you to convert multiple files at a single time. Hence, saving a lot of important time.
  • By utilizing OCR functionality, users can extract and edit text from images or scanned files. A total of 9 languages are supported for this feature.

4. Nitro PDF Pro

Making PDF editing simple and easy, Nitro PDF Pro is a trusted Preview for Windows app. After all, the application provides a range of features like PDF editing, converting, annotation, OCR, and much more. In addition, the platform is fully compatible with the Windows operating system. With its intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, anyone can operate this PDF editor for document management tasks.

preview for windows nitro

Key Features

  • You can combine different files into a single PDF, which makes it easier to view, search, share, and collaborate on the content.
  • There is an option for custom PDF editing by which you can add bookmarks, logos, page numbers, watermarks, etc.
  • In fact, you can also add clickable hyperlinks to your text. This way, your text looks more professional.

5. Infix PDF Editor

With Infix PDF Editor, continue editing your PDFs without hassles. This Preview alternative for Windows offers deep PDF editing that allows you to rewrite or change text font, style, and images. Meanwhile, there is an advanced find & replace function that searches target text and replaces it with the desired text. With Bates numbering and PDF comparison, save your crucial time on document management.

preview app for windows infix

Key Features

  • With the available spell checker, locate spelling mistakes within your text. This facility is available in up to 15 languages.
  • You can create your PDF forms or even fill those provided by others. This is an ideal PDF editing functionality.
  • Compare different PDF documents by determining the underlying differences and content summary.

Part 2: Comparing the 5 Preview Apps for Windows Alternatives

This article illustrated 5 different Preview apps for Windows. But which is the best among all of them? Let's compare them with the table below:

UPDFFoxit PDF EditorPDF Reader ProNitro PDF ProInfix PDF Editor
InterfaceColorful, Friendly, and EngagingGreatGreatGreatOutdated
LagNoA little bitA little bitA little bitYes
Batch FeaturesYesYesYesYesNo
PricingAnnual: $29.99 Perpetual: $49.99PDF Editor Pro +12: $149/yearPremium: $59.99Nitro PDF Pro: $179.99Monthly: $9.99 Single User: $99 Enterprise: $1995
Overall Rating5/54.7/54.55/54.65/54.2/5

After a detailed comparison, we can say that the UPDF is the best PDF toolkit among all the Preview alternatives for Windows. It provides all the advanced features at a reasonable price with no lag. Moreover, it is blazing-fast and can handle multiple documents of any size. Download it and have a try!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Though some features are paid, it still offers a free trial. By the way, it is now on a big sale and users can get UPDF Pro with AI feature at a discounted price!

Part 3: How to Use the Best Preview App for Windows

Concurrently, UPDF is the best Preview app for the Windows operating system. After all, this app allows users to view and edit their documents by means of editing, annotating, converting, and OCR. To process these functionalities, follow these steps:

1: Edit the PDF File

To edit PDF text, launch UPDF on your computer, and import your PDF file by clicking the "Open File" Tab. Afterward, access the "Edit PDF" option from the left panel and edit the text, image, or link by double-clicking on them. To add new content to the document, use the "Text," "Image," or "Link" option from the editing toolbar. Learn more on how to edit a PDF.

preview app for windows edit pdf

2: Annotate the Document

For annotating your PDF, press the "Comments" icon from the toolbar on your screen's left side. You will see different annotation markup tools, select them, and apply them to desired areas of the document. You can also edit the annotation tools as needed. Learn more on how to annotate a PDF.

preview app for windows annotate pdf

3: Convert the PDF Document

To convert your PDF, click the "Export PDF" tool from the right side of the screen. Different file formats will appear. Select your chosen format, and adjust output settings from the settings window. Press the "Export" button, set the file destination folder, and click "Save."

preview app for windows convert pdf

4: Convert the Scanned Documents to Editable

To apply OCR to your PDF documents, click the "Recognize Text Using OCR" icon from the toolbar on the right of the screen. You will see the document type options where you have to set the layout, language, resolution, page range, and more. Afterward, press the "Perform OCR" button to select the file location and click "Save." Learn more about how to convert scanned PDFs to editable ones.

preview app for windows ocr

Try the amazing features of UPDF now by downloading it.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 4: FAQs on Preview App for Windows

1. What is the Preview app?

The Preview app is a free PDF viewer only for Mac users. While using the Preview app, you can view, edit, and annotate your PDFs, as well as images. You can also merge PDF files or protect them using password protection to enhance file security.

Meanwhile, the Preview app also allows you to fill in essential forms or sign official documents in simplified standards. The possibility also includes compressing, exporting, and printing the PDFs. Besides, the platform is straightforward to use.

2. Can I Get the Preview app on Windows?

No, you cannot get the Preview app on Windows because Preview is a dedicated app for macOS only. However, you can use the Preview app on Windows by installing the virtual machine in your Windows and then installing the macOS operating system in it.

3. Why is there no Preview app in Windows?

This is because Preview is a built-in application for macOS devices. Thus, it's available and supported only for Mac users.

4. How do I download the Preview app on Windows 11?

You cannot download the Preview app on your Windows 11, but you can definitely use an alternative app. Apparently, UPDF is the best PDF Preview app for Windows.


To summarize, the Preview app is the built-in app to view, edit and manage PDF documents on macOS devices. But as a Windows user, you can use alternative tools for modifying and adjusting your PDFs. Meanwhile, in this article, you discovered 5 popular Preview alternatives for Windows. Moreover, you also learned about UPDF, which is an excellent utility for document management, editing, and collaboration. Download it now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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