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Password Protect Photos On iPhone: Best Tools To Secure Images (iOS 17 Included)

Any mobile user is bound to be very cautious of his or her privacy and data. In the present day, we all save our memories and share important visuals by capturing them in the form of photos. There is no doubt that the quality of pictures clicked on an iPhone 15 are unparalleled. However, it is likely that you will want to password protect photos on iPhone. After all, you do not want anyone to access some of your personal or confidential photos.

Method 1. How to Password Protect Photos on iPhone with UPDF

iPhone 15 users often want to protect their iPhone or iPad photos from prying eyes that might obtain access to the device. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide an out of the box option to do so. While it is possible to put password on photos in an iPhone 15, iPhone 15 users often ask "Can you password protect hidden photos on iPhone 15?" Unfortunately, the answer is no.

However, as technology evolves, it is possible to password protect hidden photos on iPhone 15. Users can use the popular UPDF for iOS app to protect any photos (hidden or otherwise) using a password on their iPhone devices.

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UPDF is a seamless and intuitive file manager application. The app comes with extensive features to help you organize PDF files and keep them protected at all times. It also allows you to password protect photos on iPhone 15. The application enables you to upload, copy, view, download, organize, protect, and share PDF documents on your device.

If you want to learn how to put password on photos on iPhone 15, follow the below steps - 

Step 1. Download and install the UPDF app on your iPhone 15. The free version allows you to protect up to 10 items. However, if you are trying to understand how to put password on hidden photos iPhone 15 and you have more than 10 items, you can easily purchase and register UPDF.

Step 2. To start password protection of your photos, you first need to add them to the Security Space.

Step 3. Permit the access attempt when prompted. This is the method you protect your photos on iPhone 15.

Step 4. To add files, use the "+" symbol on the bottom right of Security Space. Select the appropriate import options and bring files in there from a location of your choice.

Note: Security Space is a location in the UPDF app. This space in the app can be protected with a passcode or Face ID. Users can restrict access to photos in this space.

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Method 2. How to Lock Photos on iPhone with the Notes App

Another hack to password protect photos on iPhone 15 is to use the Notes app. The app gives you the ability to lock your photos on iPhone 15. iPhone 15 users can achieve this by following the below steps - 

Step 1. Launch the Notes app and proceed towards creating a new Note.

Step 2. You will see a camera icon above the keyboard. Tap on the same. This will also provide you an option to "Choose Photo or Video". Once you click on this option you can select the media files that you wish to password protect.

Step 3. Confirm the media files you wish to protect by tapping on "Add". You will now see the 3 dots icon on the top right of the app. Expand the options by tapping on it. Select the "Lock" option.

Step 4. You will now be able to create a password for your files. Ensure to type the password again and re-verify the password you are setting. If you are a forgetful person, you might want to add a hint for the password. Proceed towards locking the files by tapping the padlock icon on the top right.

Step 5. To check if you got all the steps right, select "View Note" and enter the password you had set. Ensure that your photos are in the note as expected and you are indeed able to access them.

Step 6. At this point, you can go ahead and delete these files from your gallery. They will still be available in your Notes app. Of course you can access them only by entering the password.

Each time you are done looking at the password protected photos, you will need to click on the lock icon to lock them again. You can choose to remove the lock by tapping the three dots in the top right corner and then tapping "Remove".

In this way you can password protect photos on iPhone 15 using the Notes app. 


Indeed, the answer to the question can you put a password on hidden photos seems to be yes. While this blog described 2 ways to achieve this. The UPDF app is much more recommended. The UPDF app is an industry standard app and is extremely intuitive. As you can see it is faster to password protect photos on iPhone 15 using UPDF. UPDF can also connect to your PC wireless over the same Wi-Fi network. It offers advanced features such as cloud sharing, PDF annotations, Security Space, password protection for the app, multi-finger selection. These features are not available with any other app on iPhone 15. The unique trash management system also keeps trash on your iPhone 15 in control. Therefore UPDF is the most recommended app to password protect hidden photos iPhone 15.

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