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A Review of Top 10 HEIC to PDF Converters: Pick the Best

The HEIC image format used by Apple created a lot of compatibility issues for Windows and Android users when it was first released. Of course, Windows 10 and Windows 11 now support HEIF and HEIC files with the Photos app, and Android 9.0 Pie brought in HEIC support as well. Nevertheless, if you need to share these images with a wide target audience, it's better to convert such files into a more acceptable format such as PDF. But which is the best HEIC to PDF converter? And what does 2023 have in store for us? Let's find out.

Top 10 HEIC to PDF Converter Tools

For your convenience, we've segregated this list into two categories - HEIC to PDF converters for mobile (iOS) and for desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux.) The first group comprises apps that you can either download from the Apple App Store for your iPhone or iPad, while the second lists useful HEIC to PDF conversion tools for the desktop environment.

1. UPDF for iOS and iPadOS

UPDF for iOS is essentially a file manager for iOS that offers HEIC to PDF conversion and several critical tools to manage media, documents, and media files. It comes with a Security Space for users to secure their private and confidential files, and also includes useful tools for compressing and merging files.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Key Features

  • Multiple file import methods - Computer (wireless), Files, and Photos
  • Easy file management with folder creation, moving files, etc.
  • Security Space to protect sensitive information
  • Full biometric and passcode compatibility to restrict app access
  • File compression, file merging, file conversion (HEIC to PDF)
  • It is a picture to PDF app and you can turn your photos into PDF easily. You can also create a blank PDF.
  • Scan to PDF from any paper document, receipt, etc. It is very easy to scan image to PDF with UPDF on iPhone.
  • Annotate PDF, such as, add text, electronic signature on PDF document, etc.


This app is extremely useful for power users who use their iOS devices for official and personal use. The security and file management features are designed to work with the latest iOS features, and the utility includes useful PDF tools for file merging, compression, and, of course, HEIC to PDF conversion. All of this is presented on an easy-to-use interface with a zero learning curve, which makes it the perfect tool for first-time users.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

#2: The Image Format Converter

This premium iOS app is a comprehensive HEIC conversion solution for iOS devices. It comes with rich features and supports a range of file conversions such as HEIC to PDF and HEIC to other image formats. It supports multiple conversions (batch conversion) and is very simple to use, which means it is another excellent app for users with minimal experience.

Key Features

  • Multiple file formats supported
  • Batch conversion process
  • Easy to filter images by type
  • Control output size and quality

#3: Photos to PDF Converter

This HEIC to PDF converter is free to use, and you can upgrade to the full version to enjoy extended features such as unlimited conversions, PDF quality adjustment, etc. It's a great tool to convert your HEIC images to PDFs as an album or just as individual shots. It also offers a range of online sharing options, which makes it easier to convert files and send them to others on social media and other channels.

Key Features

  • Works with several image formats
  • PDF conversions are done on the device - enhanced data security
  • Controls to define margins and layouts prior to conversion

#4: Files App

The native Files app on your iOS device comes with an HEIC to PDF conversion feature that's useful when sharing with non-iOS users. It might seem a little primitive and you won't see any advanced controls but this should get you through a tight spot when you're stuck and no other options are available. The process is as simple as long-pressing an HEIC photo in your Files app and choosing "Create PDF" from the menu options.

Key Features

  • Excellent conversion quality
  • No other installations or downloads required
  • Simple to use for both individual and bulk conversion

#5: Photos App

The Photos app on iOS devices is another useful utility when you need to convert just one or a few HEIC files to PDF for the purpose of sharing. It's very easier to use: select one or more images in the Photos app and use the Action menu listed on the bottom left of your device screen - this will automatically convert your selected HEICs to PDF. You can click "Done" when you finish, and directly view the converted files after the process is over.

Key Features

  • Native app for iOS - no additional apps required
  • Convenient features such as printing, slideshow creation, album creation, etc.
  • Multiple images are saved as a single PDF file

Now that we've seen some of the best iOS apps for HEIC to PDF conversion, let's look at some robust desktop solutions that are suitable for bulk HEIC to PDF conversion and come with a range of other features and capabilities.

#6: PDF Expert

PDF Expert is actually available both for iPhone/iPad as well as Mac, but the Mac version comes with a whole lot of extra features to support common PDF tasks such as editing, file compression, and combining PDFs. The conversion capabilities are limited in that it doesn't support a wide range of file formats; however, it's a great HEIC to PDF converter that you can work on across your Mac as well as mobile devices running iOS and iPadOS.

Key Features

  • PDF editing
  • File merging
  • File size reduction
  • Conversion to PDF

#7: PDFpen

Another great Mac app for HEIC to PDF conversion is PDFpen, which offers optimization controls when converting images to PDFs. You can change the downsampling resolution for images, choose a different color scheme, change the size of the files, and more. One of the best features is the OCR or Optical Character Recognition, which can convert image-based text into editable text in a PDF file.

Key Features

  • Edit and annotate PDFs
  • OCR to convert non-interactive text to editable text
  • PDF page organizing
  • Digital signature support
  • Cloud integration with iCloud and Dropbox

#8: Permute

This Mac app is as simple as it is powerful. The conversion process is as simple as dropping an HEIC image into the app interface, selecting PDF as the output, defining the output folder, and clicking the "Start" button to convert the file. It also comes with useful features such as video merging, etc, making it a versatile media conversion tool for Mac users.

Key Features

  • A wide range of media file formats supported
  • Great conversion quality
  • Useful features such as video subtitling and merging

#9: Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a multiplatform PDF viewing and reading utility that comes with a built-in conversion function. It only converts one HEIC at a time but the conversion quality is excellent so it's definitely worth checking it out. The app is very easy to use and designed to work well with its native OS environment, whether that's Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Key Features

  • Best HEIC converter for Windows
  • Create PDF portfolios from images
  • Ideal for form filling and data export from forms
  • Annotations, e-signing, and advanced PDF tools

#10: GIMP

The hugely popular GIMP application is a versatile image management tool, but it is also a very good HEIC to PDF conversion utility. It allows you to edit images and enhance their quality so the conversion is top-notch when you get the final PDF output. The image editing tools are extensive and include color and palette tools, cropping and scaling, layers, merging, etc.

Key Features

  • Exhaustive image editing tools
  • Accurate conversion quality
  • Multiple ways to convert HEIC to PDF

What's the Best HEIC to PDF Converter for 2023?

Now that we've briefly reviewed several iOS/iPadOS apps as well as desktop apps, how do we choose the best HEIC to PDF converter? Logically, since HEIC images are generated on iPhones or iPads, it's good to have your conversion tool at the source, which means iOS apps are more convenient. You can quickly convert one or more files to PDF right after the shots are taken. And if you have photos that you'd like to keep private, you need an app that offers that as well. From this long list of best HEIC to PDF converters, we pick UPDF.

UPDF is a versatile file management tool, supports folder creation and management, offers a secure location to save private files, and comes with several additional tools for converting, compressing, merging, and sharing PDF and other file formats in a secure environment. What's more, you can link it wirelessly to your computer, which makes it easy to move files back and forth without hassling with cables, adapters, and what not! In our opinion, that makes it the best HEIC to PDF converter to consider as we welcome 2023.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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