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How to Create PDF on iPad? 2 Ways (iOS 17 Compatible)

PDF is a universal format for keeping document layouts and content consistent across multiple platforms, including web, Windows, Android, iOS, Android, etc. However, to create PDF on iPad, you need a tool that can either create a blank PDF or create a PDF from another file type. The best iPad tool for this is UPDF, a comprehensive file management app for iOS and iPadOS that has a built-in converter to generate the required PDF files from a blank template or a different file format such as an image file. Let’s look at UPDF and how to create PDFs from various sources on an iPad.

How to Create a PDF on iPad

UPDF for iOS allows you to not only create a PDF file but also add text and annotations to existing or converted PDFs as well as image files. This flexibility, along with its wide range of features, makes it one of the best tools to manage document workflows on your iPad.

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UPDF allows you to create PDFs in two different ways. The first method is to create a PDF as a blank file with or without a background; the second one can be used to convert photos to PDF or import them as PDFs. The first process is described below, along with instructions to annotate the new PDF and add text.

Step 1: Create a New PDF on iPad

  • On the bottom-right corner of the UPDF app, you'll see a "+" symbol that you can tap to access the main menu.
  • In the main menu, tap on "Create PDF".
  • Choose a background option for the new PDF file - the options are Blank, Lined, Dotted, Grid and Graph.
  • The PDF file will be generated and saved in the current UPDF folder - tap to open it.

Step 2: Add Text to the PDF

Now that your new file is open, you can add text to it using the Pen tool, as described below:

  • Tap a PDF file to open it in UPDF. And click the Pen tool.
  • Now, choose "Text" in the extended menu.
  • Tap the text box that appears; this will allow you to input text using your virtual keyboard.
  • You can now reposition or resize your text input using the border handles - you can also change the font, size, color, alignment, and other attributes.
  • Tap small arrow on the top left corner and click "Save", your text will be saved with the PDF file.

Step 3: Annotate PDF

You can also annotate the text that you've added. These annotations can be used to highlight content in different ways and even add text boxes for reviews and comments. Here's the process:

  • As soon as you open a PDF file in UPDF, tap pen tool, select one out of other options such as Pen, Markup, Text, Shapes and Note.
  • You can also use the color palette to use a specific color, and it includes a color-picker as well, in case you need to match the color of the annotation with a color already present on the document.
  • Apply the selected annotation with your finger and tap small arrow on the top left corner, choose "Save" once you're finished.

Using these three steps, you can easily create a PDF, add text, and annotate the file on your iPad.

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How to Create a PDF on iPad from a Photo

Image-to-PDF conversions typically require a specialized tool, and UPDF has one built-in so you can import image files and convert them to PDF. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Import Photo to UPDF

  • Tap "+" in the main file view and select the Photos app as the source location to import from.
  • Choose one or more photos to import by tapping them individually or sliding your finger to select multiple files or entire albums.

Step 2: Convert Photo to PDF

  • Long-press an image icon or tap the More menu (...) below the photo.
  • To select multiple photos, tap the checkbox on the top right and make your selections, then tap the More menu.
  • In the menu, tap on "Convert to PDF".
  • The image or images you selected will be converted to PDF files and saved in the same folder with the same name but a different file extension.


Although UPDF makes the 'create PDF on iPad' process super simple, it is not just a PDF creator. It can be used to effectively manage your PDF workflows from a single interface. This helps save a tremendous amount of time because it aggregates diverse features, as described below:

  • File merging
  • File compression
  • Folder and file management
  • Security Space protected by a special security code as well as your device security measures such as your passcode or biometric access
  • Lock the app and prevent unauthorized access even if the phone itself is unlocked
  • Scan documents to create PDFs
  • Add color tags to files to be better organized
  • Make annotations on PDFs
  • Edit PDF
  • UPDF Cloud supports 1GB for file uploading (subscribers has 10GB limit)
  • Create and manage folders
  • Create electronic signature to PDF files

With so many versatile capabilities, UPDF is your best option for a comprehensive file management solution on iPads and other iOS/iPadOS devices.

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