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Boosting Your Productivity: Top 10 Remote Work Tools You Need to Try in 2024

The world has transitioned from basic operations to swift procedures, relative to the proactive models built in the form of machinery, tools, and services. People look for productive work, which calls for more work in lesser time. This is more than a myth, as remote work tools have made it possible for users to increase their work productivity tenfold.

This article takes up the mantle of discussing the best remote working software available in today's market to step up your working dynamics.

Part 1: Top 10 Tools for Remote Work in 2023

For this part, we have separated 10 exceptional tools according to their functionality and how they promote the system's productivity. Go through these tools to find the perfect option that would benefit you in your work.

PDF Document Management and Note-Taking App


When it comes to managing your everyday documents, you need to have a dedicated platform that manages all the documents that you go through in the day. While providing effective readability systems, it should contain the necessary features that are required to edit or update the documents. UPDF is one such remote work tool that covers all the basic requirements of document management and note-taking system.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Key Features
  • Set up proper comments or notes across a PDF document with the help of the commenting feature on UPDF.
  • Sign PDF documents of your choice by keyboard, mouse, or trackpad with personalized settings.
  • You can add, remove, and edit text, images, links in PDF files with ease.
  • Share the edited PDF documents from UPDF directly to ease the process of collaborating with other users.
  • It has an OCR PDF function that facilitates the conversion of scanned documents.
  • Support desktop Windows and Mac, and mobile iOS and Android.
  • Powerful features like edit, annotate, convert, merge, combine, protect, flatten PDF and etc.
  • It has a beautiful and simple UI interface.

2. Evernote

Project management calls for an organized system, which is only achievable with a tool that keeps everything that you have to cover. Note-taking and project planning seem basic; however, it truly needs to be managed through a tool in this era. Evernote features a progressive system that captures everything, keeps all the data that you save, and makes notes for you that are visible to you at all times according to priority.

Key Features
  • You can synchronize the notes across all devices so that you can have access to them at all times.
  • Segregate your information and notes according to priority in days.
  • Integrates with Google Calendar to make your work highly effective and covered in time.
  • Save every important document, website, and blog across Evernote with ease.
  • Offers note templates that can be edited and reused at any instant.

Remote Team Management Tool

1. ProofHub

A well-managed team is equivalent to a well-managed project. Whenever a company eyes on covering their projects on time, they look for a good remote team management tool. ProofHub offers a system that allows managers to plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects of relative size and deliverables. This seems to be the perfect remote working software that can be utilized for setting up the deliverables for the team in an organized manner.

Key Features
  • Configure client and team discussions across a single platform instead of long email threads.
  • Organize details, steps of the project procession, and priority tasks within a single platform.
  • Plan out projects with the help of effective Gantt Charts and Kanban Boards for workflow management.
  • Integrates with multiple tools for proficient project management.
  • Gain a complete overview and history of the team tasks and their statuses.

2. Slack

Slack transforms the complete project management procedure and offers managers a platform that allows them to complete everything across a single platform. It provides a place that is suitable for everyone to communicate and collaborate on project proceedings. While promoting work productivity, it transforms the workflow of the users through focused observation of the project that is underway.

Key Features
  • Set up channels across Slack for effective communication with the team and clients, along with a platform that allows them to share files and other tools.
  • Slack collaborates and integrates with multiple services and tools, which range to about 2200 in number.
  • The platform allows you to automate routine actions and project communication, which increases the speed of functionality for everyone in the system.
  • It protects the data that is being shared and presented across the platform.
  • Use personal encryption keys on Slack to gain control and accessibility to the data that is shared and managed on Slack.

Project Management Software

1. Trello

If you come across the best remote collaboration tools software, Trello is among the best options that can be used to assess the conditions in your team and their procession. As it helps you in moving forward with your team, you can effectively develop your projects and conclude them in perfection. It makes it easy for your team to get done with the project, regardless of how difficult it is. All of this is possible with an organized setup that is achieved through Trello.

Key Features
  • Helps automate tasks and workflow for effective procedural settlement of project.
  • Includes different plug-ins that help team members link tools.
  • Set tasks in order and keep track of deadlines with the project management tool.
  • It helps increase productivity by empowering the workflow of every member involved in the project.
  • Provides industry-relevant templates that allow users to have a perfect blueprint for proceeding with the project.

2. Hive

Productivity platforms are always great for project management. Tools that help users to manage projects quickly always stand out in the process. Hive is one such remote collaboration tool that enhances the collaboration of users and allows them to set their project tasks in a better way. As it associates with all ways of working, it provides use cases for all kinds of users, ranging from marketing and project management to educational purposes.

Key Features
  • Enhances the workflow of the projects that are complex to execute.
  • Helps visualize multiple projects across a single platform with the help of an appropriate viewing system.
  • Includes a personal to-do list for users to manage their tasks effectively.
  • Manage time of the project with time-tracking tools and resourcing materials.
  • Includes an in-app messenger to allow team members to communicate in a better way.

Video and Screen Sharing Tool

1. Zoom

Any project demands clear communication across the team and the client. Amidst such requirements, the need of a proper video communication platform is necessary that provides more than just video conferencing solutions. Zoom has been here for a while, setting itself as a platform that is the perfect option for video and screen sharing. It makes itself the ideal choice for chatting, webinars, and virtual events.

Key Features
  • It offers a complete Whiteboard system to help users corroborate properly.
  • Provides multiple integrations and bots that can be used with Zoom to improve video communication.
  • Dedicated event-creating platform that allows users to host virtual events that would be effectively utilized for the project.
  • Flexible in operability, allowing users to manage their work with other users through video communications.
  • Provides a dedicated Zoom Contact Center as an omnichannel platform.

2. Nextiva

Nextiva is a great remote working software that can be pretty effective in helping you run your business. As it enables you to connect yourselves with the business applications, it builds up a clear and effective system that not only helps you integrate yourselves with the team members and build perfect customer service with its integrated solutions. Nextiva helps you set yourselves a proper business phone system that eases communication.

Key Features
  • Provides multiple sources of communication within a business through a single platform, including phone, text, video, email, and instant-messaging tools.
  • Features service tools that enhance the service system of your business.
  • Includes a Call Pop feature that displays the important caller screen on your front.
  • It offers an insight into voice analytics for improving the functionality of the business.
  • Enhances collaboration with multi-platform support.

Time Management Tool

1. Kickidler

Is your time not managed properly across a project? Want to track what is stopping you from managing your project deadlines properly? Kickidler provides a perfect tracking and monitoring system that helps to keep checking everything happening in the project management system. With its perfect time tracking, you can have a clear overview of everything that can be used to increase productivity.

Key Features
  • Provides a complete source of time tracking that is automated and unbiased in providing results.
  • It helps managers overlook the desktops of other users to find the reasons for the mismanagement of time.
  • Includes a keylogger feature in the package, which helps users maintain track of what is happening in the procession of the project.
  • It contains a complete system of Data Leak and loss protection system, which helps you ensure data security.
  • Provides reports of work time which helps in the assessment of the time management across a project.

2. Teamwork

Effortless management of work is possible with Teamwork, a tool essentially designed to manage projects and their time period of completion. With a clear assessment of the available window for completing the project, the tool helps in ensuring that the user can utilize the maximum of their time in covering prioritized work to increase the output of their workflow. Teamwork has been built under a maintained environment, which covers the client's work with proficiency.

Key Features
  • Increase the business's profitability by managing the time of completing tasks across a project.
  • It helps set the complete portfolio that can be used to allure clients without halting the workflow.
  • It offers a complete-time tracking toolkit that helps monitor the conditions across the project management.
  • Bring your client’s project across the platform without providing any assorted cost.
  • Collaborate and enhance the time efficiency with the built-in tools for corroboration.

Part 2: Best 5 Remote Work Skills You Need to Know

Apart from understanding the remote work tools that enhance the workflow, it is essential to be aware of the skills that can be utilized to enhance the workflow, along with the use of these tools. A tardy mind can never be enhanced with the tools. There are some skills that one should know whenever putting themselves into a professional career:

1. Independence

Whenever you are covering project tasks in the remote system, it is necessary to schedule work according to your conditions. Although there are specific requirements of the workplace that you are collaborating with, it is necessary for you to be your boss in executing work. Mental peace leads to being resourceful, which eventually benefits those with whom you are working.

2. Experience with Remote Tools

Along with using tools, it is necessary to have proper knowledge of remote working tools. Without any knowledge, they would come to more of a liability as compared to enhancing productivity. You should have a proper understanding and testing of the remote tools that you tend to use in the professional space. Experience is the only thing that drives you to succeed in such scenarios.

3. Organization and Planning

Be a person that organizes and plans their tasks properly. You need to understand this skill, as this helps you in making your day productive with work and other tasks. Although remote work sounds more manageable, it can become equally difficult if you are not organized with your work. A proper planning of your tasks and procedural execution is necessary to ensure control across your remote job.

4. Collaboration

Collaboration is quite challenging in remote work. However, without this, it is impossible to ensure a smooth workflow of the project that you are working on. You need to enhance your communication, not only with the tools but also to build a temperament that would help you collaborate properly with your teammates. As you establish a proper relationship with them, collaboration becomes easier and simpler.

5. Self-Motivation

This is, without a doubt, the most necessary trait to complete anything in your life. If you work remotely, you need to have the motivation to get out of bed and work on the tasks that you are assigned. Without any motivation, it is nearly impossible to complete tasks. You would never build a working mindset in your life, which is a big 'no' for your professional future.


This article has featured some exclusive remote work tools that can be utilized across your remote work. With the help of these tools, you can ensure a cohesive workflow and complete all tasks properly. If you are a manager, these tools are necessary to ensure the completion of projects in the longer run.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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