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JPG vs. PDF:  The Best Format to Use for Daily Communication

Sharing images and files across multiple platforms has become a norm on the internet. The format you choose for your pictures, files, and text depends on the various applications that can open your file. Although there are many formats, PDF and JPG provide you with the best quality. Therefore, having a basic knowledge of the difference between JPEG and PDF can save time and resources.  

PDF is mainly a file format that can store your texts and handle image-based documents. However, JPG format is more suitable for images you can share across different platforms. Therefore, this article will provide you with a direct JPG vs. PDF comparison.

Part 1: What is a JPG Format?

JPG is an image file format that is most commonly used in storing images and photographs. JPG mainly comes in two other categories; one is to store pictures, and the other is the digital cameras to capture images. You can also compress a large image file into a shareable file format to share your photogenic pictures on various platforms. This image format is also ideal for uploading images on social media, email messages, and even blog posts.


  • If we compare PDF vs. JPG format, JPG has a huge advantage where you convert your image file into a much smaller file size. This means you can get a faster page load and a better user experience.  
  • By utilizing JPG format, you are able to easily share your images on the internet for people to view. Therefore, this eliminates the need for any program to view your image file online.  
  • The JPG format is compatible with most hardware devices, such as scanners and monitors.


  • One of the disadvantages of JPG format is that it ruins the quality of your image format if you compress it into smaller sizes. The algorithm compresses the images within the same color and tiles.
  • It has a lossy compression technique and is not suitable for printing as well. Compressing an image in JPG format can cause a loss of the actual contents, which is the main difference between JPG and PDF.
  • JPG images also do not support layered images, meaning that graphic designers cannot manipulate and edit any graphic images according to their needs and requirements.

Part 2: What is PDF Format?

PDF helps you display documents like images, store texts, 3D objects, etc. You can also share your files and documents, like images and text, across various computer devices without incompatibility issues. Moreover, PDF is the most reliable file format users rely on as it preserves your files in their original form and size. Also, it even provides encryption features that are best for statements, contracts, and other confidential documents you might have.


  • PDF is a highly reliable and high-quality format that serves you with original image design and also a copy of the image. It is ideal for file sharing and assures that images and documents stay the same.
  • It is ideal for interactive and print designs as you can customize and export your images and documents accordingly and share them online. It is a main advantage of PDF format in JPG and PDF difference.  
  • If you are looking for consistency across various devices, then PDF format is the best option. It will give you the same result view from your phone and computer.


  • PDF files, especially those that include high-resolution images and graphics, are difficult to share via email or upload to websites with file size restrictions.
  • The complex formatting of a PDF can sometimes cause issues when the document is viewed on different devices or when converting to other formats.
  • Once a document is saved in PDF format, it becomes much more challenging to edit. Text editing is limited and often requires specialized software.

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Part 3: What's the Difference between PDF and JPG/JPEG

As we have discussed the JPG vs. PDF difference, we have learned that both these file formats are used for saving and sharing content on the internet. When it comes to displaying images and documents, each of the formats has its pros and cons. Therefore, let's take a deeper look at JPG and PDF's specific functions through the following table.

StorageLesser storage requiredMore storage required
CompressionLoss of quality after compressionProvide high-quality compression
EdibilityLimited options to customize contentEdit, annotate, convert, and organize PDF  content.
Suitability of PrintingNot suitable for printingCompatible with printing media
UsesBest for storing or sharing visuals and still images.Suitable for sending pictures, text, 3D objects, documents, and much more.
Text Support
File Suffix.jpg.pdf

Part 4: How to Convert JPG and PDF Formats to Each Other?

When you require a trustworthy solution for switching between JPG and PDF formats, UPDF is here to simplify the process. In addition to this conversion, this multi-functional tool transforms PDF into popular formats such as Word, Excel, XML, TIFF, and PPT. It can also convert your files into an image format while retaining the preferred layout. 

Moreover, UPDF's OCR technology converts your scanned documents, images, and paper documents into editable files. You can import multiple files on this exquisite tool that offers batch conversion to carry out your desired conversions. As mentioned before, you can carry out both kinds of conversions with the help of this multi-dimensional PDF converter.

To get this PDF converter, click on the "Free Download" button and try it today to witness the seamless transformations of your files. Moreover, if you upgrade to UPDF Pro now, you will get a big discount on your purchase.  

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Guide to Convert JPG to PDF

The transformation of your JPG image into PDFs using UPDF is a straightforward procedure that streamlines file management and sharing. Below, you will find easy-to-follow steps for efficiently completing this task.

Step 1: Launch UPDF and Import JPG File

Initiate the process by launching UPDF on your devices and accessing its main interface. Now, select the "File" option at the top bar, where you will be given a drop-down menu. Choose the "Create" option from the given menu to access the "PDF from Image" button on the tool. Afterward, browse the JPG file from the system and click the "Select" button to import the file for the conversion.

Step 2: Save the JPG Image as a PDF Using the Export Feature

Once you have imported your JPG file on UPDF, access the right toolbar to save your file into a PDF format. At the right side of the window, select the "Save as Other" icon and choose the option of "Save As" from the expanded options. Now, you have a converted file from JPG to PDF with you while using UPDF.

Guide to Convert PDF to JPG

Now, let's explore a new approach to converting PDFs into JPGs using UPDF, allowing you to customize your files for different purposes. In the following section, you can get a sequential guide to convert your documents into an image format.

Step 1: Import the PDF File to Carry Out JPG to PDF Conversion

Once you have launched UPDF, select the "Open File" button from the main window to select the PDF file from the device. After importing the file, hit the "Export PDF" icon on the right side of your screen. Now, from the newly appeared sub-window, access the "Image" format from the available options.

Step 2: Select the Output Format and Export JPG File

After accessing the image's file format, the "Output Format" window will appear where you need to choose the image format as "JPG." Here, you have the customization options of setting page range and the number of pages to get only odd or even pages in the converted form. After making your desired changes, select the "Export" button to get your converted file from PDF to JPG.

Video guide on How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows


To conclude the article, you must have learned what is the difference between JPEG and PDF. Now, you can confidently choose between the two formats for your text and images. Whatever format you choose, the most effective editor to convert PDF into JPG or JPG into PDF is UPDF editing software. It is a powerful tool that can easily manage and adjust your documents efficiently on various operating systems.

UPDF editing feature lets you customize, edit, and organize your document content according to your requirements. Moreover, the OCR feature enables you to convert your scanned images into editable ones. Therefore, UPDF is the most recommended editing tool that can convert your files using its AI-powered tools. So, click on the "Free Download" button below to get the full advantage of this PDF converter.

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