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How to Sharpen a Blurry PDF Online and Offline for Improved Readability

Did you stumble over a blurry document and wondering how to read it? In an age, so dominated by technology, nothing is a problem anymore. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a smart way of deciphering poorly visible cryptic handwriting or scanned PDFs.

In case you are still confused about OCR, you're in luck! This article will explore how to sharpen PDFs for improved readability in detail. We have also listed the 3 best ways to do it online! So, buckle up because there is a lot to learn!

Part 1. How to Sharpen PDF to Fix Blurry Text Offline

Whether it is to make text recognizable or extract images from a document, OCR opens a range of possibilities to improve readability. Its smart function can seamlessly sharpen blurry text and enhance the clarity of documents.

But when a poor internet connection leaf you stranded, unable to access it online- we have the perfect solution for it: UPDF!

UPDF is a comprehensive PDF tool, that fosters all PDF needs in just one application. The all-encompassing feature set has an antidote for any PDF problem. Besides being AI-integrated, UPDF supports OCR for unparalleled ease to improve document readability.

Steps to Use the OCR Feature to Sharpen a PDF

Here is how to use UPDF's OCR feature.

  1. Download the UPDF application. Launch the application and add your credentials.

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  1. Click on "Open File" to open your PDFs with UPDF.
  2. Navigate your cursor to the right toolbar and click "Recognize Text Using OCR". If you are using it for the first time, a prompt window will ask download it. Click Download to begin.
sharpen pdf UPDF Recognize Text Using OCR
  1. Once installed, navigate the cursor again to the OCR icon. You will have the option for document type: Searchable PDF and Image Only PDF. Choose Searchable PDF, and select layout as "Text and Pictures Only".
sharpen pdf UPDF Layout
  1. Select a Document Language, Page Range, and Image Resolution for accurate text recognition. Click "Perform OCR" to finalize.
  2. After a few seconds, you will see an improved version of the document. Now, click "Edit PDF" in the top toolbar to edit or annotate your documents in real time!
sharpen pdf UPDF Perform OCR

Phew! Just a few clicks and you can easily improve the readability, of your otherwise unreadable document by length. UPDF is simple and easy to use. Download it now to try it yourself. You can also watch the video below to give you a better understanding of the OCR process.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

UPDF is currently at an unmatchable discount of 61%, so don't forget to try it yourself! With just one subscription, access it on 4 devices (Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android). Don't forget to give it a go!

Part 2. How to Sharpen PDF Blurry Text Online with 3-Way

UPDF is a great application to use OCR offline. But here are some alternatives to consider with online support.

1. How to Sharpen PDF Images with ASPOSE

ASPOSE is a free, online application that offers a multitude of features for different file formats. Users can create portfolios, resize files, edit templates, create GIFs and much more. One specific feature that impressed us is the Image Sharpening. Within seconds, ASPOSE can make dull, washed images clearer.

Here is how to use ASPOSE's Image Sharpening Feature:

  1. Open ASPOSE online on your PC. From the left-hand side, choose the Sharpen Image feature.
  2. Click on Browse to select a PDF file from a local destination on your PC. A pop-up window will open. Navigate and open your file.
  3. It will take a few minutes to recognize the file and its contents. Click on Sharpen to apply Image filters on pictures.
  4. Both images will be presented in parallel. Click Download to save the new file locally.
sharpen pdf ASPOSE

Aspose is very easy to use but offers only limited image clarity options. It is a great option for simple image-sharpening tasks.

2. How to Sharpen PDF Blurry Text Online with ScanWritr

Next up, we have the very simple yet functional ScanWritr. This is a simple online application that allows seamless file conversion and PDF editing online. It offers a limited slot of editing features that facilitate users to improve the image quality. The intuitive interface of ScanWritr makes it useful for novices.

Here is how to use ScanWritr to sharpen PDF images:

  1. Open the online ScanWritr application.
  2. Upload your document from a local destination on your PC.
  3. Once your file has opened with ScanWritr, use the tools in the top toolbar to edit it. To sharpen the image, click on the Contrast icon and adjust the Greyscale.
  4. Once you are done, click Download to save the improved document locally on your PC.
sharpen pdf ScanWritr

ScanWritr is an intuitive application that caters to simple image-sharpening criteria. It offers limited yet very helpful features for improving the visuals.

3. AvePDF

The last online application is AvePDF, a sturdy online PDF editor, converter, organizer and much more. AvePDF offers a diverse range of PDF functions, facilitating seamless workability. AvePDF offers 2 free trials, after which a subscription is required. It can help you clean up PDFs easily online.

sharpen pdf AvePDF

Part 3. FAQs about Sharpen PDF Blurry Text

Can I sharpen a blurry PDF?

Yes, sharpening a blurry PDF is easy as a snap with UPDF's OCR feature. It can cleverly recognize text and images and improve readability. To further enhance the clarity, UPDF also allows you to seamlessly edit OCR-recognized files.

How do I improve the quality of PDFs?

There are many ways to improve the quality of poorly scanned PDFs. Perform OCR to convert an image-based PDF to a Text and Picture PDF only. The latter has an improved readability. For this, use a PDF all-in-one software like revolutionary UPDF.

How do I sharpen a PDF image?

To sharpen a PDF image, you need to perform OCR on an image-based PDF to extract all the text and images. OCR's fine capabilities can seamlessly sharpen the image view with improved clarity.


Guys, it's a wrap! This article has disclosed the secret to sharpen PDFs for better readability in depth. UPDF is a comprehensive PDF solution that caters to all PDF needs. Its strong OCR can help you seamlessly make documents recognizable within minutes.

There are a few online options too but with limited OCR capacity. UPDF's collaborative tools and vast suite of formatting options, improve productivity and effective communication. With UPDF currently available at an unbelievable discount of 61%, don't forget to put it to the test! The download button below will help you get it installed instantly.

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