PDFDrive Review: Everything You Need to Know

PDFDrive has an amazing visit rate of 17.4M and a Bounce Rate of 32.52%. In addition, this online tool offers around 75 million eBooks, magazines, essays, and other publications to read. Yet, many users wonder, is it safe to use PDFDrive? Is it safe to download free PDF books? And, Is PDFDrive legal in the USA? Are you also struggling with the same questions?

Let us tell you, PDF Drive is one of the safe and most reliable online platforms to search, read, and download eBooks. However, a decrease in its global ranking (from 918 to 2,429) has increased online readers’ concerns. Well, apart from some minor issues (transferring viruses through files), the PDF Drive is all safe!

In this post, we have reviewed PDF Drive; you can read this post to understand PDF Drive’s facts and figures. Eventually, you can better decide the reliability of pdfdrive.com books.

Here you go!

Part 1. What Is PDF Drive?

You will second me that reading PDF files without compatible software is an annoying task. Among hundreds of PDF reading platforms, PDF Drive is undoubtedly a reliable online platform to read and download files. This online platform also helps you preview PDF files - eBooks, articles, magazines, and more.


PDF Drive offers millions of titles for users to read - all in one place. If you need PDF on any specific topic, you can search for it from the categories “Most Popular and Editor’s Pick Option.”

After observing the high price rates of different platforms, PDF Drive users often wonder, Is PDF Drive no longer free? Or how much do we have to pay to use it? Luckily, PDF Drive is still free for all eBook lovers. Despite being free, there is no download limit or annoying ads; you can enjoy your favorite eBook without any hassle.

Part 2. Is PDF Drive Safe?

If you are a regular PDF user, you might be confused Is it safe to use PDFDrive? Well, in the world of unreliable platforms, your concern is genuine! PDF Drive is a safe drive with millions of titles, educational material, and free eBooks but sometimes the PDF files can have malware or dangerous viruses.

These viruses are very dangerous for your PC and personal data. Still, there is no need to worry; you can protect your devices by installing a good antivirus program.

Is it safe to download free PDF books is another question that new PDF Drive users frequently ask. The same as above, it is also safe to download PDF Books from PSF Drive but sometimes you can also face an issue here. Actually, all original eBooks uploaded by real authors or publishers are safe to download. But, the problem arises when you try to download pirated versions.

Part 3. Is PDFDrive Legal In The USA?

PDF Drive is an amazing platform that is loved by people all around the world. The great news is, it is also legal in the USA. The problem may knock at your door when you try to read pirated versions of the books, as it is illegal in America.

Part 4. Why Can't I Download Books From PDFDrive?

Although PDF Drive allows you to easily download books on different topics, users sometimes get irritated when they face difficulties downloading the books. Did you ever fail to download PDF files and tried to figure out the answer to Why can't I download books from Pdfdrive?

Well, there could be multiple reasons behind this error, such as:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Server issues
  • Website maintenance
  • Outdated browser
  • Cache
  • Device problems (such as outdated software and hardware)
  • Corrupted or large-size files

So, to avoid issues while downloading PDFDrive.com books, always keep the software and hardware updated on the devices. Moreover, you need to check the internet connection and the website server status using various tools available on the internet.

Part 5. Sites Like PDF Drive

There is a long list of sites like PDF Drive; all have different features and perks. We have mentioned the five best sites that are similar to PDF Drive.

Let’s have a look at them!

1: Bookboon.Com


Bookboon.com is an excellent site with many similarities to PDF Drive. People who don't have time or money to handle physical books can visit Bookboon.com to fulfill their needs. Its vast range of book options makes it an unmatched option in the market. Above all, Bookboon.com keeps a wide range of book collections, around 10,000 titles.

Most of the books are written by renowned university teachers. The site also allows you to become an author and write books for others and deliver comprehensive information on different topics. You can also get the site’s newsletter by sharing your email ID.

2: Project Gutenberg

project gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is another PDF-supported site that is similar to PDF Drive. This platform offers around 70,000 ebooks to read. It is a perfect digital library that offers books in different formats. Hence, you can download and read eBooks in any of your favorite formats.

This online platform has classical literature but you can find many other topics as well. Delightfully, you don't need to pay any registration fee to read ebooks on this website. The most adorable feature of Project Gutenberg is its ad-free interface. You can read books without receiving annoying advertisements.

3: Smashwords


Smashwords has a collection of billions of ebooks for bookworms. It was launched in 2008 as an ebook publishing store. Later, in 2009, this platform became a distributor of ebooks to major retailers worldwide. The reader can download books in different formats such as EPUB, PDF, or RTF for free, but remember that Smashwords charges a fee for specific titles. Even in this competitive market, Smashwords perform extraordinarily.

4: Booksyards.com


Bookyards has been in business for almost 12 years and has several eBooks in different categories worldwide The store allows you to download and share PDF books conveniently. Moreover, this platform also resolves the format issue, as readers can convert PDF books to the required formats in quick steps.

Besides downloading, you can also become an author or publisher on this amazing platform. It has books of different categories; you can browse fiction, art, children's books, war & military, education, games, and more. All in all, it is a great site, just like PDF Drive.

5: Internet Archive

internet archive

Internet Archive is home to millions of web pages, books, texts, audio recordings, videos, images, and software programs. Its huge collection allows users to read and download books in digital format for free.

The best thing about the Internet Archive is the presence of all-kind-of eBooks. You can easily download books published before 1927 and likewise get access to books published in recent years. In short, Internet Archive is the best buddy for book lovers as it offers them to read books in different languages.

Part 6. How To Read And Take Notes On PDF Books Downloaded From PDFDrive?

Sometimes people want to add comments or notes in PDF files shared with two or more people. You can try the most reliable, trusted, and easy-to-use PDF editor - UPDF, to read and take notes on PDF books. This amazing editor seamlessly works on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS systems. You can download the software via the below button to your device.

Supports Windows 7 or later100% secure

Supports macOS 10.14.6 or later100% secure

100% secure

100% secure

 How To Read And Take Notes On PDF Books Downloaded From PDFDrive?

UPDF provides multiple benefits; you can:

  • Edit PDF documents with ease.
  • Organize PDF file pages such as rotating, inserting, or deleting pages.
  • You can also change the PDF format to Powerpoint, Word, Excel, HTML, XML, RTF, Text, etc.
  • UPDF AI which can help you summarize PDF, translate PDF, and more.
  • Etc

Here are the steps to add notes and edit PDF files using UPDF. 

Firstly, go to the main desktop of your device and launch the UPDF editor.  Once you launch the editor, upload your file by clicking the "Open File" button. You can select the “Comment” button from the left side. Once you click on it, a bar will appear on the screen with various options.

Add notes and edit pdf with UPDF

The editing options include sticky notes, underlined text, stickers, strike-through, text box, and more. This editor also helps you to add shapes; change color and opacity; fill color as per your ease and taste. Furthermore, you can write notes or comments using the text, text box, or sticky notes for later use.

Final Words

PDF Drive is a user-friendly platform with a straightforward interface - here, books are quick to search, easy to read, and smooth to download. Its vast and well-organized library increases its worth by a hundred folds. In addition to its diverse eBook collection, the happy news is its data reliability and legal safety.

If you want to add notes or comments on your downloaded eBooks, you can take the help of a trusted PDF editor, UPDF. Just download the free trail version via the below button.

Supports Windows 7 or later100% secure

Supports macOS 10.14.6 or later100% secure

100% secure

100% secure