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National Sticker Day 2024: Everything You Need to Know

As we enter the year 2024, people are already looking forward to special occasions like National Sticker Day. This includes both those who have been fans for a while and newbies just getting into the whole sticker thing. This complete guide can help you know everything about National Sticker day and enjoy this lively event.

Part 1. What is National Sticker Day?

National Sticker Day is a fun day all about stickers, from decorative to useful kinds. It celebrates the happiness and imagination stickers give to personal or workplaces, showing their different ways of being used and art forms.

Part 2. When is National Sticker Day?

National Sticker Day is celebrated on January 13th each year. This special day is for sticker lovers and collectors to enjoy their love of these fun pieces, showing off what they have collected and finding new ideas with stickers.

Part 3. What is the History of National Sticker Day?

The story of National Sticker Day started with the invention of sticky labels. R. Stanton Avery made the first self-sticking label in 1935. The day was made to celebrate this new thing and the change of stickers in everyday life.

Part 4. Why Do We Celebrate National Sticker Day?

We celebrate National Sticker Day to show how important stickers are in our everyday lives. Stickers are a special mix of art and usefulness that can be used for showing feelings or promoting things. This day honors their adaptability, imagination, and the happiness they give.

Part 5. How to Celebrate National Sticker Day?

Everyone can celebrate National Sticker Day, and it is fun to celebrate this day with unique ideas. You can read the guide below to get ideas for your stickers and use them to celebrate the day.

Step 1. Come Up with a National Sticker Day Activity Idea

Using old sticker ideas or copying others will make this special day boring, and you don't want that to happen. Moreover, different people like personal, business, and student celebrate this day with different themes for different purposes. Old sticker ideas may not be what you need.

However, it may not be that easy for you to get creative and come up with the best sticker ideas.

Luckily, AI tools like UPDF AI can generate National Sticker Day ideas per your needs. You can use it to generate unique ideas by using the right prompt. The best part about it is that this AI works on iOS and Android smartphones along with Macs and Windows PCs. So anyone can use it on the go.

Additionally, it is very cheap as compared to other AI alternatives available in the market currently. And if you only need it for small tasks, you do not need to pay as if you ask the first 30 questions, it is free. Why not download UPDF via the below button now and start generate National Sticker day ideas by following the below steps.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 1: Launch UPDF using the desktop icon and then click "Open File" to open a PDF document or "File" > "Create" to create a PDF from blank or other documents that you are using.

national sticker day updf ai icon

Step 2: Click "UPDF AI" button from bottom right and go to "Chat" option. Now you need to type your prompt for generating National Sticker Day activity ideas like the following:

  • "Generate 5 unique National Sticker Day activity ideas for personal use"
  • "Give me 5 National Sticker Day activity ideas for student use"
  • "List down some National Sticker Day activity ideas for a business"

Click "Send" and UPDF AI will instantly generate results according to your requirements.

national sticker day updf ai

Step 3. Optionally, you can click "Copy" icon to copy all National Sticker Day ideas, click "Edit" icon, click on the PDF, and paste the contents. Now, if you want to share with others, you can click "File" > "Print" to print it or click "Share this file with others" to share via link, QR code or email.

Step 2. Choose One Idea to Celebrate

You may come across multiple different ideas to celebrate this day. These ideas may include creating custom stickers, gifting stickers, or picking stickers according to a specific theme. However, you must stick to one idea and celebrate the day accordingly. And here are some good ideas for you to choose.

For Personal

1. Buy Your Favorite Stickers

Celebrate National Sticker Day by checking out and buying stickers from websites like Etsy, Redbubble, or Sticker Mule. It's a fun way to find special designs and help artists.

2. Design Your Stickers and Share/Send

You can draw your stickers if you know the idea and have the skills to do that. However, if you don't have those skills then you can use premade stickers for sharing them to others.

Since UPDF already helped you generate your ideas, you can use it for drawing and designing your stickers as well as for celebrating this special day.

UPDF has a huge library of premade stickers that are unique and attractive. With UPDF, you can select, design, and print your stickers all in one place, so you can click the below button to download it on your computer and PC.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 1: Start the UPDF application with its desktop icon and click "File" > "Create" > "Blank Page". It will create your PDF document with a blank page. Then, you can click "Comment" to add stickers.

national sticker day comment icon

Step 2: Click "Sticker" button to get different sticker options and choose one that you need. You can pick and place multiple stickers in places where you want to create a suitable layout.

national sticker day select

Step 3: Press "Ctrl + P" to get printing controls for printing your stickers. Alternatively, you may click "Share this file with others" to get your sharing options, which include email, link, and QR code. This way, you can share your stickers both physically and digitally. If you like these stickers and want to stick them in some places, you can send them to the store which can help you print them out with adhere, so that you can peel them and stick them to the place you need.

national sticker day share

Apart from generating sticker ideas and letting you design and share your stickers, UPDF has many other features, including UPDF Cloud, PDF OCR, PDF conversion, PDF Editing, etc. If you want to learn more about UPDF and its capabilities, you may read this Tech Advisor review of UPDF.

Otherwise, watch this video guide on how UPDF works and how you may benefit from it. To make the most from UPDF and its features you must download it via the below button on your devices.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

3. Participate in a Sticker Designing Competition

Join sticker designing contests and let your creativity shine. Websites like Dribbble or 99designs often have these events, letting artists share their skills with others.

4. Share Stickers on Social Media

Participate in National Sticker Day by posting your favorite stickers on social media. Show off your collection or creations on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, using hashtags to talk with other fans.

For Business

1. Host a Sticker Competition

Businesses can attract customers by holding contests for creating sticker designs. It's a good way to make people know your brand and connect with the community in fun ways.

2. Offer Sticker Related Product Discount

Businesses can honor National Sticker Day by giving savings on items related to stickers. For instance, a craft store might have a big sale on all sticker things. It will draw in both people who like them and others who buy now and then.

3. Create Stickers for Your Brand

Businesses can use branded stickers as a way to advertise. These can be used to give away, for promotions, or even sold as items. Doing this increases brand awareness and connects with customers better.

Final Thoughts

National Sticker Day will be more than just some random celebration since it helps everyone come close and socialize with great ideas and creativity. As you spend this day, you can use lots of online and offline tools, but UPDF brings all you need in one platform. You can use UPDF for generating ideas, creating stickers, or even sharing them. Just download UPDF via the below button and make your National Sticker Day special from today.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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