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Top Methods to Increase PDF Size Effectively

If you are an occasional PDF user, you must have compressed your PDF file so that you can meet the limit of being sent across different communication channels. However, in other cases, you are required to do the exact opposite, increase the PDF file size, adjust and modify various pages of a PDF file and give a similar look to all the pages.

This article will provide a complete method to increase PDF size and some tools that make the task even easier.

Part 1. How to Increase PDF Size

UPDF is a powerful PDF editor which provides a complete solution for frequent PDF users. With its stunning features and hands on simple steps process, users can easily operate and apply different features to their PDF files. The UI of UPDF makes it easier for users to annotate, edit PDFs and convert files into different formats without any prior experience. If you want to try UPDF, you can click the Download button below.

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Key Features of Powerful UPDF Editor

Listed down are some of the frequently used features of the UPDF, which make it discrete from other PDF editors in the market:

  • Add Text in PDF Files: UPDF allows editing text in your PDF files without overrating the previous content. Besides this, users can also resize the text and change its fonts and color.
  • Organize PDF Pages: While using UPDF, you can organize your PDF as well. It allows you to add a new page to your PDF or remove the unnecessary page from it. You can also adjust the rotation of your PDF pages.
  • Share PDFs: With UPDF, you can also share your PDF file with your team members or friends. You can share your PDF through email or by link, and it even allows you to set the expiry time of the shared link.
  • Crop Pages in PDF File: UPDF allows users to crop individual or multiple pages in a PDF file. While cropping the pages, users can also adjust different settings of the PDF pages, such as the margin, width, and height of pages.

Steps for Cropping and Increasing the PDF Size Using UPDF

Follow the steps cited below to easily crop pages of your PDF file in order to increase the PDF file size in MB for better coordination of pages:

Step 1: Launch UPDF on your Device

To initiate the process, search the UPDF app from the search engine and download it on your device. Launch the UPDF app on your device, and import PDF on UPDF by tapping "Open File."

Step 2: Enter into Crop Pages Mode

Now, from the left panel, click "Crop Pages" to apply the feature on your pages. (This Crop Pages feature is only available on UPDF for Mac now.)

Step 3: Adjust Pages of PDF

After tapping on the "Crop Pages" option, an option window will appear on the right side of the screen. Adjust the margins of the pages along with the size of the pages. You can manually crop the pages as well by dragging the purple dashed borders along the corners.

Click on "Apply Changes" if you want to crop all the pages or custom pages.

If you want to crop an individual page, tap on the "Crop" button in the right corner.

Above are all steps to increase PDF size. If you want to try UPDF to increase PDF size like these easy steps, just download it via the following button.

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Step 4: Save the PDF Changes

After saving the changes, you can also click on the "File" tab and navigate to the "Print" option. Now select the "Print to PDF" printer from the options. Through print settings, you can also increase PDF size by choosing page size.

You can also modify the custom scale by increasing the size of the custom scale, which will increase the size of the pages of the PDF file. After making sure of all the edits, click the "Print" button. Next, select the location of the cropped PDF file. Also, rename the file and successfully save it on your device.

Part 2. How to Increase the Size of a PDF Image

Besides increasing the text size in PDF files, users can also individually edit and increase the size of a PDF image using the UPDF tool. The image editing tool of UPDF offers the user to rotate, crop, extract or replace images in a PDF file, making it an ideal and complete solution for PDF editors. Follow the simple four-step process to enlarge a PDF image in UPDF efficiently:

Step 1: Import PDF Image on UPDF

Launch the UPDF editor on your device and browse the PDF file by clicking on the "Open File" option. You can also import the PDF by drag and drop feature.

Step 2: Enter into the Editing Mode

Now click the "Edit" button located on the left menu bar. The tool enters the editing mode and now you can access the entire editing toolbar.

Step 3: Select the Image

To select the image in the PDF file, click on the image, and a dotted box will appear on the image under edit. From the corners of the dotted box, right, left, top and bottom, you can drag and increase the size of the image.

This is a simple way to increase PDF files by increasing PDF image size. That's quite easy, right? If you also feel it's helpful, you can tap on the Download button below to have a try.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 4: Save the Changes

To save the changes in Windows, press the "Ctrl + S" keys to save the changes on the PDF image file. However, if you are working on Mac, hit the "Command + S" key to save the PDF file on your device.

Part 3. How to Increase PDF Size Online

PDF2GO is a tool to increase PDF size online without the hassle of downloading any application. You can directly search the PDF2GO on your device and increase the PDF file size online in seconds. It is a safe and secure tool that ensures your file is saved after uploading it to the servers of PDF2GO.

Follow the steps mentioned below to easily increase the PDF file size to 100KB from anywhere on any device:

Step 1: Search PDF2GO Resize PDF tool on your device and import the PDF file to the server. You can also add a PDF file by adding a URL link or through Dropbox and Google Drive storage.

Step 2: Choose the custom setting of the PDF file, such as from the drop-down list of preset pages. You can also customize the width and height of the PDF pages. Next, tap on the "Start" button to initiate the resize process.

Step 3: After the size of the PDF file is increased, you can download it on your device or save it on the cloud storage.


Increasing the PDF file size in MB doesn't require any hard and fast rules. Therefore, UPDF is the wisest and most convenient choice because it provides a complete editing solution for the PDF editor besides basic editing and increasing the size of a PDF file.

Download UPDF today on your device and enjoy the unmatching features and user-friendly interface of the best PDF editor on the market.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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