Sharly AI In-Depth Review | The AI Research Assistant and Summarizer tool Explained

Chat with PDF and AI writing tools are a huge blessing for every student, professional, and businessman who works with PDFs every day. These tools make it easy to get desired information from long, complex PDFs within seconds. So users can save time and focus on more productive tasks.

One such tool is Sharly AI. This ChatGPT-powered tool lets users interact with their PDFs and extract their desired information within seconds.

In this blog, we will do an in-depth analysis of Sharly AI, understand its features, and introduce you to an alternative tool that is far easier and has a bulk of features every PDF user needs. So, without further ado, let's dive into the Sharly AI review.

Part 1.  Sharly AI Overview: What Is It?

Sharly AI is a web-based tool to do PDF ai chat and let its users get answers from PDF within seconds. The tool utilizes ChatGPT technology for chatting with PDF. You can also ask the tool to summarize, critique, or share the main idea of documents in bullet points. There is a free as well as paid version available of the tool. We will discuss its price in a later section.  

Features of Sharly AI

  • Sharly AI lets users talk with their PDFs and drive desired information without reading whole files.
  • It can read your long-form documents and summarize them for you.
  • The tool also gives users a bullet point of a complete document in simple words.
  • Users can also get Critique on their documents to improve it further.
  • Using its "sentiment feature", users can know their file's tone and style.
  • It can also generate hashtags to read your shared documents on a small scale.
  • If you want to expand and get more ideas about any particular section of your document, that can be done using its "Expand feature".

Is Sharly AI Free of Charge?

No, Sharly AI is not free of charge. There are free and premium packages available to choose from. Its free version lets users chat with PDF, document, and text. It also lets users analyze documents and get citations.

If you want to try their premium package, you have to pay $10 for a weekly package and $25 for a monthly subscription. The premium package includes all the benefits of the free version and more powerful ChatGPT-4 support. Other benefit includes privacy protection. Now, that means there are chances of your personal and business information leaking if you only use its free version.

Whereas UPDF AI gives users more advantages and additional benefits than Sharly AI premium packages offer. Every person who works with PDFs also has to highlight PDF sections, add notes to PDFs, edit PDFs, and much more. UPDF offers all those features, including a powerful UPDF AI feature that lets you chat with your PDF and get answers from your PDF within seconds.

No doubt, UPDF is a more cost-effective and better Sharly AI alternative.

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Are There Any Limitations of Using Sharly AI?

Yes, there are many limitations to using Sharly AI.

Sharly AI Limitations:

  • It only helps you summarize PDF, word, and text. It does not work with Excel, PowerPoint, or images.  
  • No offline mode is available, so you must be internet-connected to use this software.
  • The tool may not protect the security or privacy of your uploaded documents or chats.
  • It does not let users annotate or highlight their files.
  • Although the tool claims to support multiple languages, its response in those languages is often dry without language nuances.
  • There is no information available on the website for error handling.
  • The tool charges more than the services it offers.

Here, UPDF AI turns out to be more valuable. UPDF AI supports more than 12+ languages and chats with you in every language as a native. Being powered by the latest AI technologies, its accuracy rate is above 90, and it has thousands of happy clients all over the globe.

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Part 2. Is Sharly AI Worth the Money and Time? What We Found Out

After trying out Sharly AI, we rate it 3.5 out of 5. The tool is good when summarizing whole documents simultaneously, but its results are inaccurate if you give it multiple documents to cross-check and compare. Moreover, it can only read and chat PDF, word doc, and text documents. That means no OCR feature is available, nor can you pass through your Excel documents.

Pros and Cons of Sharly AI


  • It saves time by summarising and giving bullet points of lengthy documents.
  • Users can get critiques and insights about their documents.
  • It simplifies complex information into reader-friendly write-ups.
  • Unlimited document uploading.


  • Sometimes, it provides inaccurate answers, so you have to always double-check the results.
  • The tool may not protect the security or privacy of your uploaded documents or chats.
  • Many users had complained on their community page about getting errors when uploading documents.
  • There is no information available on document customization, batching, etc.
  • The tool does not support Exel files or image texts.
  • Although the tool claims to support multiple languages, its response in those languages is often dry without language nuances.
  • The tools cannot be integrated with other tools.
  • The tool charges more than the services it offers.

Part 3. What Are Sharly AI Customers Saying About It?

While looking for real customer reviews, we learned that the software has no ratings available on famous rating platforms like Trustpilot, G2, etc. However, the platform has some customer concerns and complaints mentioned on the Sharly AI community page.

While there were some positive comments, all talked about its document summarizing feature only. Some customers were also facing errors while uploading files, and there were discussions about the tool not giving correct citations when given multiple files.  

Here are some of their customer reviews:

"I'm excited to see how these doc analyzers develop. My first try with Sharly was an edited volume with multiple authors presenting different and conflicting views on a topic. Sharly didn't do a good job of recognizing this, and its summary read like there was a single author".

"I am getting an error when I try 30. Clicked "Try Again" multiple times."

So, what is a better Sharly AI alternative where you face no such issues and work smoothly with your PDF files? Glad you asked! Read on to learn about the best chat with the PDF tool "UPDF AI".

Part 4. UPDF AI – The Best Summarization and Chat With PDF Alternative to Sharly AI

UPDF AI is the most advanced AI assistant that helps users summarise their PDFs and chat with them instantly and with high accuracy. Created on ChatGPT-powered AI technology, UPDF AI enables users to chat with PDF, generate answers from documents, and generate writings all in one place.

Here are some of the main features of UPDF AI:

  • UPDF AI lets you summarize your documents quickly. This is not limited to PDFs only. You can also summarise doc files, Excel sheets, and image texts.
  • UPDF AI supports many languages and translates content with high accuracy and language nuance.
  • Its powerful AI technology also explains complex topics in easy-to-diggest content and lets you rewrite information.
  • To maximize your creativity, it also lets you with new ideas, make outlines, and rewrite previously published material for you.

UPDF AI is just a part of UPDF. The software itself has many other features to offer its users, such as PDF editing, annotating, converting PDF files, OCR, and much more. UPDF is, without a doubt, the best value for money. Where Sharly AI only offers to summarize and chat with PDF functions with limited to no guarantee of data security, UPDF stands out as an all-in-one PDF editor with a powerful AI chatbot to make your PDF work more efficient. Download it now!

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Part 5. Comparison Table Between Sharly AI vs. UPDF AI

This comparison table highlights the key similarities and differences in features of Sharly AI and UPDF AI:

 FeaturesSharly AIUPDF AI
How Easy It Is To  UseAI chat box assistant
 Does the tool let users select text from documents directly?
 PDF Editing
 PDF Annotating
 PDF Converting
Supported FormatsPDF
Chart AnalysisGeneral Chart Analysis
 In-depth Chart Summarization
Free Plan BenefitsPDF PagesClaims to analyze unlimited PDF pages100/PDF
 PDF SizeClaim to support large files100 MB/PDF
 QuestionsNo details given30
PricingPaid PlanUS$25/monthUS$9/month
Learn more about pricing here 
CompatibilityCompatible SystemsWeb-basedWindows & Mac & iOS & Android


Undoubtedly, AI summarizers and chat with PDF tools have become necessary for every student, professional, and business person. This article has done an in-depth analysis of the two best PDF analyzer tools. Although both of these tools are great at summarizing, explaining, and chatting with PDFs, UPDF AI provides more benefits to its users, from translating PDFs to getting creative ideas to generating new write-ups.

So what are you waiting for? Download and purchase UPDF today and start using its plethora of functions to become more productive while saving time.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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