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How to Use AI in Marketing: A Detailed Guide with Prompt-based Examples

The need for compelling and strategic marketing campaigns has become significantly important in today's competitive era. Marketers have to thoroughly research the market, ideate compelling campaigns, and create engaging content. However, AI can be a great assistant to marketers.

An AI tool like UPDF's AI assistant can help analyze market research reports, assist in campaign ideation, and facilitate the creation of promotional content. If you are a marketer looking for advanced solutions to tackle the competitive marketing sector, then this guide is for you. Here, we will uncover in detail how to use AI in marketing by presenting different prompt-based examples. So, let's get started!

Part 1. How to Use AI in Marketing for Market Analysis: The First Stage of Marketing

The first stage in any marketing campaign is thorough market analysis. Marketers have to gather and analyze data about customer needs, market dynamics, and competitors. Secondly, they have to look into existing marketing research reports and statistics to understand the trends and plan accordingly.

UPDF's AI assistant can help analyze market research reports and give you instant useful insights. For example, you can ask the AI assistant to summarize key statistics, identify trends, or propose an action plan based on the report.

Below, we are presenting a few prompts that will help you understand how to use AI for marketing during market analysis. However, it is suggested to download the UPDF app and access its AI assistant first. Alternatively, you can use its online AI without any installation.

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If you are planning to use AI to analyze marketing PDF documents, please chat through the "Ask PDF" mode.

Prompt #1: Analyze this market research report and provide a summary of the key findings, including major trends, statistics, and insights.

Prompt #2: Who are the major competitors in the dental bone graft substitute market, and what are their key marketing strategies?

Prompt #3: Summarize the key outputs from this report in 10 bullet points.

Prompt #4: According to this Digital Marketing Trends 2023 survey report, what are the best strategies to engage with an audience?

Prompt #5: The survey highlights the need to optimize content creation in the year ahead. So, what are the key areas to focus on to uplift content creation strategies?

Prompt #6: From the 'Top Complaints with Martech' section, identify the most common issues marketers have with their current technology stacks.

In the following sections, we'll guide you through how to use AI in Marketing for different purposes. Alternatively, you can watch the video guide below.

Part 2. How to Use AI in Marketing for Campaign Ideation

After analyzing market dynamics and trends, the next crucial phase is campaign ideation. Marketers have to come up with compelling and effective campaign ideas that target the pain points of the audience and engage them effectively.

UPDF AI feature can serve as your virtual campaign brainstorming partner. It can help you ideate campaign ideas according to user portrait, market conditions/trends, or competitors' best strategies.

Test out the below prompts to learn how is AI used in marketing for campaign ideation:

Prompt #1: Based on the provided user portrait, suggest three unique campaign ideas that would appeal to this audience. Include potential themes, messages, and channels.

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If you want to use AI to generate innovative marketing ideas, please use the "Chat" mode.

Prompt #2: Write a marketing campaign plan for a new line of remote-controlled cars designed for 4-7-year-old kids. The plan should include information related to the target audience and list 10 ways on how to market this product.

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Prompt #3: We are in the solar generator manufacturing business. We want to analyze current social media and industry trends related to renewable energy and eco-friendly technology. Suggest how these trends can be integrated into campaign ideas for our target audience of environmentally conscious homeowners.

Prompt #4: As a company offering smart home appliances, review the recent campaigns of our top competitors and propose three campaign ideas inspired by their most successful strategies. Focus on themes such as energy efficiency, convenience, and security to ensure alignment with our brand values and target audience interests.

Prompt #5: We are selling smartphone accessories, like stylish back covers, screen protectors, and wireless chargers. Propose a multichannel marketing strategy for our next campaign, detailing how to utilize various channels like social media, email, and influencer marketing effectively.

Part 3. How to Use AI in Marketing for Promotional Content Generation

There are many types of marketing promotional content marketers have to work on. This can be related to appealing social media posts, informative blog posts, slogans, collaboration invitation emails, and more.

UPDF's AI assistant can be your one-stop place to generate customized promotional content for your marketing campaigns. Here's how to use AI in marketing for promotional content generation:

Prompt #1: We are launching a new face wash product line for dry skin. Write draft versions of 3 appealing social media posts we can use alongside the product pictures.

Prompt #2: Imagine you're drafting an engaging social media post that feels like a friendly recommendation for skincare enthusiasts. Write compelling ad copy for Instagram to highlight the benefits of our new face wash product line for dry skin. Emphasize its hydrating qualities, address common skincare concerns, and pique interest in achieving healthier, glowing skin with our latest skincare innovation!

Prompt #3: Write an informative blog post titled 'Ultimate Guide to Hydrating Dry Skin: Tips, Tricks, and Our New Face Wash'. Include sections on understanding dry skin, expert tips for hydration, and the benefits of using our new face wash product.

Prompt #4: Generate three catchy slogans for our new face wash product line designed for dry skin.

Prompt #5: Compose an email inviting potential partners to collaborate with us on promoting our new face wash for dry skin. Highlight our product's benefits and suggest possible collaboration ideas such as co-branded content or joint campaigns.

Prompt #6: Compose an announcement for an email newsletter introducing our new face wash for dry skin. Include its launch date, key benefits, and a call-to-action encouraging subscribers to learn more or make a purchase.

Prompt #7: Create a compelling product description for our new face wash for dry skin. Highlight its key features, benefits, and what sets it apart from competitors.

Part 4. How to Use AI in Marketing for Listing

Another crucial marketing activity is identifying suitable websites or influencers for collaborations. Marketers need backlinks to drive organic traffic and the right platforms/influencers to maximize their reach.

UPDF AI feature can handle this time-consuming research proficiently. You can ask it to search and provide a list of the 10 best websites for backlinks or find potential influencers for marketing. Here's how to use AI for marketing to optimize listing:

Prompt #1: UPDF is a PDF editor with AI integration. Based on this, please list 10 websites that are suitable for exchanging backlinks.

Prompt #2: You are an experienced and detail-oriented sales representative. You are about to have a call with the tech influencer with 2 million subscribers. In the call, you have to explain UPDF as a modernized PDF editor and discuss collaboration opportunities. So, create 6 talking points for highlighting the unique benefits and impressing the influencer for a collaboration.

Prompt #3: UPDF is a comprehensive PDF editor with AI integration. We are planning to collaborate with deals websites. Please list 20 deals websites that are suitable for collaborating on software and business tools.


AI is a game-changer for the marketing sector. It can assist in almost all the stages of marketing, from market analysis and brainstorming to content creation and listing. Above, we have discussed how to use AI in marketing using various prompt-based examples. Simply put, all it requires is using the right AI platform, like UPDF's AI assistant, that can provide an all-in-one place to research, ideate, and generate marketing content. So, it's time to lift up your marketing game. Get UPDF's AI assistant and optimize your marketing efforts with AI technology.

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