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6 Popular AI Document Analysis Tools

With the rise of technology trends and data-driven mindsets, businesses are getting immersed with loads of data and content daily. In this digital age, it can be overwhelming to deal with tons of information.

However, with the rise of AI tools, it has become a game-changer for businesses and many other individuals to analyze documents and retrieve information quickly.

In this blog, we will go through what AI document analysis means, and AI tools that you can use for efficient use of it, including UPDF AI.

Part 1. What is Document Analysis?

Let's first understand how to define AI document analysis. It is simply the use of various AI techniques, including PDF parser to analyze information and extract purposeful data.

This can be executed from a range of documents and it includes the use of machine learning, natural language processing, and computer algorithms to interpret digital document information.

Industries such as banking & finance, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, accounting, retail, and many more businesses benefit from the use of AI document analysis in their day-to-day functions.

What are the Types of Document Analysis AI Can Conduct?

This mainly depends on the various types of documents. For example, AI tools can analyze the following types of documents:

Text documents: This includes printed text such as emails, articles, contracts, reports, etc. AI can recognize text and extract data by utilizing natural language processing and interpreting suggestions and opinions.

Handwritten documents: This includes manuscripts, filled forms, handwritten notes, and so on. Since varying handwriting styles can pose a challenge, AI works towards recognizing the handwritten text and looking to make an accurate analysis of these documents.

Illustrations: This includes visual content such as images, diagrams, scanned documents, and other graphics. The phenomenon known as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) plays a role in converting the texts in images into readable versions. You can utilize UPDF for the OCR task as it supports converting scanned images to PDF. Alternatively, you can use UPDF.ai (click the button below to try it for free) to analyze text in the images or screenshots.

Part 2. The Most Reliable AI Tool for Efficient Document Analysis

With AI document analysis slowly rising and reaching new heights, users are still faced with challenges such as integrating their document analysis tools with existing document management system and having files and data protected safely.

Moreover, users need an AI assistant that can help summarize and re-write content in their own style—which can be very helpful. Is there such a tool that can be an effective document management system and also execute document analysis using AI?

Yes, and this is where UPDF AI can come to your aid and help to solve a lot of challenges related to document analysis.

2.1 What is UPDF AI?

UPDF AI can be your powerful AI assistant as it helps to solve your document analysis needs such understanding complex information, understanding the gist of each specific document, and also managing your document management workflow much smoother.

UPDF AI, like other AI document analysis tools features an AI chatbox where you can enter command prompts and have it solve many document analysis-related queries. For instance, you can:

  • Summarize documents such as PDF, Word, and Excel within seconds and optimize the word count for those summaries.
  • Translate the document content into multiple supported languages, making it easier to share among others.
  • Explain complex information and content, making it easy to understand each document.
  • Write extensive content by brainstorming ideas, creating outlines, and re-writing existing content, helping you to improve the document's existing content quality.
  • Chat anything related and not related to your PDF doc.
  • Edit, read, annotate, convert, OCR, etc. your PDFs.

Users can purchase and sign up for UPDF AI to experience its powerful document analysis features. Download it and sign up for an account now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Watch the video to learn more about UPDF's AI assistant:

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3.2 Start Analyzing Documents with UPDF AI

After downloading UPDF, you can follow these steps to get started:

Step 1. Open the UPDF app and the PDF document you want to analyze.

Note: If it is a Word file, please save it as a PDF first. There is a convenient way for Windows users: Open UPDF and head to File, Create, and select PDF from Word (.docx) to convert it to a PDF file. If your files are already PDF, you can open them in UPDF instantly.

Step 2. To use the AI chatbot for analyzing your document, click on the UPDF AI icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 3. Choose the Ask PDF tab and then, Get Started. Within only a few seconds, you will find a brief yet insightful summary of your document.

Step 4. To make things convenient, you can ask the AI chatbot for specific requirements. For example, for analyzing specific paragraphs, you can:

  • First, select the text.
  • Then, copy the text.
  • Then, type on the chat: "Analyze this: [paste the paragraphs]".
  • Finally, hit Enter.

Step 5. You can also ask UPDF AI to explain specific portions of your content by highlighting them, entering them in the chat, and asking UPDF AI to explain them. Then, you will be able to comprehend different terminologies and complex paragraphs instantly.

Step 6. In addition, you can highlight the text and ask UPDF AI to translate the text to any supported languages. This can help you to share content in several languages with important stakeholders.

Part 3. Other 5 AI Tools Used for Document Analysis

Now, let us look at 5 AI tools, apart from UPDF AI, that are used for analyzing documents and can deliver relevant insights within seconds from the same document with the power of AI.

1. ChatDOC

ChatDOC allows users to chat with any documents by simply asking questions about them and getting instant answers with cited sources. Users can also select tables, and other illustrations to ask specific questions. However, its free version allows you to use up to 2 files and ask 20 questions per day. Its paid plan starts at around $5.99 per month.

2. Viable

Viable integrates the functionality of AI and GPT-4 to conduct high-quality data analysis. It is mainly a tool catered for businesses and not individual users, with its pricing plan for startups being around $600 per month.

3. DocLime

DocLime is an AI tool that helps you to import PDFs and get anything answered quickly related to your document. This tool is ideal for individuals such as researchers, students, and so on. However, its free plan only allows you to ask 3 questions, and the paid plans start around $30 per month.

4. ClarifyPDF

ClarifyPDF is another AI tool that helps to import PDFs and summarize texts. Additionally, ask questions relevant to the PDF content. It does not, however, support other languages, and also its pricing is based on usage-based, with a fixed rate of $1.99 per PDF uploaded and individuals can only ask up to 30 questions.


AILYZE is basically an AI chatbot that can answer any questions related to your document in any language. It is a freemium tool mainly used for summarizing the content, thematic analysis, and having question-and-answer sessions with the chatbot.

UPDF AI Can Be Your Go-to Tool for Document Analysis…

Even though the above AI tools specialize in providing document analysis, it does have its limitations and doesn't allow the users the flexibility to edit and use it more than just a document analysis tool.

In the year 2023, document analysis is accelerating its growth with the integration of AI tools and making it easier for businesses and individuals to analyze documents and get insights.

If you are looking for a tool that can manage your documents securely and also have an AI assistant to analyze the same documents, then download UPDF and experience UPDF AI today.

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