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The Top Five PDF Creator for Windows

Multiple PDF creators are in the market, which can confuse people about which one to pick. While several PDF makers do promise exceptional services, oftentimes, they do not deliver the expected results. This not only leaves the users frustrated, and their money is wasted too.

Hence, properly researching and choosing the best PDF creator is essential. If you are someone who is surfing the web for the same, then you have landed on the right page. Below we have covered the best five PDF creators for Windows, which will be a perfect pick for you. Hop on to learn more about them.

5 Best PDF Creators for Windows

If you are in search of the top five best PDF creators for Windows, we have a list concluded for you below:

1. UPDF for Windows

It shouldn’t be surprising that UPDF reached the top of our list. This PDF creator for Windows is a cost-effective tool that allows users to create and edit PDF files in just a few simple clicks. Through the create option, users can easily access a blank PDF page and start working on their tasks, along with the ease of many additional features that make the job so much easier.

If all this isn't great, the service also offers to create PDFs from other formats like image, Word, Excel, CAJ, etc. This advanced feature allows users to easily create a PDF file. The service is incredible, with many other additional writes, edit, and convert PDF features, making many other PDF operations so much easier.

Long story short, UPDF for us has always been a great pick when it comes to PDF creation and one software we highly recommend downloading.

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  • It offers multi-tab option, which allows the creation and opening of multiple PDF files simultaneously.
  • UPDF converts PDF files into other formats effortlessly. Each conversion is lossless, and hence the initially created quality of the file is maintained.
  • The UPDF has an advanced beautiful UI interface which makes creating PDF files a lot more fun and easier.
  • The service allows users to easily share the created PDF documents and files from the software directly to an email.

2. PDF24 Creator

Another great PDF creator for Windows 10 is the PDF24 creator. There are several benefits that this PDF converter provides. However, the leading ones must be its free usage and ability to support 30+ languages. The service also allows users to convert any file format to PDF without issues or loss of quality.

While all this sounds amazing, this is not where the PDF24 creator limits its functionalities. It serves many other great benefits too. Users can merge multiple documents with a lossless quality through the PDF creator. Once you have created your PDF document through this service, you can add watermarks and stamps to avoid copy or plagiarism issues.


  • The service is free to use and hence can be a great pick for people who do not want to pay subscription.
  • Users can add stamps and watermarks to PDFs easily.
  • This PDF creator offers easy and lossless creations making work through it so much easier.


  • Available for Windows only

3. Adobe PDF Creator

If there is one name famous in the software world which every individual knows, it has to be Adobe. Hence, it shouldn’t be surprising that this name made it to our list of the best PDF creators for Windows. The Adobe PDF Creator is an exceptional tool that helps users manage and generate PDF files proficiently.

The service allows users to create PDF files from multiple domains like scanners, webpages, selection capture, screen capture, clipboard, etc. No matter where you want to create a PDF file, the exceptional tools and options on Adobe can enhance user productivity, which eventually makes creating PDFs an easy ball game.


  • Through Adobe PDF Creator, users can add backgrounds to specific PDF pages using solid colors or images.
  • Users can add headers, footers, and Bates numbering tools to create more organized PDFs.


  • The free version or trial feature doesn't offer 'create' tools.
  • Non-tech savvy find its interface complex to use.

4. PrimoPDF

PrimoPDF is a great PDF creator for Windows 7 and above PCs. This service is exceptional given its many unique features; however, what sets it apart is that it can act as a virtual printer and easily convert any Word document into a PDF format.

If this isn't enough, PrimoPDF also helps to merge multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file while enabling users to add metadata like title, keywords, subject and author, etc. Once a PDF file is created, users can encrypt it by adding strong password protection.


  • This PDF creator offers simple file conversion with no reduction in quality.
  • It allows users to create PDF passwords to add an extra layer of protection to their documents.


  • Sometimes the graphics in the PDF will be reformed.
  • Initially, some users might find it hard to use.

5. Nitro

The last PDF creator to download for PC is the Nitro PDF creator. Like many others, the service promises users several features and benefits, but unlike most, it does deliver every aspect it promises.

The service acts as a typical PDF creator for Windows, allowing users to make PDF files from over 300 formats. On top of this, users can also encrypt their created PDF files with a password for privacy and protection. If they want to share the password-protected files, they can still carry out the task and share the file on the application.


  • The service supports 300 different file formats making working on it an easy task.
  • Uses the drag-and-drop method for easier PDF creations, making PDF creations so much more convenient.


  • It can work slightly slow when creating or converting PDF files.
  • Works perfectly for tech-savvy individuals, while common users might find it difficult.

While all the PDFs mentioned above for Windows are exceptional in working, we believe the UPDF creator tops the list. Given the budget-friendly pricing and outstanding PDF-creating features, UPDF does have the edge over the other PDF creator for Windows. Hence, we suggest you download the service and try it.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

When Do You Need a PDF Creator on Your PC?

Upon reading about the five best PDF creators for Windows, did it occur in your mind that in what instances would you need a PDF creator and why you should have it on your PC ready and operating when the need arises?

Many companies and workforces now use PDF documents as a standard work method. This is because PDF files are easier to share and don’t disrupt the layout, no matter what computer you open it on. Hence, if applying for a job, you would be required to send your CV in PDF form.

Moreover, working as an employee, you will also receive and send documents in the form of a PDF document only. Hence, to ensure that you are ready to do it all and are not left confused, having a PDF creator on your PC is essential. In the educational sector, students create PDF files for assignments and presentations. These creators and their exceptional functionalities would help them in following through with their tasks.

How to Choose the Best PDF Creator for Windows?

While we mentioned the five best PDF creators for Windows, how will you choose the best one from this list? Well, selecting the best PDF creator is not a hard job. All you have to do is consider a few factors and align them with your needs and demands. We have them concluded for you below:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a PDF Creator for Windows

A good PDF creator is chosen based on the following factors:

  • Choose PDF Creators with essential features like sharing and OCR, and adding annotations in documents where required.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Budget-Friendly Pricing
  • Compatible on several devices.
  • Provides easier navigation of tools.
ProductUPDFPDF24 CreatorAdobe PDF creatorPrimoPDFNitro
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidWindowsStandard only works on Windows. DC Pro works on all.WindowsWindows and Mac
Create PDFSupport create PDF blank page, from image, from office formats, from CAJ, from VisioSupport create PDF from file, empty file, scanner or cameraSupport create PDF from file, scanner, webpage, clipboard, blank pageSupport create PDFSupprot create PDF from file and folder
Edit PDF
Convert PDF
Password Encrypt PDF
User interfaceSimple, easy-to-know, beatuifulComplexComplexold-fashioned and complexNormal

Looking at the above table, we are sure you must be able to assess that UPDF is the best pick, given its budget-friendly pricing and exceptional features. Hence, we suggest you download UPDF. However, if it still is not convincing for you, here are a few more reasons why choosing UPDF might be your best decision.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Benefits of Choosing UPDF to Create PDF

Here are a few reasons why choosing UPDF over other PDF creators is an excellent option for you:

  • UPDF is budget-friendly and offers exceptional features at the best pricing.
  • The service is compatible and works across all chiefly used platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • UPDF is equipped with many exceptional tools and features, making creating PDFs so much easier.
  • The PDF creator has intuitive UI and UX, making it easier for users to navigate the interface.

Wrapping Up!

We hope this article was sufficient to guide you on the best PDF creator for Windows. While each service on this list is exceptional when it comes to delivering its promises, the UPDF creator sets itself apart with the fantastic tools and budget-friendly pricing it offers. Hence, if you cannot decide which service to choose, take our advice and download UPDF today. It won't let you down.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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