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How to Use ChatGPT Read PDF Files with 3 Ways

As ChatGPT becomes increasingly popular for business purposes, many people are curious about whether they can use ChatGPT Read PDF and how to do it. That is why we have got you covered with 3 simple ways to read PDF content with ChatGPT.

In this article, we will explain each method in easy terms, ensuring that you understand and can choose the one that suits you best. These methods will allow you to gain complete insights and information from your PDFs using ChatGPT.

Can ChatGPT Read PDF Files Directly?

Yes. ChatGPT can read PDF files directly as you can upload the PDF files. However, this feature is only available in the ChatGPT Plus version. And the price is very expensive which is USD20 per month.

So we recommend you to use a cheaper and better option - UPDF AI. You can this tool to read PDF files successfully. To help you understand this better, we will discuss some ways, along with the detailed steps, to help you read PDFs quickly with ChatGPT.

Way 1. How to Read PDFs with UPDF With ChatGPT Integrated?

The highly recommended method is UPDF, the best tool integrated with ChatGPT and designed specifically for improving PDF reading and editing efficiency. UPDF's AI features allow you to upload and read PDFs with ChatGPT for further analysis: summarize, translate, explain, and write.

UPDF is set to revolutionize how users interact with PDF documents by integrating these innovative AI features. Follow the instructions to read PDF with UPDF AI:

Step 1. Get Started with UPDF AI

  • First of all, please download UPDF from the button below and enjoy the AI features immediately. Alternatively, you can use the web version of UPDF AI.

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  • Then open your PDF document in UPDF by clicking the "Open File" button on the main interface or dragging it directly into the UPDF user interface.
  • After opening your PDF, you will find there is a "UPDF AI" icon on the right-bottom corner. Click on it and the UPDF AI window will open.
  • In the Window, choose the "Ask PDF" option and click "Get Started" to upload your PDF and the AI will begin to read your PDF file.

Step 2. Get ChatGPT to Read a PDF

Now the integrated ChatGPT in UPDF will start reading the whole PDF file and it will summarize the content for you, or, you can ask the ChatGPT to read the PDF to generate the information you need like summarizing, translating, explaining, writing, rewriting by following the below steps.

1. Summarize PDFs

After uploading your PDF file to UPDF AI, you can ask anything about this PDF document. For example: Summarize this PDF within 50 words, including 3 points

The summarize feature lets users extract the most important points and crucial information from lengthy PDF documents. Instead of spending extensive time and effort on reading and comprehending lengthy content, users will be able to obtain concise summaries. This time-saving feature is particularly beneficial for professionals who must quickly analyze the key takeaways from reports.

2. Translate PDF Text

You can switch to the "Chat" mode. In this mode, you can summarize, translate, and explain the text you enter. If you want to translate some text, choose the "Translate" option and set the destination language, and enter the text. UPDF AI will help you translate immediately. You can click the copy icon if you need to copy the text.

With the translation feature, users can easily convert text within PDF documents into different languages. This powerful AI read PDF functionality enhances accessibility and enables effective communication across language barriers. Whether it's a business document, academic paper, or any other type of content, users can now easily make it accessible to a wider audience.

3. Term Explanation

When you're in the "Chat" mode, you can choose the "Explain" option and ask UPDF AI to provide instant explanations to help you read PDFs better and faster.

Whenever you encounter unfamiliar terms or concepts while reading or studying a PDF document. You can utilize this feature to obtain immediate definitions and explanations. This functionality is especially valuable for professionals, students, or researchers who come across technical jargon.

4. Chat, Write, and Rewrite according to your PDF Content

UPDF AI can do more. The writing assistance feature in UPDF will take productivity and content creation to the next level. Users will be able to access AI-powered suggestions and prompts directly within the AI PDF editor. Aiding them in generating content efficiently. Whether drafting a report, writing an essay, or composing any other written material, this feature will provide valuable insights and recommendations to enhance the quality of the user's writing.

You can also paraphrase or rephrase sentences or paragraphs within PDF documents. This feature is valuable for those who need to maintain the original meaning of the content while presenting it differently. Additionally, it will help users enhance the clarity and style of their writing.

This AI tool enhances productivity and streamlines document management vastly. It does a better job than ChatGPT and what are you waiting for? Download and try it now! What's more exciting? If you purchase UPDF and AI together in a bundle, you can have a big discount, get it now!

Watch the below video to learn more about UPDF's AI assistant:

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Way 2. How to Make ChatGPT Read a PDF Via Copying the Text to ChatGPT?

Copying text from a PDF and pasting it into ChatGPT is very simple with the help of PDF editors like UPDF. Here, we will take UPDF as an example, you can follow the easy steps as described below to learn how to make ChatGPT read a PDF:

Step 1: Access the PDF File Content with UPDF

Head to your desktop and find the UPDF tool. Now, double-click to open it and then hit the "Open File" option for importing PDF. Navigate the required PDF and click the "Open" button to import that file successfully.

Afterward, select the required text and right-click to copy it. Whether you are in the reader mode or the comment mode, you can select and copy text easily.

Step 2: Browse ChatGPT for Text Analyzing

Following this, open ChatGPT on your browser and paste the copied text into the "Send a Message" box. Now, type any required command, such as asking ChatGPT to analyze the text. Within a few seconds, you will get the results.

Way 3. How to Get ChatGPT to Read a PDF Via Generating a URL for a PDF

Creating a link for a PDF file and sharing it with ChatGPT can be easily accomplished using tools like UPDF. In just a few simple steps, you can generate a link that allows users or ChatGPT to access the PDF document directly. Once you have obtained the link, you can conveniently paste it to ChatGPT and make it read PDF. Follow the steps below to learn how to do it:

Step 1: Import PDF File in UPDF to Create a Link

Click the below button to download UPDF on your computer, if you do not have one. Launch UPDF on your system and choose the "Open File" option to import the required PDF file.

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Now, tap the "Share this File With Others" button from the right-side panel. Afterward, under the "Share a Link" tab, make sure that the "Disable Copy/Download/Print" switch is off. You can also set the "Expiration Time" if needed. Next, tap the "Create" button to generate the link.

Step 2: Copy the Generated Link and Paste it in ChatGPT

Now, on your web browser, open ChatGPT. Next, copy the link from UPDF, paste it into ChatGPT, and ask it to analyze it.

Furthermore, you can also give any additional command if needed. After some time, ChatGPT will generate the required results for you.

FAQs about ChatGPT Read PDFs

1. Can I upload PDF documents to ChatGPT?

Yes. You can upload the PDF documents to ChatGPT. However, it only works for ChatGPT Plus. And the price is very expensive.

2. Can a chatbot read a document?

The ability of a chatbot to read a document depends on whether the specific chatbot implementation has been programmed or trained to handle document reading. Some chatbot systems such as UPDF include functionality to process and extract information from documents, allowing them to read and understand the content.

3. Can GPT-4 read a PDF?

Yes, GPT-4 can read a PDF file. However, you need to pay USD20 per month to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus.

4. Is there an AI that can read PDF files?

Yes, UPDF is the best option for users looking for an AI-powered solution to read PDF files. It can help you understand your PDF files quickly using the AI features we talked about in Way 1 in this article. Moreover, UPDF is designed to process and extract text, images, and other information from PDF documents.


In the end, if you are looking to utilize the capabilities of ChatGPT to read PDF files, there are three straightforward methods you can try, as mentioned in this guide.

We have introduced three methods, however, for a more convenient experience, we recommend using UPDF, a user-friendly PDF editor that effortlessly reads and analyzes PDFs with the technology of AI. It brings ChatGPT features within PDF files directly. Try it now.

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