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Intellippt Reviews: Key Features, Price, Guide, And Alternative

Whether you are a student or an official who must deal with huge PDF documents, it always seems time-consuming and drains energy. That's where summarizing those documents can help a lot by saving time and energy. Intellippt is one of the tools that can summarize PDF documents and make the comprehension/revision process very easy for you.

However, it may not be a perfect choice for everyone. So, in this review, we will share every aspect of this tool so you know if it meets your requirements or not.

Part 1. What is Intellippt?

Intellippt is an online AI text summarizing tool that can help you summarize any type of content. It works for Text, Word files, and PDF files but within a size limit. It uses AI technology to split long sentences into short ones and provides sentences that give the whole idea of a paragraph quickly and more understandably.

Moreover, it packs intuitive summarizing features where you can select the length of content to be summarized and get a highlighted PDF document, which will make the revision process very easy. The summarizing process is instant, and since it is online, you can use it on any device with an internet connection.

Part 2. Key Features of Intellippt

As an AI summarizing tool, Intellippt brings a lot of features to make the reading/comprehending process easy for you. Here are some of the best features that you get from intellippt.

1. Summarize key sentences

Intellippt makes the process of summarizing content extremely convenient. You can paste your content, and it will use its algorithms to pick out the key sentences that can be used to get the idea behind the whole text. Hence, going through documents becomes much easier.

2. Get an AI summary for your content.

Apart from picking the key sentences, you can also choose to get an AI summary. In this case, Artificial Intelligence is used to generate the summary of the whole content, and this method ensures that you don't miss out on anything important from the content. No matter how short or long a summary you get, it will always cover all the information from the text.

3. Select the size of the summary.

One of its best features is the summary size slider button. This button allows you to get a specific-sized summary. For example, suppose you have 100 words, and you want to get a summary within 40 words. In that case, you can set the slider to 40%, and it will reduce the key sentences to the desired size for quick comprehension without missing any important information.

4. Create a PPT from the summary of the document.

Intellippt works very well if you need to make a presentation from a PDF document or text. You can use it to summarize the text and then create the PPT file from the summarized text with little to no effort. The PPT is made using summarized content, so depending on the requirements, you can increase or decrease the content in slides.

5. Create a highlighted PDF file.

Want to create permanent notes for revision? Use the Intellippt PDF highlighting feature. This feature allows you to upload PDF documents, and the sentences/sections selected for summary are highlighted in the PDF file that can be downloaded. This way, you can highlight important parts of your PDF notes and other files without much effort.

Part 3. How Much Does Intellippt Cost?

Intellippt has 2 plans, one of which is free, and the other one costs US$5 monthly with premium features. Below is a detailed comparison of both plans and what value users get in each of the plans with Intellippt.

PriceUS$0US$5 monthly
Characters allowed for summarizationUnder 3000Upto 50000
Characters allowed for AI summarizationFree 100Upto 3000
PDF HighlightingLimitedUnlimited
AI SummarizationFree 100Unlimited
File size limits1MB5MB
Convert to PPTNoYes

With both these plans, you get several limitations, including the character limit per summary and the file limit as well. If you have a PDF file bigger than 5MB, then you cannot summarize it even with the premium plan. Even pasting its text will need multiple sessions due to the character limit. Things get even worse with the free plan that further reduces limits.

Part 4. How to Use Intellippt Summarizer?

Despite its limitations, Intellippt provides a very simple usage experience with the following steps:

1. Open Intellippt Summarizer

Go to browser on PC and open  Intellippt website to use summarizer feature.

2. Select Paste text or Upload document.

Select "Text" or "Document" options from the top. Paste text or click the "Browse" button to upload a Word or PDF document from your device's storage.

3. Click Summarize to get the summary.

Select how short you want the summary to be. By default, it is set to 40%, but you can increase or decrease using the "Slider" button. Click "Summarize," and you will instantly get the summary for your document.

Part 5. Is it Worth Using Intellippt Summarizer?

The answer to this question depends on your use case with the Intellippt tool. For some users, it might be a great tool, but not for everyone due to its limits. Here are some pros and cons of Intellippt that you must consider before using this tool.


  • Instant text summarizing
  • Supports uploading text, Word, and PDF and inputting
  • Get the required summary length


  • Character limits
  • File size limits
  • Most features unavailable in the free version
  • The premium version has no long-term plans
  • Users must renew their subscriptions every month, which can be frustrating

So, if the pros outweigh the cons of Intellippt for you, then it will be a great AI summarizing tool, but that will not be the case with every user, especially when huge documents or longer texts need to be summarized.

Part 6. The Best Intellippt Summarizer Alternative

Intellippt does the job well, but it is not the best choice for every user, especially because of the limitations. So, choosing an alternative tool that resolves those issues will be a better choice, and, in this case, UPDF can be a great pick with its built-in UPDF AI feature, along with all other features. Here is the list of key features you get with UPDF. Download UPDF on your smartphone or computer to enjoy these features.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

  • UPDF Cloud
  • PDF Editing
  • OCR
  • PDF Conversion
  • PDF organizing
  • Effortless sharing and collaboration
  • Annotation and comments
  • Read PDF aloud
  • Crop PDF documents
  • Create and edit PDF forms and many others.

Since it uses an account, all your work is synced across your devices on the same account. When compared to IntelliPPT, you can get more benefits including summarizing, reviewing, and rewriting the content.

UPDF also lets you work on documents in foreign languages with its translating features. On top of everything, you can edit the PDF documents while summarizing, which will significantly improve productivity. Here is a quick comparison table between Intellippt and UPDF to give you an idea of which tool brings you better value.

PriceUS$25.99 per year (US$2 per month, billed yearly) for UPDF$5 per month for UPDF AIUS$5 per month
Platforms SupportedMac, iOS, Windows, AndroidWeb
Summarize PDF
Summarize Texts from Other Format Files
Summarize Scanned PDF
Write PDF
Translate PDF
Rewrite PDF
Chat for PDF
Edit PDF
PDF Forms
Convert PDF
Cloud to Store Files
Merge and Split PDF

If we compare the text summarizing features only, UPDF will be a better choice as compared to Intellippt. And We bring other PDF features into comparison that UPDF offers, it states that UPDF is a far better pick for everyone, considering you get to do a lot with the same tool. Although free version of UPDF and UPDF AI offers some features, but if you want to boost productivity, you can buy its Pro version, which can be purchased at a market-competitive price.

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Final Words

Going through long PDF documents is stressful, especially if you must do it at the last minute. However, with PDF summarizing, you can get the whole idea with ease by reading some key points. Intellippt is one of the summarizing tools powered by AI that may get the job done for you, but it is not the right choice for everyone. That's why we recommend that you try UPDF and its UPDF AI feature for summarizing your content.

With UPDF, you get not only the summarizing feature but a lot of other AI features as well as its PDF editing, converting and other features, which can be accessed upon downloading it.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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