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Top 5 AI Business Name Generators to Help Your Brand Succeed

Artificial Intelligence has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times but perhaps the most common variations used by veteran and budding entrepreneurs are AI Business Name Generators. These generators are one of the core aspects of why brands either succeed or fail. They come in different types and variations with each one having its own distinctive strength and price point.

With the uncountable amount of generators you can find on the internet, we'll be looking at 5 of the best and break down how they can benefit you as a user.

Top 5 AI Business Name Generators for Unique Brand Names


The first AI Business Name Generator we'll be taking a look into is UPDF AI. UPDF AI is one of the most powerful AI assistants. It's an AI Bot that's powered by ChatGPT itself and with it, you can not only generate business, brand, or company names but also use it for other various tasks. Download UPDF AI and see for yourself just how great their services are.

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The UPDF AI Business Name Generator offers numerous benefits. One of these is creating unique and effective brand names. Properly naming your brand and/or business is as important as your product itself as the name will remain with your organization's identity. Not only that, you are able to get better market results and drive sales if the name sticks with consumers.

However, UPDF AI doesn't stop there because it is also an amazing tool for digesting, summarizing, and giving insights on large papers and long text inputs. All of this happens in less than a minute. It also has the ability to translate the contents into almost any major language like Korean, Japanese, French, and more. By using UPDF AI, you get the most important AI tools all in one package which includes an explanation feature that gives easy-to-understand definitions of complex terms and material.

Best of all, UPDF AI has both free and premium subscriptions. Using the Free Plan, users are able to upload 3 PDFs with a maximum size of 100MB and 100 pages per file, coupled with 30 Questions. When it comes to the Premium Plan at just $9/month, users are able to upload 100 PDFs monthly with a 2GB and 1000 pages per pdf limit including 1000 questions per month. However, both plans come with the summarize, translate, and explain features. There's also the UPDF + AI plan with an exclusive 62% discount which unlocks every single feature UPDF has to offer.

2. Namelix

Namelix is another AI name generator for businesses. It focuses on short and catchy names using its AI model. One good thing about the tool is that it gives you the option to choose which style you want to use, the randomness, and brand info when it comes to generating the name. This is coupled with free sample logos and the option to save and filter through the business names. These logos are also completely customizable so you can adjust them based on your needs.

A significant downside, on the other hand, is the fact that it's missing other features. Sure, it lets you check if the name has an available domain but almost everything revolves around name generation, making it a one-trick pony. Still, though, it's completely free through their website.

3. Looka

Looka is very similar to Namelix. It is also a one-sided AI brand generator that focuses more on branding than anything else. Looka's pros lie in its ability to create an entire brand including assets in minutes. Not only does it include logo designs, but it also has logo files, a brand kit, social media templates, and business card designs. This means you won't have to use other software in terms of design. You can also generate names either through abstract ideas or by industry.

One downside you can notice is that the logo designs seem fairly common and the names generated are rather very random. It's on a level similar to ChatGPT so you might have to make some changes to the name. The AI Name Generator is also free but you have to pay for the logo and brand kits with the basic logo package being worth $20.

4. BrandCrowd

Through BrandCrowd you can generate a business name using AI by describing your business instead of adding keywords. It presents you with several options and you can adjust the length of the names. This also includes some of their custom-made logos for your name. Interestingly, BrandCrowd also has other features which include a Logo Maker and a Business Card maker, although it is not as sophisticated as Looka and the others.

In terms of being an AI Name Generator, there's not a lot to be said about BrandCrowd. The names are somewhat generic and prone to copyright issues. In addition, you can't fully customize the name to your liking since it bases the generations through the descriptions. The logo feature is paid with the lowest being a monthly subscription of $25 while the name generator is free.

5. Hootsuite

Just like BrandCrowd, Hootesuite's AI Name Generator relies on short descriptions with additional options that you can choose based on the network, account type, and category. This can be considered a pro because you can narrow down the names that you want. However, the cons may outweigh the pros because the categories and network options are limited with some key categories such as freelancing being missing. The Hootsuite AI Business Name Generator also generates only 10 names at a time and then you have to reset and input everything all over again. It's safe to say that the name generator is not Hootsuite's strongest tool with its limited options and generic generations.

It's completely free but they do propose a premium version of the tool called OwlyWriterAI which is just a different tool in itself.

How to Use the Best AI Brand Name Generator Step-by-Step?

Based on everything we've discussed, UPDF AI stands on top when it comes to generating good and effective business names. That's why we'll be explaining how you can use it to generate a business name in an easy step-by-step process.

Step 1. Access UPDF AI Tool

First Download the UPDF by clicking the free download button below. Once you have downloaded the file, click on it to start the installation process. Click the Install button and wait for it to finish installing.

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Once finished, open a PDF file or click "File" then "Create" and then "Blank Page". After successfully creating a new page, you'll find the UPDF AI Option at the bottom right corner of your screen. It also requires you to sign in. Once you've signed up or logged in you can now use UPDF AI!

Step 2. Tell UPDF AI the Requirements about Your Brand

Make sure that UPDF AI has been set to chat and then input your requirements. Be as specific as possible so that the model will instantly be able to meet your needs. When generating business names, ensure that you always add the words "catchy", "unique", or "one of a kind" along with what industry you are in as it helps the AI make sure your names don't mimic others. Another thing is that you should avoid prompts such as "controversial", "trendy", or "combination of adjective and noun". These are bad practices for business names and may even affect your overall chances of success.

Here is a good example prompt for you: Generate 10 catchy, short, and unique business names for a freelance agency. Make sure it's not just the combination of an adjective and a noun and does not copy existing companies.

Check the results and give additional inputs if you need the AI to create more!

Step 3. Review and polish the Business Name

Once you have your business name, you can take a look at it and add some necessary adjustments as you see fit. You can even let the AI make a separate list of business names and combine the best two candidates. It's all up to you!

Good Prompts You Can Ask UPDF AI for Writing Business Names?

You may now know how to create a business name but to use the AI effectively, you need to clearly express your wants and the amount of creativity you want the model to be able to harness. However, you might need a little help or some reference so here are some good prompts you can ask UPDF AI for generating business names.

1. Generate a business name with the keyword [insert keyword] for the [insert business industry].

2. List down 5 business names that embody [insert your company vision].

3. Can you give me 10 unique one-word investing company names that do not have the lowest chances domain.

4. Give me an effective and catchy business name with a company vision and mission for a [insert industry or product].

Although, you are not limited to asking the AI to write business names. You could also ask for tips, get ideas on what keywords you should use, and even revise and rework existing names.

5. What are some great tips I should follow when writing choosing a business name?

6. What are some creative and unique existing business names I can use as reference?

7. Could you revise my business name and make it better?

These are only a few of the many prompts you can ask UPDF AI. So experiment and have fun, you will get 30 free questions!

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What Makes a Good Business Name

Now that you have knowledge about good prompts, let's talk business. A good business name is as important as a high-quality product or an efficient marketing strategy and sometimes it may even determine the level of success a business can attain. There are several factors that contribute to making a good business name, especially business names generated by AI.


First, a business name has to be unique. A unique business name can set you apart from your competitors and make sure you stand out. Just make sure it's not too unique!


Second, a good business name needs to be simple. Simplicity means it's easier to understand, say, and be remembered by consumers. Take a look at the most popular brands like Tesla, Apple, Adidas, and more.


Third, and probably the most surprising, is that a good business name needs to carry some emotion. Most consumers usually base their purchasing patterns on a subconscious level and these can be triggered using emotions. Emotions can also help in ensuring a high rate of repeat customers as they will feel more connected to your brand.


Lastly, a good business name should not limit your path toward growth. Avoid using business names that may associate you with one product or category as it may not be good for marketing in the long run.

FAQs on AI Business Name Generator

1. What is an AI Business Name Generator?

An AI Business Name Generator is an AI Chat Model much like ChatGPT that's specifically designed to generate business, brand, and company names.

2. How does AI Business Name Generator Work?

Business name generators powered by AI work when you either give a small description, a couple of keywords, or fill out categories, and then based on all your inputs, the algorithm collects related words, combines them, and sends you a list of the best generations. These can be powered by Application Programming Interface (API) from more sophisticated AI models like ChatGPT.

3. What is the best AI business name generator?

The best AI business name generator would be UPDF AI. As mentioned before, it's a powerful all-in-one tool that has high-quality responses similar to other well-known models. It also has a ton of other features that would benefit both entrepreneurs and your average user. So if you want, download UPDF AI now. Enjoy!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

4. Are the business names generated by AI unique?

It depends on which AI Business Name Generator you are using. If you are using ones like UPDF AI, then most if not all are unique. However, some AI Business Name Generators focus more on branding than name generation so results may differ.

5. Can I use the name for business?

Yes, you can definitely use the name for your business. Just make sure to double-check if there is already an existing business with the same name.


AI Business Name Generators are all over the internet however, there are only a few that can truly give you high-quality results. We've listed the top 5 best, gave tips on how to use the best AI Company Name Generator, what good prompts you can ask the AI, what makes a good business name, and the FAQs regarding AI Business Name Generators.

UPDF AI stands at the top and is the one I suggest you should use. So download it and give it a try!

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