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How To Edit Secured PDFs? The Perfect Tool & Common Encryption Types

While handling official PDFs most of them are encrypted for security purposes. There are scenarios you might face in modifying PDFs for urgent reasons. In that situation, you must learn how to edit secured PDF precisely.

This article is an elaborate discussion on how to overcome the encrypted file format and make essential edits to the content. Explore reliable applications to carry out these customizations on the PDFs without losing any data and quality factors. Connect with this article and enlighten you on the best ways to edit secured PDFs hassle-free.

Method 1. How to Edit Secured PDF with UPDF

UPDF is an all-in-one program to edit secured PDFs effortlessly. It is a simple tool with user-friendly controls for better edits on every detail on the file. Using the UPDF app, you can bring essential changes to the PDF easily. It serves as one of the reliable tools to work closely with PDF files precisely. Use the UPDF app to annotate, edit texts, images and links, organize the pages in the PDF, and convert PDF professionally.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

The salient functionalities of the UPDF app:

  • Edit any texts on PDF documents and change the font style, color, and size of the PDF texts in no time.
  • Customize the images in the PDFs precisely according to your needs using this app.
  • Convert PDF to popular formats, including Word, Excel, HTML, etc.
  • Use the "Comment" option to annotate the important texts on the document.
  • Arrange the pages in the PDFs using the in-built options flawlessly.
  • Use the advanced OCR feature to turn scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs.
  • The encryption feature gives you the capability to add passwords and permissions to a PDF document.
  • Easy to use and the app responds quickly to every click on the in-built controls at its interface.

These are the important features of the UPDF app and you can make a quick download of this tool. The stepwise instructions to edit the secured PDFs using the UPDF app.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 1: Open Secured PDF with UPDF

From the official webpage, download the UPDF app according to your system OS and launch the tool. Then, open the PDF to its working space by clicking the "Open File" button.

Step 2: Enter the Editing Mode

On the left toolbar, press the "Edit PDF" icon. This will help you enter into the entering mode and make all your texts and images editable.

But if your PDF document is secured from editing, then a pop-up will appear and remind you to enter the permission password. Enter the password credentials to unlock the encrypted PDF file.

Step 3: Edit the Secured PDF

Now you can make necessary changes to the PDF content. Tap at the relevant texts, images, or links on the PDF file to make desired edits like text font, size, color and image resolution, and size. Use the controls optimally to obtain excellent outcomes.

Step 4: Copy Text from the Secured PDF

You can also copy text from a secured PDF by selecting the text and then pressing "Command + C" on your keyboard. Or right-click your mouse and choose "Copy".

Step 5: Remove the Security from Editing (Optional)

If you want to remove the restrictions from editing permanently, or you don't want to enter the password every time you try to edit the PDF file, you can remove the security.

  • Click the "Protect Using Password" icon.
  • Choose "Remove Security". In the pop-up window, click the "Remove" button.
  • Enter the password credentials and unlock the PDF file.

Use the above instructions to edit the texts, images, and links of the PDF file professionally. Save the changes to the file and store them in your system drive for future access.

UPDF is available for download without any issues. Moreover, it is an ad-free app and 100% reliable in the long run. It aids in perfect edits and displays the edit controls explicitly for quick access. You can edit any number of PDFs limitlessly without any count restrictions.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Method 2. How to Unlock PDF for Editing without Password

It is high time to know how to unlock the PDF for editing purposes. The aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is an excellent password removal program that decrypts the file for further use. This app assists the user to erase the user password which is essential to open the document. This exclusive app decrypts the file efficiently overcoming the protected format of the PDF. It offers the product in two versions to support the Windows and Mac systems. Increase the accessibility of the PDF using this tool.

Guidelines to remove the password from PDF files using the aJoysoft:

Step 1: Add the Secured Files

Import the encrypted PDF into the working space of aJoysoft after a quick download and launch of this app.

Step 2: Unlock PDF for Editing

You can add any number of files and wait until the files load completely on its editing platform. Then press the "GO" button.

Finally, save the file at the desired storage location for future access.

Step 3: Edit PDF Using a PDF Editor

After you remove the passwords from PDF, you need a PDF editor to help you edit the document. In this case, you can use UPDF to help you.

The above steps enable the users to unlock the PDF for editing. Choose the aJoysoft app to decrypt the PDFs and the UPDF to edit the PDFs professionally.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Knowledge: Types of Passwords for PDF Files

The PDF files are locked with two types of passwords namely the User Password and the Master Password. Each password has a separate function to perform on the file.

  • The User Password is also called Open Password, which is set to protect your document from opening by unauthorized users who don't know the password.
  • The Master Password issues control to work with the security options (editing, printing, copying) associated with the PDF. Users can't copy, print, or make changes to your document unless they enter the Master Password credential.

These two passwords take complete control of the PDFs and offer better protection to the file flawlessly.


Thus, this article has given surplus insights on how to edit secured PDFs efficiently. The UPDF app is a reliable program available on both Windows and Mac to make desired edits on the file professionally. Hurry up and it is the perfect time to explore unique techniques in PDF edits.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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