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Top 5 Android PDF Signers And How to Sign PDFs In 2024

With the introduction of PDF signers, the procedure of signing documents has undergone an important change. These innovative solutions have completely changed how people and organizations conduct authentication by displacing outdated ink signatures with quick, secure, and paperless substitutes. The article explores five outstanding PDF signers and examines their special qualities, advantages, and effects on contemporary document management. Understanding these tools' capabilities is crucial for taking advantage of their potential to improve security, optimize workflows, and change the face of document verification as the world embraces the digital era.

Experience the future of document management on Android with UPDF, the revolutionary PDF signature app. Say farewell to paper hassles and embrace the ease of UPDF for all your PDF needs.

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Part 1. The Best PDF Signer For All Android Devices

The number of PDF signers available on the market these days will surely overwhelm the average user, more often than not they would just pick the signer that they already know of than those that are more efficient and easy.

Tools like Adobe Acrobat or Foxit are often the go-to applications for any PDF-related endeavors, but these tools overcomplicate things and are not user-friendly. It doesn’t appeal to the general public who are well intimidated by PDFs. There is however a solution - UPDF for Android, a better Adobe Acrobat alternative, the most-recommended PDF signer for Android. Now we will present why UPDF is the way to go.

UPDF Features

Gone are the days when we have to sign with a pen and paper in hand. No more filling up papers after printing and no more confusing app switching. UPDF provides everything you will ever need for your signing needs may it be on your Android or on your computer.

UPDF stands out from hundreds of PDF signer for Android because:

  • It allows you to create different types of signatures to PDFs on Android easily.
  • It provides various tools for drawing or creating signatures.
  • It provides you two ways to send signed PDFs to others: Link sharing or email sharing.
  • It allows you to set an open and permission password before sharing the signed PDFs.
  • Except for PDF signing on Android, it also provides many other capabilities, including PDF form creation & filling, PDF editing, PDF converting, AI reading assistance, etc.
  • One account to use on four platforms, making signing on different devices is possible.

Tutorial on How To Sign a PDF on Android with UPDF

UPDF gives you two options to sign your PDF files on Android. Whether in the office or not, you can sign your files effortlessly using the UPDF tool.

First Method  - Using The "Pencil" tool to Write the Signature on a PDF

The "Pencil" tool on the UPDF Android app makes adding a signature as easy as pie!

1.) Open the desired PDF file where you wish to add the signature in the UPDF app on your Android device.

2.) Choose the pencil you wish to use by tapping the "Pencil" icon up top.

3.) Use the "Pencil" tool you've chosen to add a signature with your finger on an Android device. 

Second Method - Add a Picture of your Signature on the PDF

Following these instructions, you can use the UPDF for Android tool to add a transparent image of your signature to PDF files.

1.) Open the desired PDF file where you wish to add the signature in the UPDF app on your Android device.

2.) Go to "Edit" Mode.

3.) Import the Signature Image.

Ready to switch to the best PDF signer for Android? Download UPDF, and you can easily sign, edit, and organize your PDF documents with no hassle at all!

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Part 2. Other 5 PDF Signers for Android for Easy Signing

No.1 Adobe Acrobat

An effective and feature-rich PDF signature tool for Android is Adobe Acrobat. Request e-signatures from coworkers and sign with full or initial names. For increased efficiency, its mobile app enables remote signature, tracking, and scanning. Contrary to UPDF, it is a complicated solution, but the value-packed features it offers unquestionably increase productivity.


  • Adobe Acrobat offers four different font styles for the type signature.
  • It allows you to send multiple files together to a specific for the signature and can even specify the signer where they have to do the signature.


  • Many tools provided by Adobe Acrobat cannot be used with buying the subscription plan. You have to buy a subscription in order to make the most out of their pdf signature tools.
  • A reviewer faced difficulties while logging in, indicating that the initial user experience is marred by a cumbersome login procedure.

No.2 Foxit PDF Editor

When it comes to confidentiality, safety, and proper security for your documents, it is what Foxit PDF is best known as a PDF signer tool for Android. It has features like protecting your signature with a user-chosen password, it also lets you remove or retract sensitive information from your documents before posting or publishing to protect you and your info from misuse.


  • The application allows you to add your signature on multiple pages by right-clicking on the signature and choosing "Place on Multiple Pages". This feature will come in clutch when you are in a time crunch.
  • The ability to add and remove information using their "Redaction" feature from your PDF before proceeding with the posting and publishing process.


  • A lot of user experience types of complaints include it being slow, crashing frequently, and the inability to handle signing or e-signing with large-sized PDFs.
  • A reviewer expresses concern about the app's monitoring policies and asserts that the most recent adjustments may be a sign of experiences that are heavily reliant on advertisements in the future, potentially violating user privacy.

No.3 Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF for Android was made for productivity. It can let you sign, edit, and add images in the simplest way possible. It offers four different ways to create a signature which can be by hand, from a file, drawn, and even by webcam, with each way providing further customizations.


  • It has a feature that enables the user to sign for themselves and for others. It will ask you to give permission to other collaborators to sign on your behalf in cases where you are unavailable.
  • It ensures your documents and digital signature are protected from being used without your direct consent and permission by adding a unique password.


  • Nitro PDF only allows its users to use its premium features like its highly customizable signing on PDF for free in its free trial version.
  • A significant flaw of the program, according to a user, is its ongoing instability, since it frequently crashes while being used. Workflow is hampered, time is lost, and the app's dependability for customers who want uninterrupted functionality is compromised.

No.4 PDF Expert

PDF expert maximizes your time and speeds up your transactions with its finely tuned sequence from signing before it is finally forwarded. It boasts a wide range of features that makes navigating through the application a breeze rather than an intimidating chore.


  • You can customize your signature in terms of its color or size even after attaching it to the PDF
  • It is very inexpensive and provides fast and smooth service compared to other PDF signing tools.


  • It is only limited to iOS products and would require you to purchase the application again when you are using different Apple devices and its PDF signing capabilities are not as intuitive as UPDF’s.
  • The reviewer critiques the software's subscription-based business model and points out that users aren't given the choice to purchase it outright. Customers' ongoing payment for access, which can be expensive and unpleasant for those who prefer ownership over time-limited usage, is the source of the perceived unfairness.

No.5 SmallPDF

Rather than an application, SmallPDF is an online PDF editor that offers all the basic features minus the hassle of installing it on your device. When you are in a rush and can only open your browser for an important signing, this is the way to go.


  • It can keep track of all your signed and unsigned pages to maximize your time. It can even send a notification to remind your collaborator or client to sign the document
  • It provides a safe and secure environment as it strictly complies with the safety measures necessary for the app which in return protects your information at all times.


  • It only allows its users to sign one PDF for free without creating an account, any more than that would require you to register and make one.
  • Based on the first point, it is inconvenient for Android users to sign their PDFs.

Save yourself from all the complicated and intimidating applications with UPDF where you get all the amazing signing features minus the unnecessary struggles. Efficiency in simplicity starts now!

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 Adobe Acrobat Standard DCFoxit PDFPDF ExpertUPDF
Pricing (per year)$155.88$136.33$159$29.99/year; $49.99/perpetual
SystemsWindows OnlyWindows, Mac, Android, iOSMac and iOS onlyWindows, Mac, Android, iOS
Image Signature
Cross-Platform Subscription

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions About PDF Signer for Android

Which PDF reader allows signing on Android?

With UPDF you can download the app and add your own handwritten signature. The first would be to make the signature using your finger. After that you are all set, you may now use the tool to add it to your PDF documents.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Can you sign a document on a Samsung Phone?

Yes, you can sign a document on a Samsung Phone as UPDF is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Just download the app from the play store.

Is there a free PDF signer?

No, there are no free PDF signers. The closest and best thing to it would be the UPDF tool’s free trial. It offers the best ways to sign, edit, manage, and organize PDFs with no hassle. You will never want to use other PDF tools ever again.


To conclude, it has always been a hassle to find an application to fulfill your signing needs on an Android device, but thanks to the user-friendly and feature-rich UPDF app we can bid farewell to those troublesome worries. Whether it may be for a legally binding document or just a school activity that needs signing for approval, UPDF has got you covered. It has the most efficient tool for signing with advanced customizability for your extra needs.

Though there may be more options like Adobe Acrobat or Foxit PDF, UPDF stands out for its simplicity, affordability, and cross-platform support. When you choose UPDF you are welcomed into a world where you can streamline your workflow, go paperless, and manage that does not stress you out. So what is the hold-up? When everything you need and ever will need is right here on UPDF, efficiency, and style are made easy.

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