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Protecting Your Privacy: How to Hide Folder on iPhone (Compatible with iOS 17)

To hide a file or a picture in an iPhone 15, you can use multiple tools and techniques. But, do you know how to hide a Folder in an iPhone 15? Do you know the method to create a secret folder on iPhone 15? If not, then don't worry. We are here with an amazing tool - UPDF for iOS. You can click the button below to download UPDF and follow the guide on how to hide a folder on iPhone. So let's get started.

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The Best Tool for Secret Folder on iPhone

There are multiple tools available that can assist you in creating a secret folder on your iPhone 15. The feature of every tool might vary slightly from one another. Moreover, the method you need to follow to perform a task might differ from one tool to another. People usually ask for the best. Mostly, people demand such tools capable of doing multiple tasks or providing a wide range of options.

Despite mentioning a long list, what if we directly recommend one of the best tools you have been searching for so far? To create a secret folder on iPhone 15, a great tool is available for iPhone 15 users, known as UPDF. It is a complete jackpot for iPhone 15 users. The multiple features of UPDF offer its users a wholesome experience.

Some of the features of UPDF are listed below:

  • Offers you to secure your documents.
  • You can easily manage your documents without any hustle.
  • Multiple annotation tools for you to draw PDF, markup, and add text, shapes, and notes to PDF.
  • It will let you handle all your documents in one place.
  • It has inbuilt smart scanner features for creating PDFs.
  • UPDF has an intuitive and friendly interface with no learning curve.
  • It keeps your files safe with its inbuilt Security Space.
  • It fully supports all the major file formats and lets us read, manage, and transfer our data seamlessly.

You can check all the above features by downloading the UPDF here. And if you really like UPDF, you can visit its pricing page to upgrade to UPDF PRO to remove all restrictions.

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How to Hide Folder on iPhone with UPDF

Using UPDF, you can easily save your files in a secret folder on your iPhone 15. You can create a folder in the security space and hide files there.

Security Space is a location within the UPDF app. You can set a passcode or Face ID lock to ensure its security. In the Security Space, you can keep your private or confidential files or folder safe and prevent them from others being able to view them.

To secure a complete folder, you first need to open the Security Space on UPDF. Then you need to create a folder there. Once the folder is created, you can place your private files there. The folder will act as your secret folder on your iPhone 15.

Now, the thing that might create a bit of inconvenience for the user is the method to add files. You can go through the following steps carefully to get proper know-how of the method. Then, you can easily add files of your choice and as many as you want.

The steps to add a file to your secret folder are listed below:

  • Launch the UPDF application and tap on the avatar present on the top left side of your mobile screen.
  • Now open the Security Space.
  • You need to authenticate the access at this step, which could either be a Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode.
  • Once the authentication is clear, you can proceed further.
  • Now look for the "+" symbol. It probably is present on the bottom right side of the Security Space.
  • Now you can select any one import option to bring the file from various locations.

To import files, UPDF offers three different options. You can select any of the following three options at your own choice to bring a file to the security space. The different import options include:

  • Import from Photos
  • Import from Files
  • Import from Computer


Always follow the steps carefully in this article to avoid any issues. Check out this amazing application and enjoy a wonderful experience on your iPhone 15. Now you don't need to bother anymore about how to find hidden folders on your iPhone 15. You can easily create a private folder on your iPhone 15 by using UPDF. Not only that, but you can also edit PDFs, compress PDF files, print PDFs, etc.

Click and download, then, test UPDF now.

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