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How to Split a PDF into Multiple PDFs - The Top 5 Methods

How to split a PDF into multiple PDFs? Sometimes you will have to split a large PDF document to make it smaller and easy to share or you need to split a PDF to protect sensitive information. This post will show how to divide PDFs with several good PDF splitters on the market.

Way 1. How to Split PDFs with UPDF (3 Ways)

Using UPDF, the best PDF editor and organizer, you can separate PDF into different PDF files with different methods according to your requirements. You can split PDFs directly by the page numbers you need for each PDF. If you only need some specific pages from the PDF, you can extract these pages to split them. In some scenarios, you may have one long page PDF and want to split it into several PDF pages, you can use the "Split" feature in the "Crop Page" part to do it. Before splitting a PDF into PDF files you need, you organize your PDF pages by replacing, rotating, moving, etc, or editing the contents in the PDF file. Why not click the below button to download it and follow the below guides to try all the features directly?

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Way 1. How to Unmerge PDF by Splitting PDF Pages by Number

Step 1. Open a PDF

The first step is to launch UPDF when the installation is complete, and then open the PDF file that you wish to split.

To access the page management tools, you will need to choose the "Organize Page" icon located on the toolbar on the left side of the screen.

Step 2. Break PDF into Different PDFs by Page Numbers

After that, select the "Split" option from the page management toolbar to split the PDF pages.

A pop-up window will emerge, from which you will be able to select the desired settings. UPDF allows you to split a PDF based on the number of pages. Input the number of pages for each document and click the "Split" button.

If you select to split the PDF document into five-page PDFs, for example, and the original PDF document contains one hundred pages, the result will be twenty PDF files, each of which contains just five pages.

Step 3. Save the Split PDF Files

Once you click the "Split" button, you need to select where to save all these files. Then, click on "Select the Folder" to save the split PDF files.

If you want to see more details about split PDF, you can watch the below video:

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Way 2. How to Split PDF by Extracting Page

If you don't want to split a PDF by page numbers, you can also split the PDF by extracting the pages of the PDF document with UPDF. By utilizing the method, you can customize the splitting options easily, for example, you can split a 20-page PDF document into 2 documents like this: one document contains only page 1 and page 5. and the other document contains the rest 18 pages.

Underneath are the steps to split PDF by extracting the page. Download UPDF and follow the instructions now.

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  • Now, click on the "Organize Pages" icon on the left side of the editing interface of the tool.
  • Next, click to select the first page, hold on "CTRL" on Windows and "CMD" on Mac, and click to select more pages.
  • Once you select the pages from the customized pages, click the "Extract" option to extract those pages.
  • For the current PDF file, you can remove the extracted pages.
  • In the end, you split the PDF file by extracting the pages.

Way 3. Split One Long Page PDF Into Several PDF Files

If you have one PDF with one page, you would like to split it into several PDF files. In this case, you can follow the below guide. Same as before, if you do not download UPDF, you can click the below button to download it.

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Step 1. Navigate to the left side panel, choose the "Crop Pages" and select the "Split" icon on the top menu.

Step 2. If you want to split the pages with equal divisions, you can select "Equal Divisions" in the "Add Split Line". For instance, here, I want to divide the PDF page into 4 equal divisions. I enter "1" for the vertical and horizontal line in the "Equal Divisions"

If you need to split with the customized line, you can click the "+" button on the top of the right side of the page. For example, here, I click "+" to add the vertical line and move it to the place I want to split.

Step 3. When you do all settings, you can click on the split. Now, the pages are into different pages. You can go to "Organize Pages" and use its "split" or "extract" to split them into different PDF files.

UPDF has many other features. You can read this review article to know more or read the key features below.


  • The best approach to open and view a PDF document is to use the UPDF application. It also contains great annotation capabilities that make it easier to collaborate with others.
  • Managing your PDF pages is also a breeze using this program. It's possible to divide a PDF document into numerous pages and organize the pages in various ways.
  • It is also possible to alter the document's text and graphics using UPDF. Moreover, It is incredibly user-friendly, having a straightforward user interface that streamlines all tasks.
  • Convert PDF files to Word, Excel, images, and other commonly used file types with UPDF's conversion tool.

Do not hesitate to click the below button to test this software. And when you like this tool, then, you can upgrade to pro version with 10% price of Adobe Acrobat here.

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Way 2. How to Split Pages of a PDF into Separate PDFs With Adobe Acrobat

When it comes to the capability of splitting pages inside a PDF document, Adobe Acrobat is significantly superior to Adobe Reader. The method is easy to follow and yields excellent results. Follow these instructions in order to split PDF pages using Adobe Acrobat:

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat on your computer, then in the top left corner of the window, select the "Tools" center to access its menu of options. Select "Organize Pages" from the list of available shortcuts located on the right pane of the window.
  2. You may choose the PDF file that you wish to spit by selecting it after clicking on the button that says "Select a File."
  3. When you have the document open in Adobe Acrobat, select "Split" from the menu at the top of the program.
  4. Apply the "Split By" drop-down option to choose the precise criteria you would want to use when dividing the PDF. These rules can include the number of pages, the size of the file, or even any top-level bookmarks that you may have. Once you have established the rules, click the "Split" button.
  5. After selecting a destination location for the newly produced PDF files by selecting "Output Options," you can then proceed to click "OK."
  6. To finish the procedure, you need to first click the "Split" option, and then click "OK" once more.

Way 3. How to Split PDF Online Via iLovePDF

There are many tools available online that you can use to split PDF files. iLovePDF's split PDF pages online option gives you the ability to specify exactly which page ranges of your PDF file you wish to split individual pages from. You are free to extract any number of unique page ranges from the PDF and even combine them into a single document if you so want.

Consider the following scenario: you have a PDF file that has 10 pages, but you only need pages 1-3, and 4-6. By using this mode, you may set your range to "1-3", and you can also select another range to "4-6". These page ranges will be extracted from your primary PDF file and stored as new PDF files when the extraction process is complete.

Proceed in the following manner:

  1. Go to the "Split PDF" free tool on
  2. Choose the file that you want to divide from your local device, Google Drive, or Dropbox account, depending on where you want to split PDF into multiple files.
  3. Navigate to the option labeled Split by range, then choose the mode labeled Custom ranges.
  4. In the box that appears, type the page range that you wish to extract from the main PDF. To add another range, click the icon labeled "Add Range."
  5. Mark the box to indicate that you want to merge all of the ranges into a single PDF file.
  6. Click the button labeled "Split PDF".

Extra Tips You Should Remember when Split PDF Online

You should follow these tips to avoid any security and privacy issues while using online PDF split tools:

  • Add a password to your document before uploading it to the internet to protect it.
  • In order to use online tools, you must have an Internet connection.
  • After completing the split, remove the document from the website.
  • Use a more secure and dependable solution like UPDF to assist you.

Way 4. How to Separate PDF Pages with Google Chrome

Using Google Chrome is a simple and fast method to separate PDF pages. Here is how to split PDF pages with Google Chrome:

  1. Drag and drop the PDF file into the Chrome window.
  2. Alternatively, you may right-click on the PDF file, pick "Open With" to open a PDF file, and then choose Google Chrome from the list of apps.
  3. Click the printer icon. In the upper-right corner, there's an icon that looks like a printer.
  4. Select "Save as PDF" from the drop-down box next to "Destination."
  5. Select "Custom" from the drop-down option next to "Pages." With this feature, you may produce a new PDF document from a collection of PDF pages.
  6. Add pages to a new PDF by entering them in the text field underneath "Pages" in the drop-down menu. The first seven pages of a 10-page PDF and the last three can be split into two separate files. You would put "1-7" in the Pages area to produce a PDF file containing the first seven pages. Then, enter "8-10" to save the last PDF pages as a new PDF.
  7. To save your work, click the "Save" button. It's the lower-right corner blue button.

How to Choose the Best Tool to Split PDF?

Choosing the tool to split the PDF depends on many factors and the needs of the user. Below are the points that explain what needs to be in the split PDF tool:

  • Platform Compatibility: You should ensure that the tool to split PDF is compatible with your operating system. The platform compatibility makes the workflow streamlined and efficient for you.
  • Enhanced Features: Different tools offer different features to the user to split the PDF for organizing content. However, choose the tool that offers additional features like editing, merging, and compressing the PDFs.
  • File Format Compatibility: While choosing the tool to split PDF, ensure that the tool supports the PDF version you work with. In this way, you can do your work easily by splitting the PDF to reduce pages and file size.
  • Cost: It is essential to see your budget when choosing the tool for splitting the PDF. If you choose the paid version, ensure that it is worth the cost you pay for it.

Comparison with 4 Tools to Split PDF

UPDFAdobe AcrobatiLovePDFGoogle Chrome
SystemWindows, Mac, iOS, and AndroidWindows, Mac, iOS, and AndroidOnlineOnline
Split PDF
Replace PDF pages
Edit PDF
Print PDF
Display PDF like a slideshow

It is clear that Google Chrome is free but with fewer functions in the system, and there is a chance that PDF files have been destroyed due to unstable internet since it is an online tool, which is the same for iLovePDF. On the other side, UPDF is an offline software that secures the environment for users. UPDF supports more functions than Adobe at a much more reasonable price, it is obviously the best choice for users. What's more? UPDF offers a big discount now. Grab it before it expires.

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Why Do You Need to Split a PDF?

Splitting the PDF means dividing a single file into two or more smaller files. Depending on the people's requirements and needs, there are several reasons to split the PDF.

  • File Size Limitation: A problem sometimes comes with sharing or uploading a large file-size PDF. Therefore, this creates a need to split PDF into smaller files to share and upload the file easily in specific file sizes.
  • Sharing the Specific Pages: Splitting the PDF enables the user to share or distribute the specific pages of the document. So, rather than sending the whole file, it is more efficient to share a specific page by splitting the PDF.
  • Organizing Content: If you have a lengthy book in PDF format, splitting PDF helps you to organize its chapters. Moreover, the relevant content can be organized in the PDF file by dividing the PDF file.
  • Ease of Access: People need to split a large PDF to navigate and access the PDF file content with more ease. Also, this allows access to specific content of PDF files you want frequently.

FAQS About Splitting PDF

Q1. How to Split PDFs in Preview?

You need to find the PDF file on your Mac computer. Then, select it, right-click to choose "Open" > "Open With" > "Preview". Now, you need to click "File" > "Print". Select "From [Page Number] to [Page Number]" and choose "Save as PDF". Now, choose the place where you want to save your first PDF. Then, repeat the same steps for the second PDF, third PDF, and more.

Q2. How to Split a 2-Page PDF into 2 PDFs?

You can use UPDF to split a 2-page PDF into 2 PDFs. Open PDF with UPDF. Go to "Organize Pages" > "Split". Enter "1" to split the PDF.

Q3. How Do I Split a PDF Page Without Acrobat?

To split a PDF without Acrobat, you need to choose UPDF. Download UPDF on your computer, then, click "Organize Pages" > "Split" to split your PDF pages.


We discussed 4 easy ways to split PDF pages into separate individual PDF documents. All of the methods are effective however we recommend you to use UPDF because it is more effective and offers you multiple features. It is a simple and easy-to-use PDF editor which is fast and accurate. Download to try it today!

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