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Merge JPG To PDF: Key Scenarios, Pros & Implementation Guide

Have you ever noticed that most web pictures are in JPG format? Moreover, the format used for sending photos through email is also JPG. The reason behind the increased use of this format is its high compression rate and fast uploading and downloading speed. You can even adjust the degree of compression of a JPG file because it can be compressed as minimum or maximum as the user needs.

Although JPG can be compressed to the desired extent, these compressed files have low quality and missing information. Thus, there is a strong need to merge JPG to PDF so that the quality of the file remains intact even after compression.

Part 1: How to Combine JPG to PDF Step-by-Step

With the advancement in technology, it is not difficult to do any task. If you are worried about how to convert JPG to PDF, start using UPDF. It is a user-friendly and affordable application that can be used for viewing, converting, annotating, sharing, editing, and organizing PDF files. Users can even change scanned images or handwritten notes into searchable and editable PDFs.

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Even if you have any security concerns about your important documents, you can add a password to the PDF file to make it more secure. It also has the ability to merge JPG into one PDF as per the requirement of the user.

Another advanced feature of this powerful and delightful tool is that it can merge multiple JPG and PDF files into a single PDF file. To learn how it can convert multiple JPG to a PDF, check the below given easy-to-follow steps:

Step 1: Download and Launch UPDF on the Device

Access UPDF official website and download the UPDF installer. After successfully downloading, run the installer and install this blazing-fast PDF combiner by following the on-screen instructions. However, if you already have UPDF, open it and update it to the latest version.

Step 2: Insert the JPG files

Click on the "Batch Combine" button, and a new tab will appear. Access the drop-down menu of "Add Files," and you will find three options. Select "Add Files…" and open the desired JPG file. You can add as many files as you want through this option.

Steps 3: Make Changes and Save the File

You can adjust the arrangement of added JPG files by selecting the file and dragging it to the required position. If some unwanted JPG file has been added, remove it by clicking on the drop-down menu present in front of the file and selecting "Remove File."

You can also clear all the added files at once by selecting the "Clear List" option available on the top right side. After making all the changes, hit the "Apply" tab and save your combined PDF file anywhere on your device.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 2: Why Choose UPDF to Merge JPG to PDF

Although on the internet, people come across different tools that can merge JPG to PDF still, why do most of the customers choose UPDF for that purpose? To get the answer to this most-asked question, look below the following dynamic features of UPDF that make it distinguishable from other merging apps:

2.1 Efficient Merging Quality

Users can merge JPG into one PDF by using UPDF to secure the quality and increase the security of the file. You can make beautiful albums of important events of your friends and family and impress them by sending them in just a single file. Apart from just combing multiple images into a single PDF file, it also allows combining images and PDFs into a PDF file.

2.2 Rapid Performing Capability

Sometimes while dealing with multiple files, the tool starts giving errors or slowdowns, but on UPDF, you can manage various files without any glitches. Even if you are working on a large PDF file, the system will work at maximum speed, unlike Adobe Acrobat, which sometimes hangs when heavy files are being operated on. Due to UPDF's fast merging efficiency, it is gaining popularity among users.

2.3 User-Friendly Algorithm

With UPDF's user-friendly interface, you don't have to watch complicated videos or read lengthy guides to convert multiple JPG to one PDF to create an eye-catching catalog. Everything is so simple and well organized that even beginners can make use very efficiently.

2.4 Multi-Functional Tool

Do you think that UPDF only supports the combined feature? It is more than one can think about because besides converting JPG to PDF, it can even annotate, edit, view, secure, etc., PDF files in one go. Whether you are a student who wants to make a creative assignment for mid-term or a trainer to mark corrections on a trainee assessment test, every kind of user can make its beneficial use.  

2.5 Affordable Platform Compatibility

When it comes to users' pockets, they become choosy because they prefer a tool that is affordable, feature-rich plus can be used on all platforms. Single Pro version of UPDF can be run across different platforms like iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows instead of buying multiple times for different platforms.  

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 3: When Do You Need to Combine JPG to PDF?

The use of PDFs has increased in the past few decades due to their high security, multiplatform compatibility, less storage consumption, and high content quality. Due to the online study system, students continuously share JPG files via smartphones with their tutors and class fellows. The sharing process becomes more convenient and quicker when the file format is PDF.

Moreover, if you are an event photographer, it is challenging to send pictures one by one to customers. It takes time and compromises the image quality, which will definitely put a bad impression on the receiver. It is better to create a high-quality, fault-free album by combining all the JPG images in a single PDF file. You can even make separate PDF files of images based on different wedding events.

For professionals, it is best to save all the essential images of invoices, office documents, ID cards, etc., in a single PDF file instead of separately saving them on phones. It will be very useful to you because access to these documents will become easy, quality will remain intact, and the space of smartphones will be consumed less.

Thus to work smart, it is better to manage different JPG images into a single PDF and name the file according to the content present inside, like images of invoices, pictures of cards, screenshots of customer feedback, etc.

Part 4: Advantages of Merging JPG to PDF

If you are confused, why should you convert JPG to PDF on Mac and Windows and merge them? To get a clear comparison between these two formats, read the below-given reasons:

  • High Quality: If you want to save your information in high quality, prefer PDF format because it retains the original quality of content and secures images from any degradation. In comparison, the JPG format is unsuitable for pictures with text, sharp edges, or many solid colors.
  • Easy Sharing: PDF is the preferable sharing format for any document because it shows cross-platform compatibility. It takes less time to share multiple images in a PDF file while sending them separately. This saves time as you do not need to select again and again.  
  • Safe Compression: It is easy to compress any document, whether in Word, PDF, or image format, but the thing that matters is, is the content of that document still of the same quality? In the case of PDF, you will face no drastic change in file text or images present inside it, even when it is highly compressed. However, when JPG is subjected to compression, the quality drastically decreases the more we compress it.
  • Password Protection: It is essential to save images in PDF form compared to JPG because PDF supports password protection. You can add a permission password to the PDF file, and no one can print, copy, or edit it.

Part 5: FAQs on Merging PDF to PDF

1. Can I merge 2 JPG files?

Yes, you can easily merge 2 JPG files by using UPDF. With just a few taps, you can combine as many JPG files as you want without the need for special assistance.

 2. How long does it take to merge JPG to PDF?

It does not take long to merge JPG to PDF because, with just a few taps, you can perform it through UPDF. Select the JPG file files and combine them by applying desired changes within a few seconds. However, other merging tool takes much time to perform this task.

3. How to combine two JPG into one PDF?

Launch UPDF on your device and add the JPG files in the "Batch Combine" tool you want to combine. Make the required adjustments and then apply changes to combine them into one PDF.

4. How to merge JPG to PDF online?

Although you can merge JPG to PDF, there are various drawbacks that you will face, like size limitations, security concerns, quality issues, and many more. Even these tools do not provide the facility to make edits after the merging.


With UPDF, it is very easy to combine multiple JPG into a single PDF file in order to increase image security, quality, and compatibility. With this ultimate PDF tool, you can make remarkable catalogs, office manuals, or memorable albums for your clients.

Apart from converting JPG files, UPDF also provides different useful features that can be used by students, tutors, professionals, businesspeople, and even traders. To make your daily-dealing experience more delightful, start using it now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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