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A Step-by-Step Guide to Merging PDF with Adobe and an Optimal Solution

Using PDF files in the workplace allows for greater flexibility and ease. However, dealing with many PDF files containing the same data might be challenging. The reader is better able to understand the connections between the various documents when they are combined.

So, you may need to know how to use the Adobe merge PDF feature. We'll walk you through the steps of how to combine PDF files with Adobe in this article.

Merging PDFs with a Better Adobe Alternative

Merging PDFs with Adobe is easy, but before learning the steps to merge PDFs with Adobe, let's take a look at the limitations:

Merge with Adobe online:

  • You cannot merge several PDFs into another PDF.
  • You cannot manage the pages of the merged PDF.
  • It takes quite a time to complete the PDF merging process.

Merge with Adobe Acrobat DC:

  • You need to buy a license first, it is quite costly.

Merging PDFs with Adobe is straightforward, but it comes with several limitations. Fortunately, there's a free alternative available that can merge PDFs effortlessly. If you're still interested in learning how to merge PDFs using Adobe software, you can refer to the detailed steps outlined in Part 3 and Part 4, which provide instructions for merging PDFs with Adobe Acrobat DC or using Adobe Online.

UPDF is the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat on the market. It is an all-around PDF editor that also supports merging PDFs in one click. If you're looking for a tool that can be used in the workplace or in academics, this one is a strong choice. Because of its resource-light design and user-friendliness, this useful application can handle even the most demanding tasks with ease.

UPDF makes it simple to merge several PDF files into a single document. Adding and merging files is all that is required. You can more easily keep and review numerous files by merging them into a single PDF. Now, let's learn the detailed guide on how to merge PDFs:

  • First of all, download UPDF on your device.

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  • Click the "Batch" option when you open the UPDF program on your computer.
  • In the new window, there are five options to choose from for the batch process. Choose the "Combine" option.
  • The "Add File" option appears. Click on it, and you can add files or folders to the list.
  • Change the order of the files or folders on the list. Click the "Apply" button to start the process.

Video Tutorial on How to Merge PDF

More Features of UPDF You Should Know:

  • Annotate PDF: Its powerful features allow you to highlight PDF, underline, and strikethrough the text in your PDF document. You can also add sticky notes, and different shapes, and even add comments to different texts.
  • Sign PDF: You can also sign your PDF files and share them with your friends or colleagues.
  • Edit Image and Text: Not only this, but you will have full control of your PDF document. UPDF also allows you to edit the texts and images present in your PDF files.
  • Convert PDF: If you want to turn your PDF documents into other file formats, such as Word, or Excel, then you can use UPDF as a PDF converter.
  • Multiple Platforms Support: UPDF is currently compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The features vary from different versions of UPDF. Moreover, you will see a lot of new features in the upcoming months.

Why Choose UPDF?

UPDF and Adobe Acrobat have the same Combine feature, why should we use UPDF? Here are the reasons for you to consider:

  • First of all, you'll find that the interface of Acrobat is a little overwhelming and complex to use. Beginners can't find the Combine feature easily. However, UPDF is more intuitive and you can start using it easily even if it is the first time you use it.
  • Users complain that Acrobat is very slow, especially when you open a large PDF document. UPDF, on the contrary, has a really fast speed to open and load PDF documents. Many users give good feedback on the software's speed.
  • Finally, Adobe Acrobat is very expensive and you'll have to pay US$239.88 per year. In contrast, the premium version of UPDF only charges you $35.99 per year.

Discount Notice:

  • To get the exclusive discount, upgrade to UPDF Pro now! Or try it for free from the button below.

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How to Merge PDF in Adobe Reader

Q: Can I Combine PDFs with Adobe Reader?

A: No.

Adobe Reader is indeed a great tool to read and annotate PDFs. However, if you are using a free version of Adobe Reader, you might already know that the free version does not allow you to combine PDF files.

You will have to buy a paid version of Adobe Reader which will cost you $24.99/month. So, it is pretty obvious that you can't use the free version of Adobe Reader to merge multiple PDF files.

Now, you have two options. First, you can go for a pro version of Adobe Reader to use the Adobe Merge PDF feature. The Adobe Reader Combine PDFs feature will cost you a lot. So, we suggest going with the 2nd option using UPDF, which we are going to show in the next sections of this article. Read On!

How to Combine PDF with Adobe Acrobat

You can merge PDFs using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. To save time and speed up the process of merging several documents into one PDF, here are the steps to use Adobe Acrobat's Combine Files feature.

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Make a single PDF document by going to "Tools > Combine Files".
  3. Drag files into the Add Files box by clicking "Add Files" or "Add Open Files". In addition to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, images, and emails, you may choose from a number of other documents.
  4. To merge all of the files into a single PDF, click "Combine". So, this is how you can Adobe combine files.

It is not easy for beginners to use Adobe Acrobat to merge PDFs, as the interface is not intuitive. Many users give up trying to learn the software and switch to more intuitive software like UPDF. UPDF offers a more straightforward interface to users and you just need to click one to two times to get your work done. Amazing, right? Try it now.

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How to Merge PDF with Adobe Acrobat Online

Adobe Acrobat offers an online tool to merge several PDF files into a single document. To use the Adobe Merge PDF online tool, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Drag & drop files into the drop zone of the Acrobat PDF combiner tool.
  2. Or, you can click the "Select files" button and select the files you want to merge.
  3. To merge files, click the "Merge" button.
  4. The merged PDF can be downloaded now. The file can be edited and shared if you log in.

Disadvantages and Limitations of Acrobat Online Merge PDFs Tool

As we've discussed earlier, there are some limitations and disadvantages of using the Adobe Acrobat online tool. And the following are the detailed limits:

  • The Acrobat Merge PDFs tool only allows you to add up to 100 files
  • Each individual file should not exceed 500 pages.
  • The final merged PDF file should not exceed 1500 pages.
  • Once your final merged file exceeds 1500 pages, you will be asked to upgrade to the Pro version. The pro version is too expensive
  • It is not stable to use online services as it highly relies on the internet situation.

You should always know that online tools are not free. All online tools claim that they are free, but there are many limitations. And they are not stable. Why not switch to a much more stable and cost-effective solution - UPDF?

FAQs on Merging PDF in Adobe

Is Adobe Merge PDF free?

No, the merge feature of Adobe is not free. You will have to buy the premium version at $24.99/month. On the other hand, Adobe Acrobat is complex to use. It is time for you to use a better alternative - UPDF. It allows you to merge PDFs quickly within seconds. Along with many advanced features such as OCR, editing, annotating, and converting PDFs, you will find it is the best choice to solve all your PDF problems.

What to do if Adobe Acrobat Combine Files not working?

You can use other alternatives such as UPDF to combine your PDF files if your Adobe Acrobat is not working properly.

How do I combine PDF files in Adobe Reader for free?

You cannot combine PDF files in Adobe Reader for free. You will have to buy the paid version of Adobe Reader in order to use the Adobe Reader merge PDF feature. The paid version of Adobe Acrobat costs you $239.88 per year. It is way too expensive for users and many users choose to use UPDF with the same feature.


After introducing the steps to merge PDFs with Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, and Acrobat Online, you will find that they always try to charge you very high. We also introduce a better option - UPDF in this article. The Combine feature is way better than Acrobat and it is easier to get started. Plus, it also has many advanced features. You can edit, convert, annotate, organize, and protect PDF files easily with it. Try it now and you won't regret it.

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