A Quick and Easy Guide to Open PDF in Google Docs

Google's Browser-based word processor, Google Docs, helps people to create, edit, and share documents in online mode. After that, you will be able to access those files from any device by just having an internet connection. You can also open a PDF in Google Docs, edit it, and then save the changes on your device. To guide you on how to open PDF in Google Docs, the article will discuss the following topics:

Part 1. Why Can't I Open PDF in Google Docs?

The PDF in Google Docs can be opened. However, there can be issues with opening, editing, and simply reading PDF files in Google Docs. The images can be missing from the PDF, or they might not be loading in the file. Moreover, the text embedded in the file may be missing or cannot be edited by the viewer.

It might be due to an error in the program that may have occurred while creating that PDF. One can also try copying and pasting the text to new Google Docs. The file can have inaccurate formatting when you open it. Moreover, the Google Docs might keep loading when you choose to open the file from Google Drive. This might be due to broken PDF links or an unstable internet connection.

The user can also be unable to add or delete the PDF pages when the file is opened through Google Docs. The text in the file might spread out when you open it, or the font sizes and colors are changed in Google Docs. 

Part 2. The Best PDF Viewer and Editor – UPDF

UPDF stands out in terms of editing, annotating, and organizing a PDF document. With this PDF viewer, you can adopt different styles of reading modes for your PDF. This tool helps in editing the text, such as the font style, color, and typeface. Moreover, UPDF allows you to make annotations on PDF, such as highlighting, underlining, and inserting shapes, stickers, stamps, and text boxes into PDF files.

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You can also extract, rearrange, add, and delete the pages in the PDF files with UPDF. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it super-easy for the user to view and manage your PDF files on your devices.

This tool is easily accessible on the main kinds of operating systems, including Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.

There are multiple features provided by this robust PDF editor, which are looked into as follows:

  • UPDF provides a dedicated batch conversion feature for converting multiple PDF documents at the same time in high quality.
  • Multiple annotation tools are available for advanced markup on PDF documents, which is done with the help of stamps, stickers, and other annotation functions.
  • You can consider sharing the file with other users as a link or emailing them directly.
  • For managing layered PDFs, you can flatten them easily with the help of the dedicated tool.
  • The service also provides a dedicated OCR tool for changing scanned PDFs to editable and searchable documents.

Part 3. How to Convert PDF to Doc and Open it in Google Docs

If you are seeking an appropriate way to convert your PDF files to Word documents in the finest of ways, UPDF provides a comprehensive conversion system for changing PDF files to other file formats in no time. UPDF features a reliable conversion tool that provides a wide diversity of file formats to change to. Not only does it maintain diversity, but it also offers high-quality results to its users.

Since you seek to open your required PDF file as a document on Google Docs, it is best to have it converted with UPDF for maintaining the quality of the file. To know how one can use it to convert PDF files to Doc, follow the simple steps focused as follows:

Step 1: Launch UPDF and Open File

Open UPDF on your device and continue to click the "Open File" button to import the required PDF file.

Step 2: Select Conversion Format

Lead into the "Export PDF" button on the right panel of the interface of UPDF. Select the option of "Word (.docx)" from the list that appears against the button.

Step 3: Set Page Range and Convert Successfully

You will be led to another screen where you must select the page range and click the "Export" button to conclude the process. Set a location and convert your PDF file successfully.

Step 4: Open the Converted PDF File on Google Docs

Continue to Google Drive on your browser and click "New" to add the file from your computer after exporting it from UPDF. You will be able to open the file as a Word document on Google Docs successfully.

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Part 4. How to Open a PDF in Google Docs?

It is a very easy method to open a PDF in Google Docs. Any Google-related product users can implement them. Here, we have given the steps on how to open a PDF in Google Docs:

Step 1: Access Google Drive

The first step requires you to open Google Drive from Google Chrome or any other browser and log in to your existing account. Now, press the "New" button situated at the top-left corner. After that, click on "File Upload" to import a PDF file.

Step 2: Upload the PDF file

A new window will pop up. Choose the file you want to upload on Google drive and tap on "Open." After you upload the file on the drive, search for it there and right-click on it. Now, press "Open with" and further click "Google Docs."

Part 5. How Do I Edit a PDF in Google Docs?

It is also achievable to edit a PDF file in Google Docs. You can edit, annotate, format, and correct the images according to your choice. We have recognized how to open a PDF file in Google Docs. Here, we will explain the editing you can do in your PDF from Google Docs:

Editing Texts

You can change the font style, increase or decrease the font size, and add or remove italics on texts. Moreover, you can bold the important texts in the file.

Annotating Texts

One can also change the text color, highlight it to show the significance of the text, and underline the lines of a PDF. Moreover, it also enables the addition of comments, links, and different shapes in the PDF document.

Formatting of Text

One can centralize the content as well as move it to the right side or left side of the page. Moreover, you can also create bullet points, numeric points, and checklists in the document and fill out the checklist.

Editing the Image

It is also achievable to edit the images inserted in the PDF file. You can change the images, edit their size, and crop the pictures easily.


The article has taught you how to open PDF in Google Docs to access your significant document on Google. We have also highlighted the possible problems that occur when you open a PDF in Google Docs and the reasons behind them. Later, we introduced a convertor and a viewer tool, UPDF Converter, that assists in converting PDFs to different popular formats.

With UPDF PDF Viewer, you can also edit, annotate, and organize your PDF. This easy-to-use tool helps people in accessing and edit their PDF documents from any platform.

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