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How to Convert PNG to PDF on Windows 10/11? (Steps)

PNG is one of the most common image formats when sharing as media due to its benefit of lossless compression. However, this same format is not very beneficial in many cases. That’s why converting PNG to PDF Windows becomes necessary. It helps keep images safe from distortions, and organizing the important ones in documents becomes easier. There are other benefits of this conversion, including easy document formatting, email sharing benefits, etc. And here, you can learn different ways to convert PNG to PDF on Windows successfully.

Part 1. Convert PNG to PDF on Windows 10/11 Via UPDF

The best experience and performance for converting PNG images to PDF documents is via UPDF. It is a PDF editing tool with every feature and functionality you may require while working on your PDF documents. UPDF is designed by keeping all the modern-day PDF editing functionalities in consideration, and that’s why it comes with the following functionalities:

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Convert PNG to PDF on Windows 10/11 Via UPDF
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The best part about using UPDF for this conversion is that it can convert a single PNG into a PDF and multiple PNG images into one PDF document. So, below are the detailed guides on both conversion methods you can try with UPDF.

1. Convert a PNG to a PDF on Windows

If you have only one PNG image that you want to convert into a PDF document, then using the create feature from UPDF will make it very easy for you. This method provides the best image quality and resolution in the PDF document. Moreover, the image will not get distorted after the conversion with the following steps:

1. Go to UPDF>File>Create

You will begin by opening UPDF on your Windows PC. It can be done in 2 ways, i.e., using the desktop shortcut for the UPDF app and double-clicking it or searching "UPDF" in Windows search. Either way, when the app opens, you must click the "File" tab on the top left. Now drag the cursor to "Create," when the dropdown menu appears, click "PDF From image." Now you must select a PNG image from the browse window. Find, click to select, and press the "Open" button to convert it into a PDF document.

 "PDF From image." using UPDF to convert PNG to PDF on Windows

2. Save PDF

Press the Control and S buttons together after you see the image open in UPDF. Doing this will give the save command to UPDF, upon which you may see a browse window again. You can rename the PDF document and change the destination folder per your requirements.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2. Convert Multiple PNGs to One PDF on Windows 10/11

UPDF can also help you in this conversion if you want to convert multiple PNG images into one PDF document. It is where the batch combine feature of UPDF will be used, and by using it, you can easily and quickly convert multiple PNG images into one PDF document. The best part is that the process is very simple and requires only 2 steps, as discussed below:

1. Go to UPDF>Batch>Combine

Start by double-clicking the UPDF desktop icon, and if you don’t have a desktop icon for the UPDF app, you may use the Windows search option to search for it and open UPDF. When it opens, click the "Batch" button and then "Combine”. The feature allows you to combine multiple files and convert them into a singular PDF document.

Choose batch combine to convert PNG to PDF on Windows via UPDF

2. Add Files and Apply

The next step in this process is adding files to UPDF. Click "Add Files" to open the browse pop-up window where you can locate all the PNG files for adding them to a PDF document. Select multiple files simultaneously. After adding all the files, click "Apply," select the PDF document saving location, and rename it. Then you can click "Save."

Apply batch combine to convert PNG to PDF on Windows using UPDF

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Part 2. Convert PNG to PDF on Windows Free Via Printing

Next, using the Printing feature, you can easily convert PNG images into PDFs. Since it is a built-in feature, it will be free to use, and you can also use it offline. Although it makes things very easy for you, there is a drawback in that you have no options to set the orientation of the image since the printing software sets that automatically according to the page size.

1. Right-click and select the print

Go to the image icon and right-click on it. From the options you open, you need to click Print, and it will take you to the built-in printing software on your PC.

convert png to pdf using printing

2. Print and save

The printing software will display how your image will be printed along with the paper size, orientation, etc. It will also show a printer dropdown where you must select "Microsoft Print to PDF." Click the "Print" button and select the file saving destination in the browse window (rename is needed).

Save to convert png to pdf via printing

Part 3. Change PNG to PDF on Windows Via Adobe Acrobat

If you are looking for an online option for this conversion, then Adobe Acrobat Online is your best free choice. This tool is capable of doing much more when it comes to PDF editing, but here, we will stick to the PNG-to-PDF conversion feature with the following steps:

1. Go to Adobe Acrobat Online and select file

Open Adobe Acrobat Online PNG to PDF page by searching for it in the web browser. You will see a page that can convert multiple image formats to PDF, including JPG, PNG, etc. Click the "Select a file" button and open the required PNG image by double-clicking it in the browse window.

Convert png to pdf using adobe acrobat online

2. Download the converted PDF

As you open the image, Adobe Acrobat will automatically convert it into PDF, and you will get the download option. Click "Download" to begin downloading the converted PDF file, and it will either save in the default download location; otherwise, your browser will ask for the destination folder before starting the download.

download converted pdf from adobe acrobat online

Part 4. Convert PNG to PDF on Windows Via Browser

The last method is using a browser, and it does not matter which browser you use. Using the built-in Microsoft Edge browser will get the job done, and you can use any other browser if it offers PDF viewing and printing capabilities. The best part is that this method also works offline and does not need you to install additional tools or software.

1. Open PNG in browser

You will start by locating the PNG icon on your PC. Right-click it and reveal options. You will drag your cursor to the "Open With" option and select the browser from the list. Otherwise, click “Choose another app”. If the browser is still unavailable, click "More Apps" to see the browser.

Choose browser to open pdf on windows

2. Print then save

Press Control and P buttons together to give printing commands to the browser. You will see a printing options screen where you need to leave everything in the default settings. Click the "Print" button below and save the file to the required destination using the browse window. It's that simple, and the PNG image will be converted into a PDF document.

save to convert png to pdf windows via browser

Part 5. FAQS About PNG to PDF on Windows

Q1. How do I convert a PNG to a Windows Via Adobe Reader PDF?

Here are the steps to convert a PNG to a PDF on Windows via Adobe Reader. Open Adobe Reader. Click Tools > Create PDF. Select the PNG file and click Open. Choose the settings for the PDF and click Create PDF. The converted PDF file will be saved in the same location as the PNG file.

Q2. How do I convert a PNG to a PDF on Windows Without the Software?

If you don’t want to use any conversion or editing software, the best way to convert a PNG image to a PDF document is by using the print option. You can use it by opening the PNG in photos or browser. Pressing Control and P will give you a printing option, and when you click "Print," the image converts into a PDF document, which can be saved on your local storage.

Final Words

Converting PNG images to PDF is a simple task and offers numerous benefits. So, knowing how to convert PNG to PDF Windows is essential for everyone working with documents. One major advantage of this conversion is that the PDF document retains image quality, and the resulting PDF format becomes universally acceptable.

However, there are instances where you'll require more than just basic conversion. For example, you might need to edit the PDF, share your images conveniently after converting them, and maintain an organized collection of PDFs in one location. In such cases, UPDF is the ideal tool for all your needs. Its comprehensive functionalities allow UPDF to work seamlessly with PDF documents, making your tasks efficient and hassle-free.

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