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Top 5 PDF Snipping Tools to Simplify Data Extraction

The demand for effective information handling is more crucial than ever. Many individuals struggle to extract and organize specific content from lengthy PDF documents. This challenge is particularly overwhelming in research, education, and collaborative projects. A practical solution to simplify this process and boost productivity arises through the use of PDF snipping tools.

Furthermore, these tools enable users to quickly capture and modify specific sections, including text, images, or annotations of PDFs. Read this article till the end to explore the top 5 snipping tools on PDF along with their potential advantages and possible drawbacks. Additionally, you'll find a comprehensive guide to making a well-informed decision for a smooth and effective interaction with digital documents.

Part 1. Top 5 Snipping Tools on PDF

As we improve our document experience, the effectiveness and accuracy provided by PDF snipping tools become essential. These tools are crafted to make it easier for you to extract and handle specific content within PDFs. In exploring the best tools, we've enlisted the top 5 to transform how you work with PDFs.


UPDF, a cutting-edge snipping tool for PDF, distinguishes itself by offering a range of powerful features that revolutionize the way users capture content. With UPDF, you can seamlessly capture snapshots of your screen through various methods. Additionally, the selection capture allows precise extraction of specific content within the PDF to let users focus on the most relevant information. Window capture enables the quick capture of entire PDF windows to obtain comprehensive snapshots.

Moreover, screen capture extends this functionality to capture content from the entire screen, offering versatility in handling various document layouts. You can also directly capture content from their clipboard for effortless integration of external information. These diverse snapshot options increase efficiency in information extraction to enhance adaptability for different use cases.

Simplified Instructions on How to Snip a PDF

UPDF emerges as a standout AI tool with its versatile snipping capabilities to provide users with a smooth and easy-to-use experience. Now, let's explore how to fully utilize UPDF's innovative features to ensure accuracy and convenience in PDFs:

Step 1. Download UPDF and Import File to Take Snapshots

First, download the UPDF on your system by pressing the "Free Download" button to start the process. Afterward, complete the installation process and launch the tool on your devices. After opening the tool, press the "Open File" button at the top middle of the main window. This action lets you search for the required file and import it into the tool.

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Step 2. Choose for Your Desired Snapshotting Option

Next, the imported file will open in a new window where you can make changes in it. Here, head to the top and click the "File" tab to access the file management options. Scroll down the menu and hover over the "Create" option to choose the "PDF from Selection Capture" feature.

Step 3. Select the Area to Snip

Following this, your mouse will be able to capture the specific content from the screen by dragging your mouse over the content in the document. It allows you to select anywhere you want to capture using your mouse. Afterward, this snap will automatically convert into a PDF and open in another tab for you.

Additional Tips: Also, you can press the "PDF from Window Capture" option to take a picture of the current window's screen. If you want to capture all the Windows available on the desktop and convert them into a PDF, tap on "PDF from Screen Capture." Alternatively, you can opt for the simplified process of choosing the last copied image to change in the PDF document by hitting the "PDF from Clipboard" option. After making any selections, you can have a PDF format of all your snapshots.

Step 4. Save the Snapshot on Device

To save the snapshot on your device, access the "Save as Other" from the right panel of the screen and choose the "Save" or "Save As" option. Afterward, give a name to your file and confirm the location to export your document successfully.

(Note: this snapshot feature is currently only available on the Mac version.)

UPDF serves as your preferred solution for straightforward PDF snipping. So, download it now and try to enhance productivity with an exclusive discounted rate.

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  • UPDF has an elegant and minimalist user interface to provide users with a visually pleasing and intuitive experience.
  • It stands out as a cost-effective solution in the world of PDF tools with powerful features without breaking the bank.
  • The dedication to keeping the software up to date reflects UPDF's responsiveness to user needs and the evolving landscape of digital document management.
  • Plus, this tool excels in providing cross-platform compatibility, supporting Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Other Prominent Key Features

In addition to UPDF snipping capabilities, it comes with various extra features designed to enhance your PDF editing or management experience. Now, we'll discuss the different features of UPDF for users who not only want precise snipping but also improved functionality for managing PDFs.

  • Edit PDF: UPDF allows its users to modify the elements of PDF. You can change the text style, color, size, and alignment. Moreover, the tool empowers you to replace or extract images from PDFs and add or delete them according to the requirements. It offers different patterns for changing the background to make it suitable for the document theme.
  • Annotate PDF: With features like text comments, highlighting, and sticky notes, UPDF enhances your PDFs effortlessly. You can elevate your creativity with drawings, stickers, and shapes. Plus, it ensures you secure document processing with customizable stamps and signatures. The collaboration with speaker notes and attachments makes sharing and reviewing easy.
  • Convert Documents: It offers one-click export to various formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. You can also benefit from batch conversion for efficient handling of multiple PDFs and converting diverse file types to PDFs. Plus, other than taking snips from PDFs, the OCR technology of UPDF can accurately transform scanned PDFs into editable ones, and it supports 38+ languages.
  • UPDF AI: AI capabilities serve as your powerful assistant in handling PDF documents. Using AI, you can ask for summaries, translations, and an explanation of complicated terms. This AI tool supports all the languages worldwide to help you translate and understand the content. Moreover, it lets you interact with documents and the real world by asking any questions related to them.
  • Password Protection: UPDF offers PDF protection with features like encryption, redaction, security space, and watermarks. With five layers of protection, including AES and RC4 ciphers and 128-bit/256-bit encryption, you can control access to your documents. Also, users can limit editing, printing, and more with precise permissions to ensure sensitive info stays private.
After acknowledging UPDF's other standout features, we highly encourage you to download it now and enhance your document management experience. Moreover, UPDF is currently available at 60% off, so buy it right away to avail all premium features on all 4 devices of yours at a cost-friendly price.

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2. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a well-known PDF editor and a snipping tool for PDFs. This PDF software enables users to use different options for taking screenshots and saving them on a clipboard to use them somewhere you need them. Moreover, it lets you capture the whole PDF window for detailed and comprehensive screenshots.

You can opt for the selection capture to make precise adjustments in the snaps you've taken through the tool. In this section, we will let you know you can use this PDF snipping tool to take snapshots of any PDF document.

Instructions on How to Snip a PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Step 1: First, launch the application and wait for the interface to load. Click on the "Open File" button and import your desired PDF document to Adobe Acrobat.

Step 2: Now, go to the "Edit" tab from the top bar to access the drop-down menu. From there, click on the "Take a Snapshot" option to capture any part of your document screen.

Step 3: Finally, click on any page to take a snapshot of the whole page or draw a box to take a snap of a specific part of your document. Also, right-click on the selected area and use different options to either copy, share, or print the snapshot directly.


  • This PDF tool allows users to save PDFs through snipping tools with the print feature.
  • Users can convert their snipped content into shareable links to facilitate easy collaboration and communication.


  • Adobe's snipping tool is associated with a notable drawback in terms of cost, which is relatively expensive compared to alternate snipping tools.
  • Some users may find themselves struggling with occasional glitches or complexities in the editing process.
  • The software's extensive range of features and functionalities necessitates a learning curve.

3. PDFgear

As one of the top snipping tools for PDF, PDFgear empowers users to take as many screenshots as they require. Once you've prompted the tool to take snaps by accessing the screenshot feature, it will quickly capture the whole window for you. Additionally, users can take a picture of any specific part to save it separately.

Subsequently, it lets you directly download the screenshot as an image on your device or copy the image to the clipboard. There are some unique snipping features that you can have with this snipping tool on PDF. Learn about this toolkit in detail using this step-by-step guide:

Instructions on How to Snip a PDF with PDFgear

Step 1: Begin by downloading and launching this PDF snipper to access its interface. Afterward, hit the "Open File" button and choose your PDF file to open it. A new window will be launched to display your document.

Step 2: Once your PDF gets imported, hit the "Screenshot" button to snip the whole page. You can also manually select an area to take a snapshot of that part.

Step 3: Now, a small toolbar will appear from where you can edit your snip from PDF through the Paint application. You can also copy it to a clipboard or save it to your device to use it as an image.


  • PDFgear stands out with a unique and user-friendly feature that automatically opens snipped content in the Paint app for immediate editing.
  • It is a free PDF snipping tool and accessible for users seeking powerful PDF snipping capabilities without compromising their budget.


  • The software often presents bugs when users use PDFgear for PDF management.
  • This free PDF tool doesn't offer the redact or crop pages feature.
  • You don't have the option to choose the image format while saving snapshots as images.

4. Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor serves as an exemplary snipping tool for PDFs that is recognized for its comprehensive suite of features. It empowers users to capture and manipulate specific content within a PDF document precisely. By accessing its snapshot feature, you can take a picture of the whole screen without any manual effort.

The software's user-friendly design contributes to a seamless snipping experience and makes it a reliable PDF editing solution. Foxit PDF editor can take snapshots from any kind of document, which you can use for personalized purposes. Go through this section to learn how you can use this snipping tool for PDFs:

Instructions on How to Snip a PDF with Foxit PDF Editor

Step 1: After installing this PDF snipping tool on your system, run it to initiate the process. Then, click on the "Open File" button to add the desired PDF to Foxit Editor.

Step 2: Now, hit the "Snapshot" button to go into snipping mode. Finally, click on the page to take the full-page snap or draw a box to snip a desired area. Then, right-click on that area to copy it to your clipboard or print it using the "Copy Selected Graphic" or "Print" option.


  • Foxit PDF Editor allows users to copy and move snipped content to different locations within the document.
  • This software stands out for its seamless integration with other editors to provide users with quick and easy export functionality.


  • This PDF snipping tool allows users to access the premium features for free for only 14 days.
  • Its pricing may be perceived as expensive compared to other PDF editing solutions in the market.  
  • Foxit PDF Editor falls short in its inability to create a PDF directly from the snipped content.

5. Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro offers a convenient snapshot feature that is accessible from the "Home" tab. This PDF snipper allows users to capture images of their PDF documents. With this comprehensive feature, you can manage the margins or unwanted information. After taking a snapshot of the required section, the tool saves it in the clipboard.

Therefore, users can insert it while selecting the clipboard option and customize the page range for its destination. Nitro Pro is one of the simplest PDF snipping tools that you can use for PDF snapshotting. Read this section to learn the simple steps to use this toolkit:

Instructions on How to Snip a PDF with Nitro

Step 1: Start with the installation of Nitro PDF snipper on your device and launch it. Afterward, browse your PDF from the device by clicking on the "Open" and then "Computer" options.

Step 2: Finally, hit the "Select" tab and then select "Snapshot" from the drop-down menu. Just draw the area that you want to snip, and it will automatically be copied to the clipboard. You do not get any additional right-options of snapshots in this tool.


  • Nitro Pro has thoughtful organization of features and tools to ensure a user-friendly experience for both novice and experienced users to navigate.
  • Users can access its document management tools that can effectively organize pages of documents through deleting, rotating, inserting, and redacting sensitive information and more.


  • The free version of this snipping tool to save as PDF places a watermark on the PDF documents.
  • It has limited snipping functionalities for users requiring advanced snipping features for document management.
  • One potential drawback of the tool is its susceptibility to processing speed issues when handling larger PDF files or batch processing.

Part 2. How to Choose the Best PDF Snipping Tool in 2024

When it comes to selecting the best PDF snipping tool for your needs, several criteria should guide your decision-making process. Selecting the most suitable PDF tool depends on factors like snipping capabilities, editing features, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness. Let's understand these factors to effectively assess each PDF snipping tool for choosing the one that aligns with your needs.

MetricsUPDFAdobe AcrobatPDFgearFoxit PDF EditorNitro Pro
PricingUPDF Pro Yearly Plan: $35.99
UPDF Perpetual Plan: $55.99
UPDF AI: $59 per year
Acrobat Standard: $22.99 per month
Acrobat Pro: $29.99 per month
FreePDF Editor Suite: $12.83 per month
PDF Editor Suite Pro: $16.33 per month
Nitro PDF Pro: $14.99 per user per month billed annually
Create Direct PDFs from Snapshot
AI Integration
100+ Stickers
Lifetime Free Trial
Lag Free Editing
Platform SupportWindows, iOS, macOS, AndroidWindows, iOS, macOS, AndroidWindows, iOS, macOS, AndroidWindows, iOS, macOS, AndroidWindows, iOS, macOS

After reviewing the comprehensive comparison table, UPDF stands out as a top choice among snipping tools on PDF. It excels in versatile features and an elegant interface without breaking the bank. With advanced snipping capabilities and cross-platform compatibility, UPDF is recommended for efficient document manipulation. So, download it now to enhance your PDF experience with precision and ease. If you want to learn more about UPDF, you can read the review on howtogeek. You can also watch the short video below to help you learn it better.

Part 3. FAQs about PDF Snipping Tool

Q1. Can I snip a PDF without losing quality?

Yes, you can snip a PDF file without losing the quality of the document by using an effective editing tool. Although many tools provide this feature, we recommend UPDF as the best PDF snipping tool for your PDF. Moreover, you can store them as an image file or an HTML file as well with UPDF.

Q2. What is the PDF snipping tool for Windows 10?

A PDF snipping tool allows users to crop or capture text and images from their PDF files. Also, for Windows, you can access the snipping tool by clicking the "Windows" along with the "Shift + S" key buttons, or you can search the snipping tool.

Once you have located the tool, you can take a screenshot of any window or page and save it as an image. Furthermore, to convert it into a PDF file, you need to drag the image into the UPDF software to convert it.

Q3. How do I take a high-quality screenshot from a PDF?

If you want a professional and high-quality screenshot from your PDF file, use the UPDF screenshot feature. This feature can easily take clean screenshots of your PDF. You need to open the PDF file on UPDF, take a screenshot, and save the PDF file in your desired location.


We conclude that it is essential to take a snapshot of the required data for handling large documents. In this regard, we explored the top 5 snipping tools and discovered their potential advantages and drawbacks. In the world of PDF snipping tools, UPDF stands out as the preferred choice for efficiency and accuracy. With its versatile snipping features and compatibility across different platforms, it simplifies the extraction of specific content and ensures a smooth workflow.

Furthermore, the simple and stylish interface caters to users of all levels, offering a unified and easy-to-understand experience. To explore the transformative capabilities of UPDF, we recommend you download and give it a try today. As a limited-time offer, UPDF is currently accessible at a 60% discount, which adds more value to an already compelling choice.

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